5/9/2022 Daily Plays, Speculation hitting the fan, Crypto/NFT down, My video 1/8/2022 On FOMO explains what I saw October of 2021 as well as earnings beats going down, PLTR miss, RIVN lock up, DINO energy beat, TSN passed on food costs! VRTV B2B supply chain! Look who beats, Pivot own - Cash flows?

  1. Nathan, that Brazilian Bank is amazing. Also, what I heard is a lot of hedge funds are buying BBD to hedge against. The Brazilian Real seems to do good when US economy is tanking for some reason.

  2. What do you think about $TBF? I’ve had it for a while, But I’m at an inflection point with it. Dont know if I should sell it or add more.

  3. Got fresh 30 strike puts on RIVN last week. they are printing this week. I may go farther on expiry and buy more time. I read the quarterlies and guidance is scary on this one.

  4. Appreciate the detailed write up, first time coming across one of your posts. Will do some research to get familiar with BBD and ONEW for the chart set up.

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