ULPT Request: Can a Metal Detector Detect a Cart In my Vagina?

  1. I put creatine (a white powder substance) in a ziplock in my toiletry bag. I went thru Canadian airport security 3 times with what would appear to be a sizeable bag of cocaine and they never even opened the toiletry bag. So I agree with your theory.

  2. No. This is not good advice. Surveillance works mostly via anomaly detection. Unless the cart looks like toothpaste or shampoo, not a great idea.

  3. Protip: if you’re headed to Bermuda, they regularly bring dogs on the ship to sniff for contraband once the ship is in port.

  4. Duly noted, but you also didn't finish your source story. We need more details before, during, and after the arrest please...

  5. Did they let you back on the boat? Dogs can’t smell through Vaseline. So just double bag the cart with a little Vaseline in between.

  6. A marijuana vaping device, which is filled with THC oil instead of actual leaves. I think. The “cart” is short for “cartridge”.

  7. Just smoke the whole thing and hold it till you get there, then you blow all the amoke into a black trash bag and you save it there

  8. It might not if it’s a handheld one but if it’s a full body walkthrough then yeah it’ll probably pick it up, it’d probably be a safer bet to leave it with toiletries but I wouldn’t recommend taking it with you, it’s your call but please let us know how it goes

  9. What if you just check it and then make sure you get it from your toiletries as soon as you can? Just say you need a pad or something and if it comes up later as to if you’re on your period or not just say it was a false alarm. Or you could see if you could get a medical MJ note from your doctor!!

  10. I've gone through a few international flights with carts just in with my toilet bag. Best way to hide something is generally in plain sight, they're checking hundreds of bags and if your toiletries are anything like a normally neurotic person going on holiday it'll be full of all manner of little bottles etc.

  11. Risk is worth the reward, IMO. Everyone vapes on cruises now. How is someone to know it's not delta 8? And cruise lines want you there, they just don't weapons or you bringing your own booze. They are not American companies, in my experience they won't allow any type of search while on the boat. Just throw it away before you get back to port. I've done it over a dozen times. No one gives a fuck but customs. Dogs are looking for agriculture discrepancies or explosives.

  12. Well, the good news is you will probably be able to find someone with bud on the cruise. It isn’t difficult to bring something on, but I wouldn’t try to bring anything back. You do you and good luck

  13. Someone above mentioned drug dogs come on the ships while in port looking for contraband. Is this true?

  14. Or inside a tampon applicator. Then re-package it in the wrapper and put it with a bunch of other tampons in a makeup bag

  15. So much bad advice in here. Take a fucking T break or just put it in a pair of jeans at the bottom of your suitcase.

  16. I just went on a cruise and walked through the metal detector with my belt on and the buckle didn't set it off. Just toss it in your carry on and they won't tell the difference between an ecig or a cart. I smelled marijuana multiple times on the ship.

  17. Please don't shove anything up your lady parts. I just got home from a Royal Caribbean cruise and also flew with Delta to get there. I put the vape unit in my makeup bag, Place the vape cartridge in a piece of tin foil and throw it in the bag.

  18. So I guess I'm the only advice she will need. Have done it and no the scans do not detect that. Body scanners in California, thailand, china, Norway and UK do not detect. Enjoy your cruise.

  19. What are you talking about? The scans are so sensitive in California that I can't even wear a hair tie. Are you trying to get this person arrested!!?

  20. Not sure if this helps at all, but I went through the body detector with my rigger’s belt on…there’s a sizable amount of metal from the buckle to the d-ring point and was waived right through…but they make me take off a hat that had only a tiny amount of metal in the top button. Security theater.

  21. This is a kid who wants to bring a THC cartridge filled vaping device with her on a cruise so that she can trip to survive a family trip.

  22. I put mine in my carry on purse, it looks like a vape. I understand domestic flights but tonother countries idk, good call, someone might have some weed on the boat so keep a nose out for it 😂

  23. I'm not saying it will or won't pick it up, but I am saying if you get caught smuggling something in your Louis Vagine, your news article will undoubtedly start with "Florida woman".

  24. I've taken carts to Mexico and various US states allegedly. No testing has ever been done to see that my pen is tobacco and not thc. Just put it in your carry on and enjoy!

  25. Good choice. It's a bimmer of course, but I work for a cruise line and the contacted security catch a lot of things. Not everything of course. But you're right: the anxiety of getting denied boarding or it being found once sailing probably outweighs having it.

  26. i Dont think so. I took crystal meth , heroin, suboxone, foil, a lighter in my butthole when i went to jail and you walk thru a metal detector on the way to processing and it didn't go off. I went on a cruise from puerto rico to the carribeam and brought like 80 30 mg oxycodones and I just kept in my pocket. its not metal so its not gonna go off unless your taking metal pills. your over thinking it way to much. you could empty out a pill bottle put your pills in it. there are thousands of people they got a depart time u really think they are gonna dump everyones pills look at the imprint and see if it matches what it says on the bottle. if its drugs dont bring metal drugs. you could also go to your local smoke shops and buy a stash can. they have ones that look exactly like mentos, deoderant, toothpaste, soda cans, breath mints x-ray can only detect the item it cant see inside the deodorant or toothpaste or the other items i listed. they pass the feel test too feel exactly like what it says it is. the drinks even have liquid in it and feel like a full drink. i use stash cans for everyday life

  27. Put the cart with other vape stuff. Don’t bring it back with you. They honestly don’t even check that hard what you bring out as long as it isn’t booze that they can make money off of. Hell, I’ve brought actual bud with me on a cruise. It is easy

  28. Metal detectors didn’t pick up on my 7 inch long surgical implant in my leg. About the size of a tin opener. So I’d think you would be ok.

  29. That’s because your leg implant is probably made of titanium. Most metal detectors work by checking for things that disturb a magnetic field, but titanium has such a low magnetic permeability (1.00005), that it’s almost indistinguishable from air (permeability 1.00000037). For reference, iron has a permeability of 5000, which means it disturbs magnetic fields 5000 times more than titanium does.

  30. I think they do the full body scanners now. Either way it depends on how much metal is there, but I'm gonna guess a vape thing will be more than enough. Just check it. Or go a few days without weed.

  31. It’s literally organic material. They don’t care. Source: I’ve flown with carts over a dozen times, even vaping at the gates while waiting to board.

  32. Didn't read the comments so apologize if a repeat. But if you stick it in your bra, you can claim it's just the underwire setting off the alarm

  33. If you are anxious without weed you could try some valium if you can buy it. Because its a prescription drug its fine to bring through.

  34. I have never seen or heard anyone say what if I put it in my vagina so I can hide it from security like you know it will most definitely get stuck and how are you gonna get it out on the plane that's gonna be weird asf just leave it

  35. Is it a cannabis cart? If so it really doesn't matter that it's legal in Canada or whatever state you are coming from. Still just as illegal to cross borders. Even manufactures aren't allowed to export products to Canada because of the strict regulations.

  36. Just bring edibles instead and wrap them up in pad or tampon packaging and re-tape it closed. Stick it in with a ton of other pads and tampons. Easy peasy

  37. Get a clip on earring and clip it on your labia then if the detector does go off and you get searched maybe can explain it’s obviously just your piercing?

  38. I’ve flown internationally with it. Toiletries is the way (disconnect from battery) — I would leave it on the boat and not take it off to land in AK or CA.

  39. Honestly they definitely wouldn’t find it. They’re looking for weapons, explosives, etc. Worst comes to worst, they find it; they ask you to part ways with it or you can’t board.

  40. Yes. These machines all work primarily on contrast and anomaly detection. If you want to snuggle something, you have to find a way to blend in with other similar things. Think like a machine.

  41. Where does the cruise leave from? If you can catch a JSX flight that's your best option. They have no TSA or security whatsoever other than a bomb swipe. No liquids limit, none of that bullshit. I'm never flying a big ten airline again if JSX is an option.

  42. There's a dispensary across the street from the princess lodge in Denali. I purchase edibles there to bring onto the cruise ship in a bag with candy.

  43. Think about this: does the cart have any part that are actually and truly metal? If so, then they will be detected by a metal detector. If a detector will detect metal rods in peoples bones, it’ll detect any other metal. So putting it in your body is outta the question. What I’ve done is I took a cart on a cruise by doing what others have suggested, you must throw it in another bag that has make up etc in it so they can’t tell what it is. Once you’re on the cruise, only vape when you’re outside and no one is around. I wasn’t careful about that and I had people following me around and asking me for a hit, which was super sus and could’ve gotten me caught. Good luck! Btw sticking flower in your snatch won’t set off the detector, so if you don’t mind that, then you can hide some up there without the dogs smelling it (they won’t, they can’t smell what’s inside your vagina) and just eat it once on the ship.

  44. TSA literally grabbed an ounce out of my bag and just slid it back in. They really don't care if it's a legal state, because there's no outcome other than I miss my flight and they have to wait around for hours to also give a statement.

  45. It would be fine. I travel internationally with them just in my bag all the time. Stop hiding it like it’s ‘bad’ vape and just pretend it’s your legal vape. Been doing it for 9 years without a problem.

  46. I accidentally brought a pocket knife in my carry-on over the span of a world trip (10-15 airport securities), found it when I got home and laughed my ass off

  47. no the carts won’t go off in the metal detector. keep it separate from the battery which is more noticeable but i’ve taken carts out of the country more times than i can count

  48. Carnival DGAF in my experience. They didn't even check passengers departing the ship when we returned to the US. I still regret not bringing home a suitcase of rum from the Bahamas.

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