This “target” ad with a twist

  1. What kind of awful dystopia are we living in? Seriously, this is our reality. This ad is so hard hitting because it’s just the truth now.

  2. Yeah this came out a few years ago I thought it was very clever, created by an advocacy group (IIRC that were veterans against assault rifles?) the Target logo and thing at the end was added later

  3. It's not an official Target ad, no. I'm pretty sure I remember it being made by a group advocating against guns in schools.

  4. while technically true this does paint a very one sided view, you could show the same stats for DUIs or covid deaths, or even death from falling down. the statement you made of "it literally happens every day" isnt technically true. gun violence happens every day but not school shootings. I could make the same argument about violent crime in the UK or any other country for that matter.

  5. This video was a real cry for help in America. Poignant and relevant with enough snark to make you really stop and question if this is the kind of reality you want to live in. Seeing it resurface like this for internet points is gross.

  6. My school has these kind of things happen pretty often, they said its just a drill, but I still can’t figure out why they put Timmy in a box, and buried him. After all he must of ate a lot of ketchup before the last drill, cause his head was made of ketchup. Then he started making wierd sounds that sounded funny, and I laughed. can any of you update me on where Timmy is?

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