That is so unnecessarily aggressive.

  1. It seems like it was all a scripted joke because the teacher cracked a smile and broke character at the last half second, but I feel like the video needs to be longer for us to really know what's going on. Is this like an April Fool's prank or something? Like the student and teacher were in on it together to prank the class?

  2. Oh geez, thank God your comment made me watch it a second time and notice the laughter at the end. I'm an ESL teacher and I've given lectures to my students about their behavior, but my first thought is that I would never handle it this way

  3. Eh when you're actually heated and arguing, it's pretty common to tunnel. Even when you notice something on the side, it's pretty common to save it up and then (over)react to it when your current situation is handled.

  4. The kids gasping like he killed her entire family🤣🤣🤣 I bet this teacher is one of the favorites at his school. Well done

  5. Yeah I was like how is this fun looking dude in jeans and a tee getting THIS worked up over a phone. Now I know the truth

  6. Definitely the cool teacher at school. The kind that will have a laugh with but is also genuinely scary when people misbehave.

  7. Those teachers are so scary when they get angry because they’re the ones who you most respect, and their disappointment in you stings like hell.

  8. Yeah. We had a teacher in pneumatics, binary arithmetic that refused to even let us use calculators at all. If someone turned around to ask someone behind them anything you were set to be in trouble. I guess we must have died when smart phones became common if he did not strangle some poor kid before that happened. He was my absolute worst and yet best teacher as i still remember some of the stuff we had to learn.

  9. I wrote "you got to fight for the right to party" on my school graphing calculator LMAO. Apparently the teacher thought this was a coded message of some kind and didn't get the Bestie Boys reference so we had to sign our graphing calculators in and out after that.

  10. As a high school math teacher, I literally had to clear all the games from my class set of TI-84s because of students doing this.

  11. As explained this a "play" for drama class. wife is a teacher and that feeling is real. A student was doing a live in the middle of a test....she fail any way but that didn't help.

  12. Yeah, the ‘I want to teach not babysit’ sentiment has been felt by almost every teacher in the world at some point.

  13. I know a teacher at a private "classical teaching" school that doesn't allow grades below 11 to have their phones on at all (or even on them?) during the day, and juniors seniors are limited to lunch or something.

  14. I had an English teacher who did.. She wore costumes for each major book we were reading... It was great!

  15. My 5th grade teacher and I arranged a similar thing with my beanie baby. He acted angry about me having it ( they weren't allowed) and cut its head off and hung it from the flag pole. I know it doesn't sound like it but everyone thought it was funny.

  16. Exactly, I mean, hopefully I'd walk out and rage quit before screaming at kids but I definitely know how this man is pretending to feel. Can't stand kids this age. We don't deserve teachers.

  17. I knew he wasn’t completely serious, I mean no teacher is awake enough to actually put that much effort into being mad at a student even thought they have a reason to.

  18. Maaaan I loved drama class. Me and a teacher staged an argument for the whole class. At the time we were practicing fake stage combat, how to make a punch look real, how to make it look as if someone was choking you to death. Yet no one saw this one coming.

  19. I honestly sympathize for people who are so dumb who didn’t realize this is a skit. Being filmed on a phone. Two feet away from the girl who’s getting in trouble for being on her phone

  20. My teacher and I did this in high school. I had a old flip phone and came into his class while he was teaching. I pretended to have a call I needed to finish before I would ask him a question. So he grabbed the phone and exploded itt against the wall..I left silently haha

  21. When I saw things start to escalate and noticed the rack of costumes in the background I immediately thought...drama class!!! So glad that is the case, because, otherwise...yikes!

  22. I had a teacher do this one time (he had everyone put their phones in a bag, then secretly grabbed an old one and threw it at the wall) and then had us write it to teach us how first hand information can be accidentally not the best, considering the high emotions and all. Unfortunately, he kicked a trashcan into a kid's leg, and she legit had to go to the office. He's still teaching last, I knew, so at least they didn't fire him!

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