All set and go

  1. I thought this but because it was in this sub I thought he’d do something else and then he ended up doing what I thought he would normally do so it kinda was unexpected.

  2. That thing fires missiles, or grenades, or tiny little aliens that run around and smack you in the face before farting on you and running away.

  3. Man sticks and your brain just go hand in hand your brain makes a stick a sword a gun a rocket launcher a magic wand a bow and arrow

  4. Honestly thought he would drill a hole and who knows what, till I saw a small trunk and immediately thought of a gun, I guess it still counts as unexpected

  5. I think I’ve been on the internet too long, ‘cause the second thing I expected outside of using the force to move it was shoving it up his ass

  6. I seen a small stick in the yard the other day that looked like a gun. I started pretending I was shooting everything. 😂

  7. Ah ur a space commando too :) Ever get lucky when u find a stick gun with a handle on the front too for +5 accuracy buff


  9. A log that big, i would have thrown it on my shoulders and pretend to be a heavy trooper from Star Wars Battlefront

  10. The only thing unexpected in this was not deciding it's a bazooka and holding it over your shoulder like one instead.

  11. My (now) ex husband and I went to visit my cousin and her husband. We were all in our early 20s. We were all sitting around smoking weed and talking about life. The guys decided to go outside and check out the new motorcycle they had just bought. After a few minutes, we saw someone run past the window. We were out in the country so we were the only people around. Confused and high, we looked out the window to see if we were crazy. We saw her husband sliding down the side of the house peeking around the corner. We are really confused at this point so we quietly go out the back door to get a better look. These dumbasses were playing Army guys and having a war. They were shooting each other with invisible machine guns. We were trying to be quiet but we were laughing so hard that they finally saw us. It was hilarious. Then they tried to deny it. We watched them for at least five minutes before they heard us laughing.

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