Kid knows what to do

  1. I had atleast twice the confidence that sge than I got now. Maybe not with girls but definitely to do pranks like this.

  2. I have done similar things, as a magic trick, but I also feel uncomfortable, I don’t like to keep the number of someone who gave it to me unintentionally. People usually laugh a lot with this magic trick, that’s why I like to do it, but when the trick ends, I told them that I’m going to delete their number and I do it in from of them.

  3. It's like, a thing in China. There are some social experiment type viral videos where people do this in the street but they're more slick about it like "Call the really hot stranger sitting next to me, Siri!" (after having borrowed their phone for an emergency)

  4. That was their target. Now that they have her contact they will ruin her work and professional life and coerce/force her into prostitution/porn

  5. I was like “Oi! Will you pull me?” And she was like “Uh… nah… you’re 12.” And I was like “Right… fine. And I walked away. I was gutted.”

  6. It’s staged they do this shit all the time lol. Also the audio is surprisingly good for an airport 😂 clearly using a mic, fake and fake sorry

  7. As someone who worked in radio where we literally had a talent agency to use for "random callers asking question" yeah, this, and about 90% of shit you see on TV shows and the internet is staged.

  8. there used to be scammer kids that use your phone to call their parents but instead transfers money to their scammer parents bank account.

  9. If it wasn’t staged then why were they mic’ed up? In no way could a phone camera or camera pick up that crisp sound of an exchange in such an obviously loud and busy place without a microphone attached to them

  10. Yea, ignore the camera she won't look at... sitting right across from her... zoomed in on her... tracking her face... the one that captured this totally real and spontaneous event.

  11. I mean the audio was kinda hint enough but with so many staged videos a lot of people seem to think you can get crisp audio from a “hidden camera phone” , pointed a good distance away, and in a crowded place with a lot of background noise like an airport. Also it’s not hard to notice a phone camera being pointed right at you, try sneaking a picture of someone, you have to point it directly at them unless you’re some kind of creeper that specializes in this.

  12. I know the clip is a joke, but I never understood the whole "tricking a girl into giving you her number" trope that happens constantly in movies/tv shows. What good is her phone number if she isn't interested in you? Like, congrats dude, she's just gonna block you the moment you call her anyways.

  13. Yeah this is really shitty behavior, coercing someone into something like that is trashy. Some adult must've put the kid up to it thinking it was funny.

  14. how is it nasty exactly? it's funny because it's surreal that a kid does it....or what? you actually think that the kid is trying to fuc?

  15. Nah man I'm sorry as a woman it is super creepy when little kids flirt with women who are so much older than them. They can't be with these women obviously so what is the point ? It also feels really gross as a woman to be hit on by a child.

  16. Right? I fuckin hate getting harassed by children. It happens more often than one might think. Always a group of boys talking shit and thinking they're funny, safe in the knowledge that nothing's gonna happen to them because they're kids.

  17. When I lived in China for 3 months, my gf put me on her family phone plan, and was able to assign me a custom number. It was similar to that (she could dial 2 or whatever number and it would call my phone). I'm assuming this is staged.

  18. They cut it so that the number is not exposed. I guessing the number is 150….. not including country code, well since they are both from China.

  19. Can someone please explain something to me: most people think it's not OK for adults to have a sexual relationship with a child, correct?

  20. This is a scam in my part of the world. The teenagers+ boys go to innocent religious girls who are very sheltered and get their numbers this way. Then they slowly groom them until they get what they want and leave the girls jaded and them and their families shattered.

  21. I am kind of confused. So he asks her to use her phone to call his mother. I don't see how getting the lady's phone number was part of the process? I don't have sound on so that might not help.

  22. Yeah but you could really only get away with that as a child though I don’t think a grown ass man would get away with that.

  23. Well if you’re forced to take your little brother with you, then put him to good use to get girl’s phone numbers.

  24. It'd be funny if it wasn't planned. I mean I hope it was planned otherwise they were recording that girl for whatever reason which isn't great lol

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