Best Brewery Taprooms in the UK

  1. Maybe I've never gone at a good time to Wylam or the drowned kitten just outside ruined the mood, but I'd say Full Circle in Newcastle is a much nicer atmosphere.

  2. If you go near Manchester, you have Track and Cloudwater a stones throw from each other. Highly recommend both.

  3. This. Depending on how quick you move, you can get a lot of breweries in. Brilliant day out on a good summer day.

  4. Deya, Brew York, Phantom Brewing, Left Handed Giant and Neon Raptor are my faves Although I'm sure I'll be adding Verdant to that list soon.

  5. Saint Mars of the Desert, Industry Tap, and Heist in Sheffield. Manchester has Cloudwater, Wander Beyond and Track, all very good.

  6. Stirchley beer mile in Birmingham: Glasshouse, Birmingham Brewing Company and Attic. You can also add in non-taprooms (Red Beer'd, Wildcat Tap, Cork & Cage) and two excellent beer shops (Cottridge beers & Stirchley wines).

  7. Neon Raptor and Liquid Light are about 5 minutes walk from each other in Nottingham. Couple of other really good pubs close by too. (King Billy, Partisan Tavern & Fox & Grapes).

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