[North Carolina] cooper Reinstated to work search requirements as of June 6 for everyone

  1. Work search has been necessary in Missouri for like a year. I still work so don't make a claim every week, but when I do I liked to use the "easy apply" on LinkedIn for this. That way I could shoot off 3 or more pointless things (though I just finished 3 interviews with a corporation that contacted after a fucking easy apply, so it's not necessarily a crap shoot) and then work harder on 1 or 2 good ones and not worry about the requirement or if I have them done "too soon" Saturday night instead of Sunday. I assume Indeed has a similar option.

  2. I created a Google Sheets spreadsheet to keep track of the jobs I applied for; including the date applied, job name, point of contact, telephone number, address, etc., and also if I was "pending, declined, interveiwed." An Excel spreadsheet would do the same thing, but I like to keep it online in the cloud rather than in a notebook since I'm applying online.

  3. wait so you dont get a form to fill out through their website? they dont have like an electronic form you can fill out? I seem to be getting mixed up with documenting work search and submitting work searches

  4. I'm getting PUEC and am grandfathered in under the old rule that says I don't have to fulfill work search requirements. Does this new order mean that I will now have to fulfill work search requirements as well?

  5. If you can apply for jobs in your dashboard by resume on top of physical ones you can just use the resume ones for the work search and those automatically go in so you won't have to physically do it

  6. Massachusetts is reinstating the work search requirement as of June 15. What happens if you are on furlough from your job, not laid-off. My employer got just enough PPP to have a couple of people come back full time and then pay rent and insurances, but I was only asked to come back for 1 day a week to cover days off. So I put it in today when I certified as 8 hours of part-time employment. It didn't affect my benefit when you take all into count.

  7. I am in the same boat. Still furloughed from my job and slated to come back July 1st, so we have to fulfill these bogus searches just for the hell of it i guess?

  8. What if you claim you work full time self-employed with very little income. I used to use my car for courier work. I could get $30 to deliver a package but after I subtract my $.55 per mile IRS allowance my net self-employment income was a dollar for an hour work. Basically I traded wear and tear on my car for money that was not taxed. I could easily work 40 hours a week with very little net income. I had plenty of cash in my pocket but ran up a lot of mileage

  9. Do LinkedIn job applications count on these 3/week requirements? Because if so, I could only send a copy of the email LinkedIn always send confirming that I applied.

  10. I’m thinking after the 6th. Are you suppose to submit the written records on the portal or on the nc work’s website and if you do does it log it?

  11. You can print out the job search form on the NC unemployment site. So much easier to document that way.

  12. would anyone know how to find a fillable PDF version of the form? my form is a mess from trying to write in those tiny little boxes.

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