Name one thing you love about Undertale

  1. Only to realize that usually you can’t…Sometimes determination isn’t enough, because life is cold, and hard, and it doesn’t care how hard you try…but it isn’t success that proves strength. It’s trying. And trying again. And trying again and again and again. Because even if you fail, you know that you wouldn’t be the same if it hadn’t been for the struggle. To learn from your mistakes and stand up, REFUSE to die, and try again—that is the true victory. And Undertale demonstrates that expertly and beautifully.

  2. Exactly. For me, it's impossible to pick one specific thing I like about the game. The soundtrack, the wonderful characters, The amazing story and the amazing people I've met in the fandom all come together to make me love everything about Undertale!

  3. Since most people will say music, I'll specify it: Death by Glamour, such a banger. You ever have that boredom after you listen to music you love many many times? Damn, I didn't have it for Undertale's music.

  4. It’s also nice to see a canon gay ship where the whole “gay” part isn’t made a big deal.

  5. the theme of freedom! this also extends to Deltarune in different ways, of course, but I also really love how UNDERTALE (a game about choice) has its main theme around freedom.

  6. Um I genuinely can’t pick just one thing, this is probably the hardest question I’ve been asked. The music, the characters, the story, the world… I seriously can’t pick just one thing to love about this game!

  7. That's ironic since undertale's codd is literally a plate of spaghetti with a paper that reads " determination" on it.

  8. The most i love about undertail ... cant really say but the idea of humans interacting with Monsters in difrent ways is cool.

  9. Its moral standing compared to other RPGs in the sense that it discourages you from violence and punishes you for it if you are, on top of that never forgetting your actions even when you reset versus other RPG games. It presents a real consequence to the player.

  10. The Sans and Undying fight actually go hard as just really fun boss battles, shame you gotta do a bit of grinding to get to either.

  11. Sans, not out of pure spite to love the character it’s most known for, but because he’s been one of my favorite video game characters ever since 2015, damn shame to see everyone not like him as much due to overhype though, but I guess that’s with any character that gets too much fame

  12. all the characters have layers, and things they like or dislike. AND there are so many tiny details and easter eggs AND everything else

  13. The amount of little details that toby put in. Like, the story would've been good if it was just straight forward, but what makes it great is all the little details that are in there. Like the fun values and how in every single room if you call papyrus, he has something different to say. It's awesome

  14. It's genius take on resetting and saving, and it's clever decision to have only a few characters aware of it, and having those characters vary in how they're aware of it.

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