ULPT Request: How to teach a racist and misogynistic man a lesson without linking directly to me?

  1. Last year I posted an ad on Craigslist saying something like “I have a tiny cock and Mistress wants me to know what a real man looks like. Send me some pics of your man cock and tell me how puny mine is.” Then slapped on the phone number of one of my dude friends. He got about ten dicks on his phone before he managed to get the ad taken down lol

  2. You need to take away his perceived power. He is obviously very week that.he resorts to racial and sexually demeaning comments. Momma obviously didn't raise him right. So teach him a lesson, one that stings right down to his very fiber of being. He sounds immature so anything along the lines of public embarrassment would most likely work

  3. Don't use dating apps since I've been married since well before they were a thing, but if you can set up a profile with his number on the Grindr app he'll probably get some unwanted gay attention. And/or any other gay-focused site.

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