Kadyrov's TikTok soldier has his blown up arm amputated (NSFW)

  1. It’s kind of funny how a lot people don’t realistically think about scenarios and the trade-offs. They usually feel more regret.

  2. If a tourniquet is left on for a good 20-30 min everything will go numb below it. He definitely has a tourniquet on or we would see a lot more blood.

  3. The author of that song died recently. It was the oddest burial, they put his left foot in they took his left foot out they put his left foot in and they shook it all about...

  4. No more washing his hands in innocence, never mind him being Muslim. At least that's what they proclaim to be.

  5. Experts can correct me, but pretty sure that the yellow ish tissue keeping the arm attached is the Median Nerve, a fat fuck with many smaller branches…same nerve that makes you feel that electrical pain when you hit your elbow just right (or just wrong perhaps). It must have hurt like a sob, that alluh-akbar said it all…

  6. Don Don isn't handing out medals to anyone who can accept them. If that's of any comfort to anyone in such a condition. So much for glory of the agressor.

  7. Pretty sure you’re supposed to remove the clothing and tie up the arteries not just tear through them with gardening sheers. He’s dead.

  8. The American Civil War had doctors with more science knowledge in 1865 than these Chechen morons have today. There is no science, just what allah wills.

  9. War was always ugly, except for those far away sending the men into the grinders. They choose to neglect in their vain of glory, until the bitter truth returns to their doorstep. There's always a price to pay for karma.

  10. He seems shrapnelled in the neck and face as well,… Doesn‘t look too good for him,… wound infection coming in probably as well…

  11. I guess he lost a bit more than his trigger finger.. oh well, now you can live for the rest of your life learning to wipe your ass with left hand.

  12. Doesn't look like they are going to bother much with any sort of anti bac dressing. just let it heal in the cool Ukrainian air.

  13. and that's not even the worst thing I've seen today. War really is hell. And now thousands of Russians armed with a magazine and a handful of tampons are being carted to the front in the hope to overload NATO ammunition depots and/or supply routes.

  14. Other arm is fucked also. He's going to have to learn to throw grenades with his feet. Make bad choices, get bad results. I hate saying this as I used to consider myself an extremely compassionate understanding human being, but I don't even give a shit anymore. Fuck that guy.

  15. "field surgeon" after cutting that last tendon, hands it to the cook and says what all orc commanders say.... LOOKS LIKE MEAT'S BACK ON THE MENU BOYS

  16. I'm not particularly squeamish, and I've seen some horrific stuff online, not least on this sub, but, seven seconds in, I decided to just pass on this one.

  17. Infection is gonna get him . It had to come off. Probably zero antibiotics on hand, maybe some type of alcohol. 99-1 he doesn’t succumb to gangrene. A hell of a death awaits him. High ,hallucinating, fever, with trembling sweats. It would be better if they shot him in his head!

  18. Oh, you're going to have to cut a good bit more than that. He'll be dead in days if they don't cut off all that shredded tissue. Gangrene.

  19. I'm not a medical professional but from what I understand it is possible to reattach severed fingers/limbs, which they do in civilian life when accidents happen. I wonder if the same would be possible with a fast medical response in the military (fast evacuation to a hospital).

  20. Everything from elbow to bicep looked like hamburger. The veins completely destroyed and the bone and muscle shredded. I dont think they can reattach that.

  21. He's gonna need to take more than that if he wants his friend to not die of sepsis... That proximal tissue was barely bleeding, doubt it's viable.

  22. I'm not gonna lie, I've seen some of the worst of the worst in regards to this war, I've seen the pictures of blown up children, literal asses on the road, men with their heads blown open, but this is the one that's made me squirm, something tells me that guy didn't make it just due to how clearly in massive shock he is. He wasn't even reacting to anything going on.

  23. Ruined his life ! no more goat shagging, no hand to hold on with and worse still he can't wipe his ass properly in accordance the religion practice. Oh dear that's a shitty mess !!!

  24. If you don’t die, they should give you the equivalent Lada part. Lose a limb, free tire. Get shot in the ass, free muffler. Lose an eye, free headlight bulb.

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