Hey, I need help in Figma. So what I want here is when I press and a checkmark appears, then the button turns active, but to stay on the same page. How to do that? I've made active button design in my components, but idk how to implement it

  1. The easy way would be two artboard with one checks and the not. The more effective/ more experienced way would be change the button varients and have the interaction at a component level

  2. Make the whole thing a big component; each row is a component with a variant for check on / off, then combine all into one component and use the active button state when a check is on.

  3. You can’t influence other elements on the same screen on interaction in Figma. Only option: put it all in one component or add another screen.

  4. I don't understand the question. What causes it to disappear? It's not apparent from the video. It looks functional just like you describe.

  5. So at this moment button "Next" is in inactive state. When I press on checkbox I want it to go active state, full colors

  6. Have u made two variants of the bar ur pressing on,make two variants of the bar the one with no Chek and one with the Chek and then ( on click change two variants two)

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