1. The plastic retina bag is extra, 999$ each. If you want one with a True Tone drawstring, that will be 1299$.

  2. It has a chargeable lid that lights up when opened. But will lock itself up when out of charge. The charger plug and cable are $1499 and $299, seperately sold.

  3. You can move the macbook, there is no hole on the table, just a wormhole on the macbook, and it is a faster, cooler and more silent wormhole than pc laptop's.

  4. I have this thing and it sucks. They made it so you can't change the bag yourself and you have to go to an "authorized trashbook repair center" and pay $1200 every time it gets full.

  5. If you don’t work in software development, design, marketing, or anything else not related to gaming (which is also becoming a good market).

  6. I think I was still watching a previous video when I scrolled this one up and it started playing. Anyway when I started to pay attention to this one the lid was up and looked like a trash can. Then somebody closed it and it was a laptop. But that's ok. It's unexpected either way.

  7. The most useful idevice ever. Wonder if it stops working as well 5 years down the road. Bag shrink? Lid doesn't open all the way? You know they have some planned obsolescence hidden in there somewhere.

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