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  1. The guy is yellow is asshole ! He saved him and then complain to the referee “ look look ! I didn’t do anything “

  2. To me, it's looks more like he is simply raising his hands to make it clear to the ref that he isn't holding him or anything. The look afterwards doesn't look particularly spiteful to me

  3. Plus as soon as the guy in white saves him he stands up lifting that guy into the air upside down and makes no attempt to stop him from hurting himself…

  4. Not even that, but if you watch the guy in yellow's arm, he grabs the other guy as he is flipping him back over. Seems like he was trying to flip him over himself

  5. Dude almost gets his neck snapped from his own stupidity, gets saved by the other guy, then has the balls to complain to the ref??? Fuck it. Let him break his neck next time, asshole.

  6. guy in white is actually a bad guy in players view since he did not choose to jump together causing the possible serious injuries. Many players dont jump scaring the injury which makes football less fun. That could have even been a yellow card for the guy in yellow from ref s decision.

  7. I love the final look from the guy in yellow like "you're not even going to give me your phone number after this?"

  8. A lot gay couples strangely look similar to each other. The only man I've dated looked a bit like me, which is weird. Every woman I've dated looked fairly different from me.

  9. Did the dude us white smirk at the end? Did he get a secret touch on yellow and was proud that yellow couldn't do anything about it?

  10. That's just soccer at its finest. Trying to be sound about catching a dude from a rough fall and then the dude pushes his head up between your legs to lift you up into a stupid position. Just arsehole behavior.

  11. Man I really hate the yellow player for complaining. His opponent may have saved him from a horrible injury and he complains afterwards. Asshole.

  12. I had a similar experience once. A guy came in for a terrible attempt at a slide tackle, missed the ball by a mile and I had to dive over him so he didn’t get stomped on. Naturally, the ref calls a free kick, and the guy jumps up screaming at the ref, “I didn’t even touch him, that was a massive dive!”

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