i feel like a loser attending rso meetings by myself

  1. i’m in the same boat as you. i’ve stopped going to a lot of my rsos because all of them have felt super cliquey and unwelcoming. i’ve always wanted to go to an october lovers or outdoor adventure club event. if you ever want to go to anything feel free to pm me. i’d be down to go!

  2. What y’all just did is exactly how you get over it - you either find someone to go with you or at the first meeting you go to you introduce yourself to a few other people so that next time you go you have someone you can talk to.

  3. The outdoor adventure club kids are super nice, i highly recommend going to hang out w them at Murphy's (they usually have the time/day in their email)

  4. for sure!! if possible, can you pm me?? i can’t chat with you for some reason… probably bc this is a new account

  5. Just keep going. Whenever you sit down near someone say hi say your name. Better yet scope someone out in the crowd find something unique (cool shirt, shoes, hairstyle) and go compliment them about it. Easiest way to strike up a conversation with a stranger because they usually are more than happy to talk about it. If you get someone that says “oh… idk where I got this shirt from” just ignore them and try again with someone else. Don’t get discouraged.

  6. After college, when you go to meetings for work or whatever, you typically go by yourself. So, it’s up to you to meet people now, and when you run your own meetings, then it’s up to you to make sure that other people don’t feel unwelcome.

  7. I was a part of the outdoor adventure club and I have to say, it was a pretty welcome atmosphere and never felt clique-y at all. I went to their trips pretty much never knowing anybody there, including longer fall and spring break trips. Just because some people know each other doesn't mean they won't also be happy to talk to you and have you be a part of whatever is happening at the event or trip. I'd recommend you to go to their weekly Murphys social on Monday night, you'll meet people who regularly participate with the club plus the board members, shouldn't be intimidating since most people show up alone and then just start talking to each other

  8. OAC? Intimidating? Man, we're one of the friendliest clubs around. Come to Murphy's Pub at 7:30 (or later) tomorrow. We just got back from our weekend trip, so the group will be lively. Come join us - I make a point of talking to new people.

  9. Outdoor Adventure Club was the best! Of course that was a few years ago, but I made a lot of friends and had a lot of… adventures. 🤓

  10. Exactly. That's how I got involved with offroad illini- it sucks and feels awkward for a few weeks, then it's just meh for months, then you start to feel like a part of things... and then one day you wake up and realize that rso is where you made all your friends. It's an investment with lagging but tremendous returns

  11. Also: keep in mind that there are many degrees of friendship, and having someone to go to a club with is not the same thing as having people you feel a deep connection with. There are lots of lonely people in any group, even if they are ostensibly there with someone.

  12. correct lol i know i sound dumb… i just can’t bring myself to go to the meetings by myself & ik it’s stupid but it’s just easier if i have someone to go with

  13. honey, I’m also in october lovers for the first time! if u need somebody u can always dm me. I’m serious, new friends are always great!

  14. I was in the same boat for an RSO I started attending this year. Eventually, if you just go often enough and begin making small talk with people, you'll find a good group.

  15. you’re not a loser. i’m in outdoor adventure too, and i promise you it is not scary. everyone is very friendly— come to murphy’s tm if you can! october lovers sounds fun lol i want to join!! if you’d like, PM me and we can go to the meetings together! you can do it :)

  16. I’m in October lovers too and I don’t have anyone to go with if you want we can coordinate and go together

  17. You can try joining smaller RSOs which may seem even more intimidating but by being in a smaller group it’s less likely for everyone else to glance over you and assume someone else will include you.

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