9/23/2022 Daily Plays, STOP IT! Nothing 0 is priced in! GROWTH for now, is a curse word, As I posted yesterday LONG anything is risky, Unless company has cash 200 of 8,400 score a 95! Calls because limit capital, but be my guest!? I breathe the market, I am doing puts! TSLA GME AFRM SNAP WING IRTC

  1. Genuine thoughts on SQQQ calls? If we think the market truly is going to continue burning (which I don’t see any alternative possible unless we discover the lost city of Atlantis or something crazy) then SQQQ calls will make more money than just QQQ or SPY puts?

  2. It’s sad anyone would want to blame you. Sorry you dealt with that. Have a lovely weekend, get some nice rest πŸ’€

  3. HKD coming back. I don't think shorts who borrowed shares wanna hold it over the wkd at a borrow rate fee of 273%

  4. Great comments Nathan. Yes, people should not be attacking you for telling the truth. They can't blame you for their stocks going down, it isn't like you have billions of $$$ to move stocks around. Sadly the public doesn't want to put in the work to learn about investing and gets mad when their stock has a loss.

  5. Thank you..it is tough I got a threat yesterday where redditor asked for my address A gme trader who took out a loan and is down 50k... You can easily see I'm in Queens NY and I believe the person is in NJ I just blocked the user immediately.

  6. HKD starting a bit of a squish. Here's the latest data: RSI 56, Blue MACD above Red MACD, 890 share resistance at 69, over 203,000 shares in volume traded so far (dark pool short volume today is 100,000 shares)

  7. hkd: Only 100k shares today in the dark pool short volume (It was 365k yesterday). Volume already over 78 thousand shares. RSI 36

  8. Nathan I appreciate your posts and knowledge, it is your opinion, no one should harass you for that. You are trying to help us.. The world is full of negative people, it is what it is unfortunately. Please know you are appreciated..

  9. Thank you for your morning write ups. Came across your write ups a few weeks ago. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge you share on the daily.

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