Just pumping petrol for your car, when..

  1. how they use the fire extinguisher reminds me of the Benny Hill show ... the only thing missing was the bald old man who, once the fire was out, came out of the car spitting white powder ... lmao

  2. As the safety freak at my workplace Im just impressed they had that many on hand and knew where they were, way to many people don’t know where the nearest fire extinguishers are. Still trying to press our manager to order a fire blanket though

  3. it's like when NA cops trying to find an excuse to shoot their guns in the most trivial situations except for situations that actually need it, like one shooter in a school

  4. Yea lol I was wondering 🤔 how many Fire extinguishers Or at the gas station . Thay guy who started it needs to be sprayed as well dumb ass

  5. Yeah because a 30,000 gallon tank filled with fuel will be fun to go off. With other tanks of fuel in the vicinity that could go off too. Yup I would have acted the same way.

  6. It’s called “after-extinguishing”, it’s the concept of keep the area suffocated and cool it so the fire won’t re-emerge from either a small flame that survived or the heat combusting in to new flames 🔥 we learn A LOT about proper fire drills in the navy, this knowledge is essential aboard ships and around equipment 👍 so these employees did an amazing job 🙏

  7. Actually this is really good and appropriate use of the extinguishers. You should absolutely saturate the area with as much material as you can to avoid the potential of another spark going off and causing an explosion. They were trained well to continue blasting the area for as long as possible.

  8. They did entirely the correct thing. Extinguishers can be refilled very easily. You cannot unburn down a gas station.

  9. No, that is probably actually their training. Fire extinguishers are single use, you start spraying, you keep on spraying and you make sure the fire is 100% out, because most extinguishers won't have enough fill and pressure to completely extinguish a second flare up.

  10. Also if the flame gets big enough to trigger the extinguisher system the entire station would be ruined so best to rid of it immediately to save the whole thing

  11. This is China, as you can see from the license plate. In China usually the employees help you to get gas and also provides a bunch of services so there’s many employees in one gas station.

  12. Looks like a chinese plate. In China you don't have to get off the car and pump gas, the employees do it for you. They probably have one person for each nozzle

  13. Judging by the plate, seems to be in China, where employees usually help people pump their gas. The driver is still on the left hand side, I think the dude is just standing outside their car for a stretch or sth

  14. I was going to say the same thing. Why can't we get this level of service in America? The damn place has more employees than a supermarket.

  15. By pulling, what do you mean ? Cause if it's pulling a gun, that seems moronic to do near a gas station, not counting the fact it's already on fire -_-

  16. Maybe, maybe not. Thats a shocking thing to happen to you & what he has of his mind is on loved ones, not justice. Also maybe he doesn't feel like the next Kimbo Slice of street fights.

  17. The assailant fled, and has not made any notable moves to further jeopardize anyone. However there is now a situation where your wife is sitting over a potential bomb/oven, and more fuel is being added. Your wife is in mortal danger.

  18. And you’d be in prison. You can’t shoot someone unless shooting them was necessary to save yourself. In this instance, you could easily escape the person. Pulling a gun and shooting him is retaliation, not life preserving.

  19. I’m all for self defense and this guy is a fucko but pulling a gun on someone who is running away is wild and so sadly American

  20. If those shirts are QT branded then this would make more sense then like a shell or something. QT has a large amount of staff typically that also gets paid fairly quickly well compared to the rest of the industry.

  21. So how do they actually tell when it’s safe to let off the extinguishers? They can’t really see anything. I imagine they can’t smell anything either. Do they just have a 12-extinguisher policy for every vehicle fire?

  22. She’s a classy traditional woman, she believes a man should open the door for a woman and clearly she’ll die on that hill if she needs to.

  23. who doesn't worry first about her wife? I wouldn't even start thinking about following the man if I wasn't sure my family was safe! I don't care that they could take care of themselves, the safety of the family is way more important than that asshole.

  24. I’m sure they were doing that as a precaution. I could only imagine what would happen if that fire got any bigger near the gas pumps

  25. I dont like the idea of pumps that work while you're not actively pulling the lever. That's just a bad idea. That's how you have people accidentally overfilling or pulling away with the pump nozzle still in the tank.

  26. There are pumps that just…go, without pulling the lever? That sounds messy and like a terrible idea. I had no idea that existed.

  27. I don't know about your area, but at least where I live, the pump notices when the tank is full and shuts itself off.

  28. This would actually be an act of terrorism by arson since the whole gas station could’ve blown up from the storage up affecting a large amount of that area. Could’ve killed hundreds of people in that vicinity. I don’t think dude is gonna make it out alive once he gets caught

  29. “While the circumstances are still unknown, criminal behavior like this should not be tolerated as it puts lives in danger.”

  30. Well im glad he was arrested and everyone was ok. But im so curious WHY the guy did this. what was his motivation to set a car on fire?

  31. I’m sure there’s safety protocol to ensure the fire is completely out, but this was hilarious watching one fire extinguisher after another coming into the scene!

  32. I especially enjoyed the parts where you saw the cloud coming a second or two before the guy running in with the already running extinguisher.

  33. Took a while though, they really made sure. Better safe than sorry I guess - also probably one of the few chances to freely use up those fire extinguishers

  34. Woah, everyone in this video’s response/timing was perfect. The only idiot was the guy who started the whole damn thing.

  35. And that's why those pumps with the latching handles are stupid. Why anyone would ever allow a pump containing flammable liquid to flow unattended is beyond me.

  36. I'm pretty sure the attendants paid that guy to do that so that they'd be able to use all 17 of their fire extinguishers before they expired the following week.

  37. What was really unexpected was a prompt response with a sufficient number of the right kind of fire extinguishers being used the right way. Amazing and nice to see.

  38. If this had been in Norway the criminal would be set free because of insanity, as he can't help it. Even if he is clearly a danger to society.

  39. every guy grabs a fire extinguisher to be 100% sure the fire is out... employees doing that in the US would get a lecture about wasting money

  40. Something tells me that they had been drilled in this. And what was said was: “use ALL staff and EVERY fire extinguisher, and NEVER trust that it’s already out. Keep going until the fire brigade arrives, or until every drop of foam in the entire street has been thrown at it.”

  41. Half the street woulda burned down in the if this was in the US no shot anyone putting that out until the fire department shows up

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