Best way to do it.

  1. I couldn’t remember if this was the titty video or the guy-gets-smacked-in-the-face-by-a-seagul video…instead I got a staged 2min video.

  2. Can we just assume every video is fake on the internet and stop commenting “fake” or “staged” on everything?

  3. This is like... seriously the best fucking acting I've ever seen for a viral video like this. I mean just her little reaction from hearing it in the first time and when they stop at the end. wtf

  4. right like... who and why was it being recorded? i dont trust any insta/tiktok videos to be real... i only trust in fox & friends... JUST KIDDING fuck lol. dont even live in america

  5. I was watching their eyes and mouths the whole time and it seemed to me like they were struggling not to laugh or smile. Maybe I’m just an idiot but that’s what I observed.

  6. I’ve watched this 10 times almost pissing myself in the process then seeing this comment… hahaha. Omfg dude… lmfao I wish I could give an actual award but , in its place I give you one 🥐…hahaha. Don’t drop it!!

  7. i mean, I don’t blame him, he was basically having a full on panic attack and she was just ignoring him, my man dodged a bullet there

  8. What was she supposed to do? Bust open the restraints and fly him down? He chose to get on the ride and started freaking out when they were reaching the top of the first drop. If he didn't want to go, he should have been a grown-up and said no, or else panicked but accepted that there was nothing to be done until the ride was over.

  9. I'm not convinced it's genuine, but your partner forcing you to do something you really don't want to, just because they do is a good way to tell that they don't actually care about you and is a valid reason to split up.

  10. Lmfao he’s a full grown adult, if he can’t handle a rollercoaster then don’t get on one. There is no “let me off” at the top of the ride. That’s all assuming this isn’t staged tho

  11. Jesus christ, you know you need a break from th internet when you are trying to diagnose relationship issues based on a two minute clip and then dying on that hill and not letting anyone change your mind.

  12. don't throw away a relationship over stuff like that. I think what she thought was 'he doesn't know he'll like it'. Doesn't make her a bad person. Also it's scripted so I just wasted both our times.

  13. I mean if you’re that shallow that you’d break up over something this irrelevant then I’m pet sure you’re the problem. This rollercoaster doesn’t even look particularly bad. Pretty clear it’s a mild one. Yet you’re going to have a full panic attack about it and break up with someone for something you decided to do? It’s not like she forced him on it.

  14. I think there are a lot of coasters that look like this. This looks JUST like the Titan at Six Flags in Arlington. That shit is high

  15. Idk that it's a height issue. I've climbed all sorts of shit: electricity pylons, radio attenae, cranes, and just generally dicked around at heights; but I've never ridden a roller coaster, they've always scared me. I'll do it at some point but I don't imagine I'll enjoy it.

  16. Um, don't get me wrong, I LOVE rollercoasters, but Goliath is a pretty big rollercoaster for someone who's either never been on a rollercoaster or is scared of them. That shit drops like 200 feet at like 80 mph.

  17. Yep it's Goliath at 6 Flags Magic Mountain. You can tell by the Superman ride behind them when they're going up, same for the parking lot on the right

  18. Sooo kinda off topic, but like I’m really scared of heights and roller coasters, husband and I went to six flags and got on Scream and I was scared and a little sick, then we got in line for Goliath and I realized that I literally had to shit right before I got on this ride, I thought that the shit would for sure be pulled out of me when we went down but it was all good! 😂 I ended up having a really good time and didn’t lose the battle lol

  19. I rode it the first year... Hands down my favorite one I've ever been on besides X factor there. I'm San Antonio too and I love the Cali one soooo much more

  20. He mostly says "oh my god, shit and I don't wanna do this", but then he says "you always push me to do this" and "I want to break up". I can't hear everything she said, but I think at some point it went like "I can't believe you did this here" and he says "I'm sorry, I just had to".

  21. I think she said “ I can’t believe you would do this here” Or something closely to that effect

  22. Then he probably should have made the decision sometime between getting to the park, standing in line, waiting at the ride gate, getting into the car, putting on the restraints and taking off not to do it. I don't get people who get so upset on rides they voluntarily rode; there are sooo many opportunities to change your mind. I know the panic part was probably automatic but the blaming her was shitty.

  23. People who don't want the sun to burn them. My ex used to wear a jacket to go to the grocery store in the summers since the sun was extra spicy.

  24. this is a completely warranted reaction for someone who is terrified of rollercoasters, and if you're talking about the breaking up part, that's equally warranted

  25. Aaaa six flags magic mountain. That ride (Goliath) used to be way better but they had to put brakes on it halfway through bc people were blacking out…

  26. Goliath isn't even that scary, level 1 being a kiddy coaster and 5 being a multi-looper, it would fall at about a 3 at most. Tatsu would be the starting tier of I want to break up coaster at 4.

  27. Yes, it's a skit. People write skits and then act them out. Sometimes they film that part. Many pieces of such media exist actually, you should check out more if you enjoyed this one. /s

  28. She kinda deserves that, there's a difference between pushing someone to do something, and blatantly ignoring their fear (I do know it's staged)

  29. Shitty moment to do it in, but valid reason "You're always pushing me to do this kind of stuff" you don't have to be someone else for your partner.

  30. Almost certain that that is The Titan at six flags over Texas in Arlington. First real roller coaster I’ve ever been on and still my favorite

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