Teachers should be required to grade assignments throughout the semester

  1. 100% agree. Happens a lot and is unbelievably annoying when you don’t know where you’re sitting on marks at all. Some conveyors are genuinely overly busy so it’s not entirely their fault. But I understand your frustration.

  2. Hello! My name is Joe Wholey and I am a Senator in SGA and I am the Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee. This issue is under the purview of Academic Affairs and I would like to learn more about this specific concern! If you could send me an email at

  3. If you're talking about exams, major papers etc. then that isn't ok. However, in my experience students have a hard time distinguishing between different kinds of assignments and understanding how they effect their grades. In an ideal world, of course, I'd have everything done all the time a week after it was turned in. Since I have 150+ students a semester and no TAs, I end up triaging and making sure I get the big assignments back and lots of the little stuff gets put off till the end of the semester. I only do this with stuff where its basically pass fail and nobody should be in any doubt about whether they did the assignment adequately...and I always make sure to get the first few back quickly at the beginning of the semester before everything goes to hell just so everyone knows what is required.

  4. This is something I would go into office hours for. It may feel weird, but most professors are just incredibly busy these days. Sometimes it’s the TA’s being slow as well. Just advocate for yourself.

  5. I shouldn't have to go sit in a teacher's office hours to get them to do their job that they get paid to do. I get that teachers get busy but getting no grades back for an entire semester is just lazy and disrespectful to the students who pay thousands of dollars to take these classes.

  6. Absolutely agree. They do this on the graduate level as well. I had to contact my advisor last semester because only one of my five courses had up-to-date grades, even TWO DAYS before final grades were due. Still happening this semester.

  7. Depends on the class and program. In the history department, the professors grade most of our papers, both in undergrad and grad programs. Sometimes this can result in backlogs, which is annoying, but understandable.

  8. Also it's not just the grades. I have a class where everything is graded, but there is no feedback, no way to know what we did wrong. This defeats a basic principal of learning.

  9. yeah this was a problem in some of the CS classes because the students would post the exams online and the teachers got tired of remaking the exams every semester.

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