[Sighting] Medellin, Colombia - May 2022 - My brother recorded this, any clues?

  1. It's definitely the lack of laser beams that debunks it for me. I'm trying to throw a fuckin' rave with these grayfaced dickheads, not prattle about with balloons!

  2. It would be good to get a consensus system going, to label/rate video posts like this, so we can repost the goodies without recriminations.

  3. A video with a pixel like object that flyes like a baloon, behaves like a baloon only can be one thing, UAP from Omega Centaury

  4. I'm not a fan of the "everything is a balloon" thing. However, I just sent this video to a friend of mine that lives in Medellín and his literal reply was: "they're balloons, we see them all the time here in Medellín".

  5. In the first half second I see what could be a luminous disc. Larger than the non luminous object. Shame camera person ignores it. Perhaps an lens reflection?

  6. I noticed it too! I'll ask my brother, but I have the impression the video was recorded from inside a building and that it's a reflection from a light inside turned on

  7. Woah another black dot in the sky “UFO???” Can we please start banning posts like these. It diminishes whatever credibility is left in this sub.

  8. I think your brother and I must live near each other- I have a nearly identical view. Very unusual sighting. I’m used to watching the planes and helicopters fly through the valley but I’ve never seen anything like this.

  9. That's wild, cool video, thanks for posting. I would expect a balloon to tumble more, but this object stays upright while rotating.

  10. I saw the same thing at night , in Medellin last year 2021 on February but at night. Glow like a fire red hovering

  11. I really think we need to mandate that videos include something demonstrating at least some semblence of non prosaic activity.

  12. If Pablo Escobar were still around, he'd shoot it down and we could all have a closer look at it. I usually don't go with the "balloon" explanation but in this case, it makes perfect sense. We see exactly none of "the five observables" here. Keep in mind that some of the die-hard Reddit skeptics really do want to see a vid which shows an object abruptly accelerating from a stopped position, while airborne. I'd like to see one of those myself . . . but the vids we keep seeing here are always pretty tame.

  13. Cellphone Manufacturers really need to focus on creating and offering a Far better Zoom Feature for their cellphone Cameras, moving forward!!! Such a disappointment to spend time looking a videos taken by people of incredible objects that we cannot possibly see any detail at all of these objects!

  14. People like to use Sky Lanterns or Hot Air Balloon Paper Lanterns (however you want to call them) a lot here in Medellin. Im sure it's just one of those.

  15. No, it is not a UFO. It is a Globo made of color paper with a flame in the middle. It uses the same principle as the hot-air balloon

  16. This is only a balloon, I am from Medellin and is a tradition here to send balloons filled up with fire inside (as in the movie tangle) when we are in festivities, is very common and beautiful to watch the different balloon shapes all over the sky

  17. Alien Airman: Sir, I’m confused… Shouldn't we cloak and go from point A to point B using warp? We are in their planet’s atmosphere… they will see us…

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