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  1. This. I hate to see the child's (who's innocent) future get destroyed before it even starts, but that mom abused the system and should be brought to court, repay the welfare obtained, and face the consequences.

  2. From a quick Google search, this is apparently what happened after he was found not liable for the payments. He won, and the court went after the mother for fraud.

  3. Sure, it's wrong to lie, but rather than screw up her kid even more - lobby to have that requirement removed. Not knowing who the father of your child is shouldn't bar you from getting help. I understand they want to make sure Dad's pay their fair share, and everyone seems to hate women who "sleep around," but it shouldn't be a make or break question for receiving basic help. Even the best welfare frauds aren't exactly living the high life.

  4. Unfortunately this is pretty common. Mom is unsure of who the father of the child is, so she guesses it’s one of the men she was involved with around the time of conception. In order to file for welfare, you have to list both parents. If the father contests they do a paternity test… usually if it’s wrong they help the mom with doing more dna tests to find the actual guy. So I’m not sure why they just decided to ignore that and keep persuing this man.

  5. More importantly why does she have to write down a fathers name. This fucking country wants to basically force you to have a kid in a little less than half the states yet they can't help you out with the welfare you need cause you need a "fathers name". Stupid system in place in a stupid country. But yeah make sure to put the mother through trial for trying to feed her baby. lol.

  6. You know you live in a shit hole country when a mother with a new born needs to have a father listed for them to be able to get government assistance. And when a man can almost be put in jail, while he had proof that it was a false claim, until he got a private lawyer on his side.

  7. This is one of those situations where I’m reminded that punishments like 150 lashes need to make a comeback. Mother gets her ass whooped, but is not separated from the child

  8. He finally had the chargers dropped and the $$ ‘he owed’ erased. Very interesting article on how corrupt the system actually is.

  9. It’s terrible. It’s tough on good parents that take care of their children on their own and somehow doesn’t seem to help with the cases that actually need it.

  10. I would have started a campaign to have all unwed mothers begin writing the judge’s name on their kids birth certificates and begin demanding child support payments.

  11. A good judge woukd be able to see through the bullshit and not waste the state's time and money on cases like this. This guy should have been,exonerated the first time he had to go to court with a paternity test in hand,case closed.

  12. Didn’t waste the states time or money they enter system is designed to get ANYONE else other than the state to pay.

  13. A good judge 😂😂😂😂😂. Anyone with common sense can see through bs. You don’t need a decades of education to figure out

  14. Generally a judge isn't supposed to do anything but basically referee the argument between plaintiff and defendant...this isn't Judge Judy. Judge isn't supposed to make arguments, and is there to make judgements. Yes outside of jury trials a Judge is required to make a verdict, but even then it's based on the evidence and arguments made by both parties. It's why it's important to have a good lawyer, because the real benchmark for a good Judge is simply knowing the law and making your rulings in an unbiased fashion.

  15. "Rahmaan’s story began as a young mother when she applied for welfare. She had no idea that this would result in one of her ex-partners being sued by the state for child support. However, that child support didn’t go to her, rather the state used it to pay back the money the state spent on welfare. The state kept any money that was above her welfare payment."

  16. People ask me, "how did you make it all the way to 40 without having kids?" and stories like this are my answer. "It's a horror story, just an urban legend, it can't be real, women aren't actually like that!" they say, but here we are: knowingly subjecting this man to legal trouble because the state ALREADY PAID THAT BITCH and it's distasteful to attack "mothers".

  17. I mean if you’re in a healthy stable relationship it’s a bit easier to get along then someone faking a paternal relationship to get child support

  18. Well that's just sad. There's all kinds of unique situations other people have had that can make you not do anything in life that that's how you choose to view the world.

  19. My guess is to check the father's finances because if the father can support the kid then the state can avoid wasting money.

  20. It really is. Dave Chappelle put it best: "If you can kill this motherfucker, then I can at least abandon 'em. It's my money, my choice."

  21. This is a really good example of how people will just straight up ignore science when it doesn’t align with the narrative they’ve been pushing

  22. the obvious fix to this, at the root of the problem, is that a father's name shouldn't be required to get welfare benefits.

  23. It's easy to lean hard the other way. But for every man that has been wrongfully "accused" and prosecuted for support there are 100 real deadbeats. I agree on the documentation piece. If a name IS submitted they should have to be served and appear in court to settle paternity and child support. No different from a divorce.

  24. The child support system in America is broken and corrupt. There are no checks and balances and in most cases biased towards the Fathers wether we are doing right or trying to do the right thing. They say it's for the benefit of the child, yet the court don't give a dam if the baby mama is spending the money on herself and not the child. It's sad because in the end the child is in the middle of all this mess when we fathers just want to be a father but get punished by the child support system because of what the baby mama said on file.

  25. System is broken for families not for the government they like to pin unwanted kids on men because it's a way for them not to pay. They like to say welfare systems helps but it's there to help themselves.

  26. Crazy part us the hospitals make you sign a paper stating "the responsibilities and consequences" . Even if he isn't, if he signed this paper he is probably still screwed

  27. What shithole state are they in? I thought the "father" had to sign the paper to be financialy responsible for a newborn

  28. Hold up a second, you're saying that the american justice system is broken AF and screws over millions of people every hour? that's a new one /s

  29. Put her in Jail. Give child to child services. Leave the poor man alone. Make her pay for mentally and emotionally damage.

  30. I'm currently going through this same thing. The court system hates men, ive been alienated from my child because the mother has said in court... im not fighting her enough, so I don't love my child. Yes, this is currently going on in Ohio. Good dad's get stuck with the bill, while the deadbeats get to see their kids

  31. I'm being facetious, and do not in any way support doxxing: there should be a randomizer app that selects male judges, and politicians that you can select to write down as the father. See how far that goes.

  32. Why there no feminists Picketing outside the courthouse for this? Why no feminists screaming on tick tock and the socials for the news anchor calling him a deadbeat dad?

  33. In that case, Elon Musk is the father of my 10 babies, pay me. BTW, I’m a man but pretty certain that will not mess up the child support paperwork.

  34. Yes I am paying child support for a child who was found not to be mine DNA results were 0.0% familiar DNA match all because I signed the birth certificate I have to pay child support.

  35. This shows how stupid the courts and how over reaching the government is. The judge should have to pay the taxpayers back for wasting our money on this case.

  36. Is this court trying to say that if the mother (“You always know who the mother is,” as a friend used to say) had written, say, “Henry Kissinger” on the birth certificate that the former Sec’y of State would be in that courtroom? Crazy.

  37. A lot of women committed and still commit perjury in the court of law all for the sake of child support and the state let them

  38. I knew a guy that had the same thing happen to him. The judge didn’t even care that it wasn’t his kid. He had to pay for 18 years. He finally sued the state later and won his money back fortunately. But talk about a hassle and a lot of money to be out of for 18 years

  39. What part of this is unexpected? Everyone with an ounce of conscious awareness knows that this is standard practice for how men are treated in family court these days.

  40. In case anybody doesn't know when it comes to Children men have hardly any rights. A bunch of deadbeats gave us a bad name and now the law abuses most of us

  41. This woman is the reason that people think everyone on welfare is cheating the system.... That "welfare queens" exist.... Hope she gets taken to court, damn!

  42. So happy I had a vasectomy but I fear if I was a black man in America that still wouldn’t be enough. How many others have gone to prison without being noticed?

  43. Can someone explain why the mother has the rights to put down a fathers name without proof anyways? I am actually confused on how tf no one has thought that that was going to go downhill at some point. I really really really REALLY wish women would start getting in some deep water for stunts like these. And i'm tired of these weak reasons on why they don't.

  44. apparently this sorta behavior happens all the time, i had the cps chasing me for over 2 years cause they were sending mail to the wrong address, they find the right address then i have some type of private eye dude show up and give me paperwork pretty much saying i got 7 days to respond or id be put in jail. called and got dna test, shows it wasnt mine. then i had court trying to say i would be put in jail if i didnt sign away my rights (she lost rights to her child). this is after the cps and dna test, and i tell them this. they finally i guess looked at paperwork or called cps to confirm after nearly a week and another private eye person serving me paperwork. was a absolute nightmare and terrifying how fucked our system is.

  45. once again.... always the dads fault. Of course the female judge is going hard on him. 0% DNA! case CLOSED. Why is this even an issue.

  46. Again this man is targeted for money is doesn’t owe, while this deadbeat mother get away with welfare fraud?! Why, because it’s easier to attack a black man and enslave him in the corrupt jail system, than to take away and house this woman’s children why she gets locked up instead?

  47. The judge could be recalled and disbarred for legislating harm from the bench. Yes, the mother should face penalties but that will probably further harm the child. The predatory way DCFS and dependency courts work to destroy families/communities in the US will be its downfall. Things are totally different with the systems in Europe. The DCFS and dependency courts in the US need help

  48. Let's keep it real, the system is designed to hold men accountable and not women. Here is proof that a woman can do no wrong in thw eyes of the court when it's simple fraud. If the system would stop letting women do this to men and hold her accountable, maybe it would stop. Women would stop having babies and not know or claim the real father.

  49. She’s a woman. Slap on the wrist at most. If she does any actual time, feminists will be online degrading the man and saying the courts are unjust and to let her out.

  50. If she just had to put someone's name down for welfare benefits. Then not only should he not owe her anything. She should not be getting welfare benefits cause she put under a false name for the father.. This lazy bitch is getting away with shit that ain't even legal while he is called dead beat dad. Yeah..... women are so oppressed 🙄

  51. Every child born should have mandatory DNA test for proof of ownership. If you will.. or should I say father ship..

  52. Ladies, the ball's in your court. Let's work together to fix the system or we'll "fix it" without you...

  53. I don't understand how this happened. I was a teen mom way back in the day. The state wouldn't even acknowledge my child's father as the father until they got the DNA test back. He was thrilled to be a father and there was no doubt he was the dad, but the state wanted concrete proof, which they ordered and paid for. Getting away with falsely accusing the wrong man of being the father just wouldn't have even been possible.

  54. Wait, so you could seemingly put down anyone's name? Why aren't they just dropping all the billions names on the documents

  55. This pisses me off. Why isn’t the mother under fire. She’s ruined this man’s life and has her child being scrutinized. This guy facing jail time and owes everything he’s ever made all because the woman put his name down to collect welfare cheques.

  56. This is a topic feminists should look at in terms of equality. Women can choose to have a child or not while men have 0 say as to pay for that child or not if women can decide why can't men decide on wanting to be a part of that.

  57. Mom is one of the millions showing how easy it is to defraud the welfare system. It's an old problem which has been going on for decades and the legal system does nothing to stop it.

  58. How does he owe a cent? If anyone owes anything it's this scumbag mother. I'm glad they are doing a news cast regarding this. More public interest to help him out.

  59. Ahh but if she chose she could have terminated the child without repercussions. Yes. How courts hate men so much.

  60. These are the type of mothers who would use the kid as blackmail. And also ask for more child support money to use on herself. Scummy. There should be a court case against her.

  61. This is unusual. I've seen cases where the non-father had to pay child support but that was only because he had put himself out as the father for a few years and therefore the child was reliant on him but to require child support for someone who's literally never been the father in any way is obviously unfair and should not stand.

  62. In this day and age with the legal system we have and you didn't expect that? Frankly, I wouldnt be surprised if I wasn't wanted for some BS or another. Prison system won't feed itself.

  63. How the fuck is this legal? The kid is not his!!! How is this hard? Drag that woman into court and have her identify the real father. No person should have to go through this. You would assume judges would show some common sense. The moment he shows proof he is not the father. That should have been the end of it. Praying he can be free from this hell. There are enough real deadbeat dads out there. We don’t need to magically create them out of a woman’s desperate lies. I’m a woman and believe this is complete bullshit!

  64. All the comments hating the mom for “scamming the system”… is no one going to point their anger at the system that put a single mom in a position where she needed to risk another persons livelihood to get the support she needed to survive? Call it over optimism, but if welfare/community resources worked the way they were intended, maybe she wouldn’t have had the idea she needed to abuse the system (which put him in this situation).

  65. Its usually called Dad by Default and Michigan is famous for it. My dad told me how it works but I can't remember how it all works. Basically you got 2 years from a child being born to find out if its yours or not to find out if you wanna keep supporting the child based on the child being yours. Then after the 2 years regardless if it is or not you are dad by default and good luck sucka. If you're married the child's automatically yours.

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