Does anyone know this song?

  1. Saw him live at Jazz Fest right before the pandemic, dude was incredible. Pulled out his keytar eventually and killed the set.

  2. I have a CD called Axiom funk. It was every member who's ever been in Parliament Funkadelic. I believe Bernie Worrell died during the recording and Herbie Hancock filled in for the rest. The version of cosmic slop brings me to tears and Bootsy Collins does a version of if six was nine that's epic.

  3. This is actually a great musical piece. I grew up when rap was beginning. Check out Doug e fresh's song, The Show. He was the man that started it all.

  4. It’s Herbie Hancock but I forgot the name of the song lol… I’m sure someone else here knows the name of the song! It was played non stop back in the day!

  5. Record scratching didn’t start with this, but this performance sure pushed it into public consciousness and inspired a ton of new djs (Scratch documentary covers a good section of the impact of this song)

  6. GOATed documentary ! The beginning intro with “Deep Concentration” by DJ Premier gives me chills every time

  7. If you have a phone capable of posting to Reddit then you probably have a virtual assistant (Siri or Google etc) you can ask them “what is this song?” And they can tell you the song and band name of whatever is playing around you. FYI.

  8. Kinda random but if you have an iPhone go into settings -> control center -> then add music recognition. It is the greatest thing to ever exist. Turn it on and it just tells you the song.

  9. You know the app Shazam exists right? The app that’s literally created to tell you the names of songs playing? No? Cool

  10. Herbie Hancock Rockit. The video got a lot of airtime in MTV. Hancock is a jazz master keyboardist from back in the day. My favorite album he did was called Headhunters. It’s serious jazz funk from the 70s. Rockit was a legit artistic attempt at a synthesizer based 80s vehicle for his music.

  11. Get Shazam! There's a couple of old school break beats I need to find out - Now to find the audio somewhere lol

  12. I love how unexplained is like a paranormal subreddit and it’s just a fucking song by herbie hancock, i don’t know why it’s so funny to me

  13. Rock it. Herby Hancock. The DJ doing the scratching is Grandmixer DXT. This song is widely credited with sparking a lot of turntablists to start doing what they do. Revolution, Rhetmattic, Cut Chemist, Babu. Craze. A lot of classic djs got inspired by rock it.

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