What percentage of students who enroll in the CS major end up graduating with a CS degree?

  1. 0.854 is 0.52 meaning 48% of the people don’t pass every 100-300 level class the first time. There are also people who drop out of the major even though they pass the class, which would bring the percent of people not graduating with a cs degree up. Then again, those who fail a class once can just take it again and pass.

  2. A lot of these numbers are bad. In the 1 - 300 level CS courses you have individuals from all over campus taking classes just to “learn to program” or “have experience coding” etc. the majority of the classes are CS majors but there’s also minors, business students, other STEM majors, etc. I’ve had aerospace engineering students in CMSC216. It’s going to be a challenging problem to figure out as there are so many different situations to consider since the courses you specifically mentioned are not strictly locked for CS Major students only.

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