well, this is unfortunate...

  1. being from an actual this world country and seeing americans call their incredible country third world is quite cringe. privilege is invisible to those who have it. ik this might be sarcastic but to those who genuinely believe this then ur living in a great country compared to the majority of the world.

  2. I really wish people would stop saying this. You can say America is an underdeveloped country, or one where a few hundred elites have say over everything.

  3. In Canada, we have two major countries to the south of us that we travel to all the time. One is overrun with crime, gangs, drugs, has terrible public education, corrupt government, no public health care, insane wealth disparity, is incredibly violent and dangerous and the other country… is Mexico.

  4. Reddit is so weird. I commented something like this a good while ago and got downvoted to oblivion. Many people did the: "you are taking away from true 3rd world countries." Stuff like that.

  5. Sure, come to a real third world country and see the difference. I've always wondered how people living in the US would feel in a real third world country like this one.

  6. I love how everyone pretends the US is a shithole, yet it's by far the country with the most immigrants. Yall really need to stop thinking news = reality.

  7. Lol nothing screams extremely sheltered and out of touch redditor more than dumbass comments like this.

  8. I live in a third world country and i would give so much to live in usa these people are so delusional and spoilt. The irony is hasan escaped from a third world country to usa and wants to make usa like where he escaped from.

  9. I saw a video yesterday of Indians rubbing their babies on a pile of cow shit for the cow goddess. We’re a second world country give us that cmon

  10. I thought he was referring to the fact that this guy has all the reasons in the world to marry her if it was something that he actually wanted to do. But the fact that he’s not marrying her even if it means deportation, probably means that it’s just not in the cards for this relationship. That’s what I got out of it, which makes total sense to me. I don’t see anything wrong with this advice at all.

  11. I mean he’s just saying he think it’s suspicious he wouldn’t want to get married in name only just so he could escape his supposed 3rd world country. Which ngl if I were dating someone from Venezuela, they got deported and I offered them a ticket out of there by marrying them, and they didn’t take it I would be sused out.

  12. JEsus christ. They thought it was really weird if someone from south America who was just deported and has a girl in the US who wants to give him free green hard and him not taking is a red flag. Has nothing to do with time they were dating.

  13. It’s pretty clear he’s saying that if the guy would rather be deported than be married, she probably shouldn’t get married (keeping in mind he assumed the guy was deported somewhere other than the US)

  14. Bro that was five seconds out of a 20 minute call. Stop trying to jerk yourself so hard about “seeing through” relationship advice lol

  15. Canadian here. America is an amazing country with a lot to offer. You can make a lot of money there, easier than almost anywhere else in the world. But there’s little to no safety net. If you get hurt, fall ill, get laid off, you’re pretty much on your own. Personally, I’d work there for a few years, but I don’t think I’d make my home there. But that’s a personal choice.

  16. I agree. If you can make good money the US is arguably better than a lot of european countries, but if youre poor youre fucked lol

  17. Florida tried to pass a bill to allow teachers to give genital inspections to school children if the teacher was “unsure or the child’s sex” like less than two years ago I believe. It passed in state and was only shot down at the federal level.

  18. I hold a dual citizenship US - Canada. When I was finally placed in my current role, I received permission to move to Canada as my role is 100% remote and we have offices in Toronto and Vancouver.

  19. Ya people in the US really don't know how good they have it compared to MOST countries in the world. Some of these folks need to get out more or follow news that comes out of other parts of the world

  20. Comments full of spoiled children defending this shit hole because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths lmao what's new?

  21. i don’t understand why people who live in the US think hating on their own home makes them cool/funny/woke. it just makes them seem ungrateful and ignorant

  22. People in Europe hate the US and talk shit, but want us to help Ukraine and give them our money and military weaponry. Cuban leaders talk shit on the US, but now they're begging us for aid right now. People on reddit say that Americans are stupid while using American inventions and innovations. Many of these people ignore the issues in their own country while putting us down.

  23. They think he's being deported from the US to some shithole country, but he's actually being deported from Canada to some shithole country (US).

  24. They thought caller was American and the deported was from some 3rd world country. Turned out caller's Canadian and the deported's from the US.

  25. You can get PR by marrying a Canadian, and then after another couple years you can get citizenship based on residence.

  26. But it’s easier (likely) to be able to become permanent resident, which a is all you need really (my South African husband is PR)

  27. He’s right tho. You brought it upon yourselves. Had you not meddled in the middle east, you wouldn’t have gotten attacked.

  28. As an American living in Canada I’d be devastated if I got deported. It’s not that I don’t like my home country—I miss it actually—but because I’ve made a life here and this is home now.

  29. If I was deported to the US I'd be sad too, ngl. Y'all can call it the greatest nation ever as much as you want but the US lacks behind in basically every relevant aspect regarding quality of life and security compared to most developed countries in Europe.

  30. I’d love to see all the people calling America a third world country actually live in a third world country for a few days

  31. Have you watched that pretty terrible doc on HBO called The Anarchists? This sounds exactly like Lily Forester. Would be ironic as hell if it is and she lives in Canada now..

  32. Well, for shittalking the US for the entirety of his career, I am surprised he actually referred to having a Green Card as "hitting the lottery".

  33. US politics, and Healthcare are practically 3rd world. US citizens go to Mexico for healthcare because it's not affordable in the US. Yet, the GOP wants to spend billions to put up a wall and dismantle Obama Care which costs US citizens so much more than what Obama care would have done to make healthcare affordable.

  34. Seems to be a ton of people here that have never traveled around the world and experienced the wide variety of countries this world has to offer. I love traveling and have been all over the world but I’m always extremely happy to come home to America.

  35. American here who’s spent some time in Canada. Specifically Montreal. You couldn’t pay me to live there, Canada is an expensive shithole. Terrible/slow healthcare, collapsing currency, 15% sales tax on every purchase, not to mention lower salaries.

  36. Yeah as a Canadian, I'd be in a terrible place mentally if I had to live in America. I feel for buddy because he's been outside of that place and understands what life is like elsewhere.

  37. Wait how old is this clip!? That’s Mykie— the lady. She did Glam & Gore on YT… last I knew she was having health issues (i think her channel also suffered from the YT algorithm not liking FX makeup artists so it was difficult for her content to thrive).

  38. Yeah, get sent somewhere with no universal healthcare system, welfare state and has recently has someone who is criminal in charge who tries to steal elections. Fuck that.

  39. Not unexpected. For all their ignorant whining, the ultra lefties have NO IDAE what life is like in any other developed nation. NONE of those millions of illegal immigrants that Biden has been secretly flying around the country would be allowed to stay in Canada for even FIVE SECONDS. And none would be allowed to even TRY to go there it live permanently legally. Unlike the US where you can get a green card without any real education or skills and do manual labor, Canada says "No thank you. We have our own uneducated workforce who can do those jobs. Call back when you have a skill that most Canadians don't have. THEN maybe we will talk about you moving here."

  40. You see how some people really think that when people talk about getting deported they always think about Mexicans or migrants right when he heard that he got deported to America he was shocked like if he never heard of American getting deported the world we live in that we only think that Mexicans are the only ones getting deported and then proceeds to say that "he's only in the relationship just to get a green card" don't you guys think this is a little bit racist

  41. Yeah, I wouldn't marry whoever that voice is coming from if I got deported from Canada to the US either.

  42. America has the highest number of foreign born residence by a significant margin compared… it would appear that plenty of ppl want to immigrate here

  43. FYI anyone saying things relating to other 3rd countries …ie Europe go look up their tax rates, inflation lately, fx issue ….no country os paradise pros and cons of each …but we are recognized as having one of best systems for healthcare…if not why do other people from other countries come here for treatment ? Biotech and tech space are revolutionary and then production happens overseas in lower cost countries. Get educated to those who aren’t and listen to business radio to learn facts don’t get news from talking heads ….get challenged in your biases

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