Good win against GT

  1. First two games we put up major points and yards. Last two games have been poor. Dropped passes. Poor throws. Poor in-game adjustments. To be fair, the entire WR/QB crew has new chemistry from last season except Keane and O’keefe. As long as we start showing clear progression week after week, I’ll feel good going into the Cincy game.

  2. offense has been abysmal. Yeah you can so “were averaging 35+ points a game. Okay against an FCS team, and 2 teams w losing records we should dominate. Against the competitive louisville at home we were completely disfunctional and any decent team is going to shut us down.

  3. I don’t have the connection to UCF like I’m sure everyone else here does but as an outsider of sorts, Gus has to do what Gus has to do. He wasn’t hired to take the team in its current state and win the Holiday bowl. You hire a guy like Gus to build a winning program from the ground up in the image of his specific philosophy. This team isn’t how “he” wants it just yet, that may take a few years. The obvious constant concern however is always going to be keeping a coach here long enough for the plan to mature before he’s poached…

  4. After the game Gus is always saying "JRP did some good things with his legs" and doesn't comment on much else... I'm like, that's the running back's job.

  5. I was actually pretty impressed with ST. We had solid play with a punt block for a TD, and very few mistakes. Defense was also fairly strong, but they couldn’t close out 3rd and long outside the red zone for some reason. Offense… well let’s just go with O-Line needs some help. I think that would fix most of those problems.

  6. This was my first UCF game! As a Georgia fan for many years, you put on a great game. From the tailgating to the bouncing! You made me a fan, I live close and will be back for sure!

  7. Gus bus really changed up how ucf operates as a team and I don't think its working. Back to the 60 yard bombs and 50 point games.

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