Getting robbed

  1. It didn’t grow back. The right arm just got a new assignment from the command centre to switch positions^^

  2. When we were filming short funny movies between friends , we were doing so much these kind of joke. Like changing hat or shirt between plan , things like that but all the time. It was shitty movie but it made us laught a lot.

  3. Something similar happend to me when I was a kid. I was walking home and I saw this autistic kid trying to reach a door bell so I went to help him out. I rang the door bell for him and look back and he is running away. The lady came out yelling at me and asking me why I ring her doorbell and runaway everyday.

  4. Well it was good, after all if that guy let the robber get away the robber would probably throw away the bag as litter when he sees the contents, he saved the environment

  5. It would have been better to let the robber take it. The good guys put a plastic bag in the recycling container - that gums up the recycling sorting machines and can break them. On a tour of the recycling plant they said it's far better to put recyclable materials in the landfill than to put items they can't handle into the recycling bin.

  6. Man, this is old school comedy! This is “who is on first,” Charlie Chaplin stuff! Good on these guys for making this simple and delightful tribute to comedy of the past!

  7. Chaplin is exactly what I was thinking after watching this. These dudes are going places. Good old fashioned humor.

  8. I was out walking my dog once, she was off in the bushes taking a leak so I was just standing there in the back lane with my headphones in, not paying attention, and someone came flying by on a bike and grabbed the plastic bag out of my hand. I don't know what they thought they were stealing but it just had dog shit in it.

  9. He can’t decide which arm should be the missing arm, which is worse than being fake robbed of garbage.

  10. Sometimes I’m absolutely baffled by the amount of upvotes something gets. This one definitely seems fishy as hell.

  11. So this bought likes didnt it? 10.6k likes and 160 comments? Also, its terrible. Edit: Went up 1000+ likes when I refreshed the page.

  12. Ok, I thought this was one of those obviously set up scenes of fake compassion that are annoying, but this is hilarious :)

  13. This plays like one of those adverts for those ubiquitous awful mobile town builder games. Was expecting the helpful guy to level up to 100.

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