Today we lost another WW2 Marine Stanley Gunn. It was an honor being a neighbor and friend to him. Permission to share his passing was given as long as it was to his fellow Marines

  1. This man’s name was stanley Gunn he grew up In Maine and worked on his family farm He decided to enlist into the Marines rather than go to his senior year of school. In speaking with him I know he had training operating flamethrowers but was formally assigned to a flamethrower on a tank he told me once while talking told me the worse thing god ever did for us Brandon was give us the power of harnessing fire there nothing as brutal and unyielding as it. I know he served in guam, and was present for the “two” flag raising on iwo jima and recounted his annoyance at consistently being away from the rank division despite being attacked to a damn tank division. there are more stories and misadventures he had told me like being assigned to transport prisoners of war and everyone laughing as he attempted to learn on the fly how to drive the transport truck due to him regretfully acknowledging to an officer he could drive a truck to quote “I never had it occur to me to tell him it was a farm truck and i put it through my uncles fence until he was gone and i was behind the wheel” he was discharged in 1946 I believe though have a photo of his exact discharge date somewhere he left the marines and continued to put himself in harms way for others when he returned to the states serving for approximately 15 years as a firefighter which they forced him to retire (common practice due to impact of smoke inhalation)He raised one daughter and raised a neighbors child as his own due to their family not being able to provide for him. He was a stubborn man of many projects alway volunteering to paint or do odd jobs for the church and refusing any form of pay. He took pride in his work and if i asked him his opinion on something i was working on his remarks was often very simple. He love talking, but like many would tend to avoid speaking of his service. He was a Good man by all accounts and he was a god fearing one as well and voiced discontent at how some of his friends behaved during a sunday service that happened in Guam though details were next gone into. I will see if i can dig up the info i have on him and share what i can

  2. We lived next-door for years to someone who was in the Battle of the Bulge but for years we were too stupid to get it or appreciate it but one thing I knew was that he never talked about it; if historians or anyone else wanting to know about it called him up he wouldn't answer. They just had a Battle of the Bulge piece last Sunday Morning (I only get CBS--it's one of thse liberal shows where they eat nice things at these restaurants they review also run by nice people). I think the last survivor of the Battle of the Bulge was on; I think he's 103.

  3. My great Grandpa is an Iwo Jima marine, i have only got to see him once but man if i had the time id go see him, the dude also makes some killer pancakes

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