Throwing the rubbish back over the fence!

  1. Had a neighbour that would do this with animal shit and dirty diapers. Wouldn't be the worst if they didn't also try get it on the roof and also constantly try throw dingo bait over to try kill our dog.

  2. Lol when I was in high school I would sneak a couple of beers in my room and drink them. I didn't want to get caught by putting the cans in the trash so I would drop them out of my window thinking I was sneaky (the ground was like 2 feet away on a dirt patch between my and my neighbors house).

  3. As an American I’m more fascinated at the way the police handled everything calmly and allowed both parties to discuss their sides without needing to shoot anyone

  4. Thousands of police interactions in America every single day that go exactly like this. Way to paint with a SUPER wide brush bud. As a matter of fact, go ahead and link a single time that a neighbor dispute ended with a police shooting in the US. You make it sound like a daily occurrence. I'm far from the thin blue line wackos, but I also hate people using so much hyperbole on the other side of things too. Grow up.

  5. I once missed a one way sign. The police stopped me, turned me round and stopped traffic so I could get back where I was supposed to be. I had a Mexican friend in the car. I'd thought the were rather curt; he was mindblown that they were so polite and didn't threaten me once!

  6. As an American who actually did policing for a couple years, these types of calm interactions happen daily for the near million police officers across the country. Because said interactions don’t make the news or social media, people like you make broad generalizations from the extremely small and deliberately sensationalized sample size you do have. Suggest doing a ride along if you don’t believe me, see for yourself.

  7. God job! Next, collect all the dog shit from the park bins and dump it I'm their house. Those disgusting idiots need to be taught a lesson to respect boundaries and littering.

  8. In Australia, the council would clean it up and bill the litterers. If they fail to pay the bill, a lien gets put on the house. People think they've outsmarted the system until they eventually sell and find out the council actually owns a portion of the house

  9. Private land, so council wouldn't get involved at this stage. But yewp, clean it up yourself and charge thousands for the privilege. OR just ring the police and get them to sort it

  10. In India people dump their garbage over the wall, its a cultural thing. Then the next person moves it to the next person's property eventually after years and its blocking some river or getting too bad the government come and take it away. Then the cycle begins again.

  11. I'm sorry but this is not a "cultural" thing. There are dickheads who litter their trash everywhere, over the wall, on the street, in a river etc. However, this in no way a cultural thing as there are many Indians who go through pains to dispose of their trash accordingly without inconveniencing their neighbours and other people in general.

  12. wtf. it’s not a cultural thing. people will put the garbage back on to your property and slap you in the face if you dump garbage on someone’s property. i don’t know which part of india you lived in but it’s definitely not a cultural thing

  13. It is a thing that happens a lot in India, but I'm of Indian descent and my family is meticulous about not littering. I think it just is a person-to-person thing with 2nd generation onwards.

  14. I moved to a random town up by my cousin and I think almost all of my neighbors were from India/Bangladesh. No one ever threw trash everywhere or really anywhere it wasn’t supposed to be?

  15. Ignoring the fact that the land is owned by someone else, they still dumped it on land which is not theirs and not properly disposed of it. Also, on top of that, it isn’t even organised or stacked neatly, it looks like it was just tossed over as if they don’t care.

  16. LOL I guess you've never seen a Brit in Prague? I'd take a thousand brown folk of any culture as the Airbnb next door than another stag party of you obnoxious aggressive messy cunts.

  17. Call Fire Services. That is considered a fire load and a hazard. The homeowners will be fined until it is cleaned up and taken to court if they don't comply. There are also likely city bylaws against dumping.

  18. I love how much they hated it. The fact they were ok doing it to someone else but didn’t like the “ get treated how you treat others”

  19. the only ppl harder to understand (for my American ears) then an angry Brit is an angry Jamaican. When they started yelling it was over for me. 😆

  20. Also if you look at the aerial view in some of the links it’s pretty obvious the neighbor dumped the trash over the fence in the first place. Fuck them.

  21. I knew the dailymail would be involved. They do a great job of only posting things that can get their viewers to be 'mad' at brown people.

  22. I had to do this with my neighbours, our houses back onto each other, with a historical school pathway which splits our boundaries.

  23. Love to see it. I actually did this to my POS neighbor. He threw his trash bags over the fence because he was too lazy to walk around and they would explode all over the alley. I simply returned it to sender. The best part is you can’t call the cops. What are you going to say I’m a piece of shit and littered everywhere and they cleaned it up?

  24. I remember one Reddit post where a guy threw all his neighbors dog shit on his roof. Then it stormed real bad one day and it call came down gloriously.

  25. I love the word rubbish. I’m going to facilitate the comeback of the word rubbish here in the states. Thank you Brits.

  26. Fucking is right, imagine doing this and being enough of a dumbass to call the police in on your own fly tipping escapades. I hope they get fined to fuck.

  27. What you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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