Just decided to go outside

  1. searing pain at least, permanent scarring is likely, and a general reduction in mobility for days... But he got dem interweb points, so it's a wash.

  2. I've done that on accident in my grandma's back yard when I was like 6. I'll never forget it. Lots of screaming and running. 0/10 Do not recommend

  3. Yeah it def looks like some of them are just appearing. Good eye. Could also be the sun but I’m going with CGI.

  4. Idk but it made me so sad as soon as he stepped down. Those ant colonies are so complex and to just… step on it. With your bare toes.

  5. As someone who accidentally stood on a fire ant hill when I was a child, be prepared to live in pain for a few days as your feet swell up and ooze.

  6. I'm remember being in 1st or 2nd grade and the 4th and 5th graders doing this as a date or to see who could last the longest. They were fire ants. I however entertained myself by picking fire ants up and dropping them in an ant lion pit to watch the battle like a Roman emperor because I was sophisticated

  7. I’m really hoping that those were fire ants. 🐜 🔥 Would serve him right. I accidentally got a little too close to a nest once, and I was stunned by how PAINFUL 2/3 bites were!!

  8. You know, I think social media has had one positive effect on society. Before it you never would have known the really stupid things people do. Now you can watch.

  9. Wow, so you decided to go out of your house to destroy someone else's house. And now you are portraying that you are the victim?

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