Roller coaster of emotions

  1. This is simply just him seeing her as "normal", despite her disability. It's a brief mental lapse that happens to a lot of ppl. This is funny as hell, and the meme can play all it wants on a normal reaction. He corrected fast hoping for a kick to one hand. Simple

  2. IMO he was not thinking all too much. Inclusion begins when you don’t try to make something special about it He could have high-fived her shoulder (for example). He had no bad intention and I think the girl acknowledged that

  3. IMO that's the white washed or color blind approach. Inclusion starts when acknowledging differences and making an effort to build community or a positive reciprocating relationship. This guy did realize his misrake and tried to include her so he seems cool.

  4. I'll agree with you, by treating people like you would anyone else is certainly a very good way to do inclusion, and then just being a normal person by going UPS sorry and then making up for it shows that you truly care.

  5. I worked in a computer lab with a blind gentleman and he would always give me this blank look if I asked him a question like "Don't you hate when you're trying to park and you think you see a spot and it's a motorcycle?"

  6. She probably did high five with her shoulder and that's why the video cut out so fast because OP was intending cringe when in reality it probably would be uplifting.

  7. I think the girl is old enough to understand it was an accident. Most people with disabilities aren’t walking around looking to be offended

  8. 10 years from now he'll be lying in bed unable to sleep and this memory will creep into his mind and he will relive it in all its horrible splendor.

  9. I tried giving a pen to someone with no arms years ago at work. Still haunts me now and feel a right tit for it. Just on autopilot and not thinking at all.

  10. Michael Scott would double down when he realizes what he did and insist he did it on purpose because he doesn't discriminate (or something like that) lol

  11. Right? Like all she did was stomp a board, that's not karate. I wouldn't have given her any high fives. 😤

  12. That's one of those embarrassing moments that pops into your head 30 years later when you're getting ready for bed and can't sleep the rest of the night because of it

  13. At first, I didn’t even realize she didn’t have arms. I was so confused why people were panicking over him giving a kid a high five.

  14. That's a true "cringe" moment for the guy. The kind of stuff that will float around his brain on some nights causing him to stay awake and wincing.

  15. This was a genuine belly laugh for me...the great thing about children is that you can't stage things...

  16. My one job in college, manager's right arm was deformed and always shake hands with left. I can't tell you how many times we would always extend the right for handshakes or high fives first...

  17. This reminds me of one time I went floating down a river with my family.... We had to park our car at the end of the river and take a trolley up the river to the launch point. The trolley was delayed a lil because there was this lady in a wheelchair required the ramp to get on the trolley. No big deal nobody cared all was well. Well we get to the drop off spot and the driver starts yelling for the ramp at the top of his lungs. I can see lady who appeared similar age to me at the time mid to late twenties start to get frustrated. So I discreetly ask her "do you just want us to lift you down?" She says " Yes please thank God" she maybe weighed 120 pounds plus the wheelchair. I see another passenger who seemed capable. I say "yo come help me real quick" he was caught off guard but helped lift her to ground level.

  18. yeah there's nothing to indicate she cares one way or the other. Plus it would probably be worse if the practise was to hand chop a board but instead it's something she can participate in.

  19. I might love it, actually. He doesn't see she doesn't have arms because he doesn't see her as a girl without arms.

  20. I think people are wired to go for high fives/hand shakes for congratulatory purposes. Might just be auto pilot.

  21. He was so proud of her achievement that the fact that she had no arms became irrelevant to him for that split second and all he was focused on was congratulating her. That's wholesome af.

  22. it's an inspiring video of a kid using her abilities. to focus on the teacher getting lost in that moment of accomplishment kind of misses the mark and is sad that this is what people choose to fixate as the take-away.

  23. This one time when working for a Kindergarten, I tried to help a kid get up after falling into the snow.

  24. 20 years from now, as he's drifting into that twilight between awake and asleep, he'll think if this and cringe (as he's done once a month since the day it happened).

  25. Hahaha..reminds me of when I wrestled in high school and had to wrestle a guy with one leg. I went to sweep his leg with my arm and came up empty. The whole auditorium laughed.

  26. As a martial arts teacher this shit scares the fuck out of me because it's so instinctual to go for a high five after the kids do something like that. I'd have done the same shit

  27. I thought she just had her arms in her shirt I didn't know she straight up didn't have arms. Good for her though for going out and participating with all the other kids.

  28. I heard he was banned from every social media platform after this incident. Rumor had it he’s now homeless and going through some shit.

  29. Green boards are really tough for kids that little! To be fair that kind of break is really easy- but we use green boards for adults only at my TKD school. If i was him I would have been so happy for her I also would automatically go to the double high five

  30. I’m quite tall, 6’5” and was once in a rush in the office and walked around the corner, smacking my crotch directly into the face of a consultant we had hired who was a little person. It was so embarrassing.

  31. Lots of bots in this thread. See that blue little snoo next to the name. It means it's a new account. Most likely a bot. They take comments from the thread and repost them and then cast with each other to get upvotes. Then they eventually sell the account to someone to use for ads. Report it as a harmful bot under spam. I'll post a few more time to point some out.

  32. This is going to the type of memory that haunts you randomly and keeps you from sleeping. Bless him and his many future sleepless nights lol

  33. This is a moment that he’ll never forget and randomly think about. While she will never think about it again

  34. true douchebag is op. that probably happens all the time. internet points by spreading that is trashy

  35. I'm always torn between making an accommodation for a physical handicap or not for stuff like this. Like, make the change and let the person KNOW you've adjusted for their handicap and thus maybe come off as pandering; or act like you're not aware of it and come off as a snooty, "I'm above noticing differences" sort of douche. I don't know that I have grossly offended someone in my life, but I'm hoping not...

  36. This happend to a friend of mine. He felt terrible after... but it's something you do so naturally that by the time you process your hands are already in front of you.

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