A song about aluminum foil

  1. Might be dating myself a little bit here, but I used to love when he took over Much Music ever year and it would be AL Music, non stop weird AL music videos all day long.

  2. I've been a lifelong fan of his. His parodies are always top notch. Growing up we were pretty poor, but for my birthday sophomore year in highschool my mother got me tickets to his Running with Scissors tour.

  3. My response was literally going to be that Weird Al is a national treasure. He has been making hilarious, relevant parodies of songs across every genre imaginable for 40 years, and it's incredible.

  4. Been listening to him since I was 12. To this day I still make contextually accurate parody lyrics of all the music I listen to. Weird Al is a hero

  5. How the fuck did this come out 8 years ago and I never noticed it til now. God I love this man, I can't wait for the movie.

  6. The fact that this comment even needs to exist amazes me. Because apparently there is an entire generation of redditors who don't know who Weird Al is, despite the fact that he is the most well-known parody artist of all time.

  7. I just had a flashback to this man being one of the first artists I personally enjoyed as a child, so now in my 40s I had to think when that first album came out. I went to look back to see how old "Eat It" was.

  8. just saw him in concert a couple weeks ago with emo Phillips. dude was incredibly high energy despite sitting the whole show (due to a bigass accordion)

  9. What's most amazing about Weird Al Yankovic is that the dude seemingly has never aged. He's been doing this gig for a long minute

  10. Can confirm. I used to record the Doctor Demento show from stereo speakers propped over a microphone to a cassette player on record and heard him there. I'm now quite old. SO, like, WTF?

  11. Cut out too soon. Weirs Al being crazy is expected. Unexpected part should be that Patton Oswalt is a lizard man.

  12. I actually really enjoyed Tacky. Partly because of all the cameo. But my favorite song has to be Word Crimes. It's not only funny but educational too.

  13. I agree, this is a best mix of lyrical motivation throughout the song. First to sell aluminum foil for the two most popular references to foil use. Plus he did not deviate much from the original song “Royals”. And lastly, the song sounds good.

  14. One thing I like about Weird Al is that he does all these parodies without being overly obscene and without foul language. Not that I mind but some parody artist rely on it too much. It just shows how clever WA is

  15. He actually said that was the only thing he hated about music pirating sites in the late 90's. People would upload dirty songs and put his name on them.

  16. Not only that but it is never a mean spirited parody, he not making fun of the artist in a mean way but always a way that the original artist would go "yeah that is pretty funny"

  17. Fun fact: in live concerts he pronounces “aluminium” in the accent of the country he’s in. I.e In America “aluu-min-num” In England “Ali-min-ni-um”

  18. For anyone who wants to hear the greatest Breaking Up song of all time… youtube search weird al’s song “one more minute”

  19. The real unexpected part was Junior and Lt. Dangle being Men In Black. Or were their cover identities perfect?

  20. I met Lorde in Brighton a few years ago and sung the Weird Al version to her, and she tried to not laugh and failed. She’s a good sport.

  21. What makes WA really weird is not that he thinks of and performs this stuff, but that he’s dedicated his life to the weird genre he created.

  22. It's a song about aluminum foil, not preserving food. It's not unexpected to talk about government conspiracies involving aluminum foil.

  23. Gen Z is just discovering the genius that is Weird AL I see. This is old school parody kiddos (who are all in their 20s now for some reason). Hope you like it here.

  24. wtf Reddit I was just singing this for the first time in a year this morning... get out of my brain

  25. Reminder that Weird Al was once approached by the tobacco industry to promote smoking. He refused on the grounds that he has many young fans and didn't want them to start smoking.

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