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  1. I'm sorry, I'm not like a blue lives matter person or anything, but this is clearly the wrong takeaway from this encounter. Obviously, the people filming knew the police were coming to talk to them. So clearly the police were called or something had happened prior to this. What you don't see here is the police escalating anything. The male cop clearly saw that they were not going to be engaged and walked away. The female was maybe a little slower on the pickup, but at no point was she antagonizing, disresepctful or threatening anything. These 2 cops were just doing their job. Part of that job is getting information from the people involved.

  2. It’s like the video where the guys is in the park watching candles held at a spot his friend was killed and a cop comes up and tries to say that he is excessively burning and wants his information and to give him a ticket for it. His partner shows up and says that everyone knew about what was going on and to leave the guy alone. Smh.

  3. I was driving my moped to take someone to their third shift job a couple nights ago and a cop was tailing me, right up on my ass, highbeams and all, for a loooong ways. Got to an intersection about 5 minutes later and they did a u-turn. Cops commonly follow people around here waiting for them to fuck up.

  4. While I agree with you on this point, with a bs username like that I'm not sure you're in a position to criticise others seeking trouble.

  5. Yep. I go to work around 3am and every time I see a cop they follow me halfway to work just to follow me. I'm afraid someday I'm gonna get pulled over and yelled at for not giving them a reason to pull me over

  6. Full version: the cops were trying to ask the two gentlemen about a disturbance nearby that they were called out to. Since you’re not legally required to be a witness, they just gave up trying to ask them about it. I don’t at all understand how this got turned into “hurr durr cops bad” if anything these cops didn’t escalate anything, didn’t demand that they talk to them, didn’t do any number of things you see other cops doing when being ignored. But hey I get it, y’all gotta keep that “fuck the police” attitude up so your mom- I mean roommate thinks you’re edgy

  7. Just wanting to escalate things until they meet their quota of arresting people to fuel the slavery industry of american prisons.

  8. They're first amendment auditors, filming in public to see if police respect their right to film. People called the police over them filming on the sidewalk. Police always show up and want to ask for IDs (which you're not required to provide unless they can articulate a crime you've committed/committing/about to commit) and give a lot of useless directives about staying out of the street and not going on private property.

  9. Never offer to talk to the police, ever! If it’s not recorded they’ll write down their version of what you said and it will not go in your favour.

  10. Nobody gives a fuck and you shouldn't either. Don't talk to police. It's nothing in your benefit and everything to your detriment.

  11. This clip is from people who do "1st Amendment Audits". They film in public to see if citizens and/or police react, usually in a place that would raise concerns - outside of a police department, inside a post office. The prize is views on Facebook with the ultimate goal of a false arrest lawsuit.

  12. Cop: can we talk about whats going on here ? Guy: what? What happened? Cop: something happened down the road. Guy: now what? Cop: why are you so aggressiv?? Guy: im not Cop; put your hands behinde your back now!! Could happen couuuuuld happen

  13. This happened to me one time and my friends were trying to ignore the cop. I just decided to engage the cop. Turns out one of my friends was illegally parked and she wanted to ask him to move the car so he doesn't get towed.

  14. Only it's not. These guys harrass people to bait cops into showing up, then pull shit like this in hopes that the cops will escalate. They then have the reaction on camera, but no context to what warranted the cops showing up in the first place. These dudes have tons of videos like this and it cringey as fuck. I hate cops as much, if not more, than the next person, but in this particular situation they were responding to an actual call and just doing their jobs.

  15. They weren't doing anything, they weren't homeless people, and they were white. Things turn out differently when brown people and homeless people try this when the cops start hassling them.

  16. “We’re just trying to have a conversation, not yell at you guys” Really? I didn’t realize chit chatting with random people for no reason is what my tax dollars are paying for.

  17. They just want to hang out with them long enough to find something worth arresting them for. If nothing comes up then hit them with loitering because they were there talking to police for 10 minutes.

  18. Cops love low hanging fruit. Witness the ones so desperate to get out of doing anything useful at Uvalde that they tasered and handcuffed the parents trying to reach their murdered children.

  19. Wtf does that even mean? Do you want him to come up and start yelling? You do know police have to talk to people to get things done right? Police talk to people while arresting them, during traffic stops, when restraining someone. So yes you do pay for them to talk

  20. weeds legal here (assuming its MI because Battle Creek), if these guys are just chillin talking about fast food...that cop knew they were stoned and walked away, as they should.

  21. This is just a guess, but I’m thinking he left to go check out what they were really called about. Someone called for loud noise/party. At the end of the video they talk about how nice it is the traffic drowns out the loud music from over there. She then looks in that particular direction and heads off.

  22. Same technique most people use to ignore street solicitors. Can't give you $5 if I refuse to acknowledge your existence.


  24. Why do cops always use elevated diction? It’s like when you teach a new word to a kid and they just start throwing it around

  25. So like,they can just trun up and start hassle? Like how is that helpful,how is that helpful,some guys truning up with guns and because,you where talking quietly?

  26. I have yet to hear the context behind this video. It's unclear whether anyone just 'turned up and started hassling'. It's entirely possible, even likely, that the police had been called there for a reason.

  27. The people filming are provocateurs who intentionally try to get a rise out of police for youtube views. Police were called on them, that's why they were approached.

  28. There’s people on YouTube who stand outside of building for hours recording, and making sure staff sees them recording. To the point there’s concern and the police are called. This is what these guys did. Still funny though.

  29. A cop's literal job is to find things to arrest people for. If they don't do that enough, they lose their jobs. Don't talk to people whose only job is to look for rules being broken in order to fill jails. They will eventually find something.

  30. These two guys are provocateurs on YouTube. They stood outside the restaurant and harassed people walking by intentionally so the police would be called, and then they provoke the police by ignoring them. The police actually acted really well, considering they were literally there specifically to talk to these guys and they had to calmly proceed while being filmed and ignored.

  31. False. Former LEO here. I worked with guys that had not made an arrest in decades and know of guys (airport police) whom have never made a physical arrest, just tickets.

  32. Yeah these guys are worthless degenerates who harass people and cause issues for YouTube vids but almost always try to leave out the fact they started the situation to film in the first place.

  33. Are they just out there filming random shit? The beginning of the video just seems like them pissing off meth heads and random strangers.

  34. Thanks for actually being a sane redditor. But it saddens me how this only has over 300 upvotes but stupid ass comments saying ignorant shit like these cops are just starting trouble or that they wanna just murder or arrest someone to fulfill their quotas have over 10k upvotes. I really hate this website

  35. Thank you. I have been looking for this comment. These guys came to my job and videod the customers leaving and coming in. It was really weird and creepy. They had go pros on sticks and if anyone tried to ask what they were doing the just talked about tacobell

  36. The fact that one rly thought these fuck heads were in the right is disturbing. The cops were obviously asking questions for a reason…. Dumbass entitled people.

  37. Exactly...she tried the whip out her big, fat, nonexistent dong long after her partner had the good sense to walk away.

  38. Wouldn't even recommend that , there's a video going round of a boy who called the police cause his car got stuck and he ended up getting shot because of it.

  39. Only they didn't save anyone. It's like they don't even care about public safety. Cuff them, pepper spray them, tase them... Shit, draw your weapon and shoot them if you have to! Do whatever it takes to keep them from going to Taco Hell. This is serious!

  40. This happened in the town I live in. If I remember correctly, the two recording and having the conversation actually called the police on themselves before hand. Not sure why, or what type of reaction they were looking for, but that’s supposedly what happened and why the cops approached.

  41. Used to be my go to but now that I know the sweet bliss of the black bean Mexican pizza with fire sauce, there is no going back. Everything else is just tastes lacking.

  42. The cops acting like they saw the dudes chilling and wanted to come over and be a part of that great conversation they were having. Just looking to get “verbal” ya know.

  43. Brass says we gotta be more community oriented, so we gonna rudely force our way into conversations to get the people on our side

  44. These guys are provocateurs on YT. Their whole thing is going into public places, getting in people's faces and pulling this same nonresponse bullshit to try and goad reactions. The restaurant likely called the police for harassing customers. The police can't do anything cuz filming in public is legal but these guys go beyond that and try to provoke people for content.

  45. These guys have a YouTube channel where they pull this shit all the time and harass homeless people for no reason and taunt the cops to be arrested and even called the cops on themselves before.

  46. It’s the fifth amendment. These men were subject of the investigation (the police being called because they were filming in public, a legal activity).

  47. I think the 2 guys simply didn't want to get involved with whoever had made the call to the police. Smart, sure. I think the policeman simply went to the business that had made the call and took it from there. The police know that you can't be compelled to talk or interact with them if you would rather not.

  48. They call the police on themselves, say something benign like "There are two men acting suspiciously at [Location]", they do this in jurisdictions where the police are obligated either by law or by policy to send an officer to every 911 call.

  49. This is a clip from a 2 hour video, the channel belongs to an "auditor" basically people who stand outside filming things they are legally allowed to, hoping the cops come and try to stop them, so they can sue for damages if falsely arrested / post videos for views.

  50. To every law enforcement officer, thank you for putting your lives on the line for the people in this country. I recognize there are some “bad cops” but overall you’re out there doing your best.

  51. Am I crazy but treating like this any two people would be rude. Since they happened to be cops, we are all cheering about being rude to two persons? The woman seems polite.

  52. Welcome to Reddit, where “cop bad” gets you massive upvotes. Everyone in here saying “fuck the police” or “ACAB” or any other insulting comment about Law Enforcement is sadly very uneducated and just like the guys filming this video are saying so for made up internet points.

  53. Cops on a fishing expedition. Dun talk to cops. Record every interaction with cops. It might save your life...or at least no JAIL. The cops walked up trying to get something started. Don't give them anything.

  54. These guys are provocateurs on YT. Their whole thing is going into public places, getting in people's faces and pulling this same nonresponse bullshit to try and goad reactions. The restaurant likely called the police for harassing customers. The police can't do anything cuz filming in public is legal but these guys go beyond that and try to provoke people for content.

  55. Best way to deal wit these beaky bastards, pretend they dont exist they'll soon get bored, Police think they command respect. Respect is earned

  56. Apparently they started shit and got the cops called on them and were then obnoxious about it, but cops are just bad yea?

  57. Gotta love how so many idiots are claiming cops were trying to make something out of nothing when we literally have 0 context for this clip. Those people could easily be in the wrong, we literally do not know whats happening.

  58. The perfect example of who to direct your attention to in the finite life we live. Time is limited and spending it with your buddy talking about burritos is awesome.

  59. Atleast the fella got the idea to fuck off. Woman clearly didnt, midly funny they talk about hints and cant take fucking billboard sized messages.

  60. It doesn’t look like the cops were looking for trouble. They very calmly approached and from this clip all we see is 2 guys being rude and disrespectful for no reason at all. It’s sad that Reddit has made it cool and funny to disrespect cops for no reason. I’m sure it’s gotten very hard to recruit good cops now, and this video adds to that reason.

  61. You don’t owe anyone conversation, you don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to you can literally ignore them or walk away, never forget that.

  62. A cops own ego is a cops biggest enemy. Notice how the guy just dips out quick, that’s the right thing to do. No biggie, can’t really make fun of him. But the girl stood there for sooo long and for what? Her ego kept her there and her ego made her look stupid. If your a cop? Check your ego. In almost ever police encounter where the cops fucks up or is tyrannical or just looks stupid or does something stupid it’s because they allowed their ego to get in the way. I’m telling ya

  63. So is it my right to call the cops on myself for a 1st amendment auditing channel or am I just overthinking things?

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