Electrician suffers horrific accident

  1. Sorry, we are so overbooked right now. Clean the shit out of your pants and finish the job. Go to the ER on your own time.

  2. Hi Carl, I understand that you had a rough day today but Steve had booked his vacation to florida weeks ago and is heading out early next week and we need you to wrap up a few loose ends before he's gone. Walmart sells some band-aids that you can buy on your break that will help if you have any burns and it shouldn't be a big deal to work the remainder of your shifts this week. Also, I've noticed since being nearly electrocuted that your attitude has shifted. We really need team players here that are in it for more than just the money.

  3. I was on a shady construction site where a guy cut a live power line to the fire panel with a sawzall, not sure how he survived was a big green arc followed by a temendous explosion which practically tore his pants off. Afterwards he composes himself and calls his dad who ran the company. Dad tells him to get back in the basement and keep cutting copper.

  4. Doesn't look like your company is very good at interviewing. Based on his performance, I have serious doubts he's actually an electrician.

  5. Thank you for this! Yr doing the lords work! I had to change my shirt cause I spit my drink all over my muthafuckin self!

  6. Aren't you supposed to wear special suits when working these things? Not to OSHA the shit out of the conversation but...

  7. Off of my limited knowledge, I'd be surprised to hear him survive after an arc like that. Electrical burns destroy tissue like nothing else, he may have been running on adrenaline there

  8. If it had gone across his torso from his right and left hand touching something with different potentials, then it would have gone straight across his chest and heart and would have died instantly. It only takes .1 amp to kill someone if it goes across a vital area. There's no direct path across your kidneys, pancreas, liver etc from arm to arm.

  9. We most likely just watched a guy get killed. Lots of times they get up after an arc explosion because the adrenaline is keeping them going. As soon as the adrenaline wears off, they drop and don't get back up. During an arc explosion like that, the copper goes straight from a solid, skips the liquid state and goes straight to gas. Obviously there is some liquid copper that splatters which can get as hot as the surface of the sun and goes through a person like a hot knife through butter, perhaps even easier; which is usually the main cause of death.

  10. i saw one of these the guy was crisp, he was sitting there, side burned open you could see his lungs through his side with a huge hole in them as he breathed, dead and didn't know it i'm sure.

  11. Electricians have seen some shit. If you want to hear more stories that end with “…and then his feet melted!”, hang out with electricians.

  12. I can't stop thinking about Guybrush Threepwood with his ass on fire, after his graceful landing on monkey Island... 🐒

  13. when you get a hit from a boss and release the control thinking that the character is dead but still has that little piece of the health bar

  14. And for anyone watching, an excellent chance he collapsed or worse within seconds or minutes of the end of this clip. His only saving grace is that he appears to have not been a portion of the electrical path, but being caught in the explosion itself is not by any means a lucky break over getting directly zapped. Copper expands to 68,000 times it’s volume when vaporized, as seen in the video. If he inhaled any of that his lungs are incinerated and now coated with a fine mist of copper and whatever else went to instant gaseous form. He might have been better off just dying right on the spot.

  15. My grandfather worked for an electricity generation plant back in the 60’s. He was to do work on a generator on the floor that was supposed to be turned off by technicians. They had not turned it off and although I don’t know the details of his death, they only had the frames of his glasses to return to my grandmother. I wasn’t born yet. From what I got, he opened an access panel and was sucked into machinery, a generator.

  16. On the bright side, he didn't have to walk down to the microwave to heat up the burrito he shoved into his pocket that morning.

  17. "do not fear the man who is ready to suffer, but fear the man who is ready to get back up from that suffering." -Sun Tzu or something idk

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