can they say it Elon ?

  1. Try saying anything to the trans people lol. Anything even medical or biological reference that doesn’t float their boat. Reddit is becoming worse than twitter.

  2. This is just good ole provocateur sensationalism that has always existed on the internet. And as long as people respond to it, it will keep existing.

  3. I feel like this standard answer that if we just ignore them they don't get oxygen and go away is debunked as wistful thinking. The internet allows extreme minorities to find each other and become emboldened by seeing literally 1000s of people think the same way! Better to not blame those who try and refute extreme ideas as "causing it to continue to exist"

  4. "So we can hate people openly for the color of their skin now? Yayyy!!!" Again, ladies and Gentlemen...MAGA

  5. Can you point that out in the texts of the constitution of your respective cou try where it says that free speech is limited to politics?

  6. In the USA we absolutely have the right to say any racist, phobic, mean, or false thing we want without any repercussions from the government. International "laws" do not apply to US citizens.

  7. Its about where you draw the line. If I say black people steal more often in the US. Its a fact and not racist. Now if its because they are black or poor is another thing (spoiler its the money) but you shouldnt be banned for saying that. However if I say white people are all scum its racisme and should be banned.

  8. Freedom of speech should be absolute. If I wanna call you nasty names, I should be allowed to do that. I won't do that, cuz I don't wanna be a douche, but I should feel free to do so.

  9. Gamer in the name another with a Russian flag. Yeah that's about right. Thank God it was blurry or I would be a neo nazi right now!

  10. It’s the biggest no-no word in existence for us. So of course edge lords are going to spam it as much as possible because people always get mad about it

  11. I think the rules will be followed. Meaning NOBODY gets to slander. Un-like before when only a certain type of person gets censored while another type gets free speech.

  12. Elon as an engineer and CEO is simply a first-class specialist. But in everyday terms, as if to put it mildly, he is a little autistic. Elon is for total freedom of speech, but he probably forgot that the freedom of one person ends where the freedom of another person begins. By giving trolls and just idiots the freedom to shit on everyone, he will turn the messaging into a garbage dump for trolls.

  13. I mean, someone saying something racist isnt limiting your freedom of speech at all as a person of color. Is it morally wrong? Yes. Limiting others in freedom of speech? No.

  14. He literally knew exactly what was going to happen. Everyone knew this was going to happen. Racists have literally been begging for it since the minute he announced he was buying Twitter. If you seriously believe he didn't expect the site to flood with racists, then you dont think that highly of him.

  15. Wow most pathetic comment section I've seen in a while. Must be a school holiday cuz the edgy 12 year olds are out in force.

  16. Ahahaha hahahahahahahaha. Twitter will finally get folded. Sux that 44 billion had to be spend on it for this to happen but I very welcome this whole behavior in order for this dumb platform to burn down.

  17. It's the negative points for me so all y'all racist hiding behind y'all computers huh remember this is reddit if you is ain't no shame in it embrace it

  18. Elon Musk is just plain, simple, white trash. He hides behind money because it makes him appear to be big, strong man, but he will always just be bottom of the barrel trash. He proves time and time again how ignorant and self serving he is. The only thing more sad and cringy than Musk are the people he has somehow fooled to believe that he’s a genius.

  19. Not a fan but if through this that shit place will be bankrupt and will cease from existence I guess it would be very well worth it.

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