I hate being forced how to behave.

  1. That’s true. I guess I’m either unlucky to hear it in the 2020s, or maybe there’s more misogyny and transmisogyny in Poland. My family is very “classical”, I was hearing that one about swearing throughout my childhood (from my mother to my older sister), and now I’m hearing it towards myself. My mother was probably hearing it from her parents and her parents from their parents… and it goes on and on.

  2. My malicious compliance says behave like a female praying mantis. But I don't want to eat a guys head off. But y'all keep pushing a woman and eventually we're all gonna be praying mantis.

  3. There's no right way to be a woman. You can be a woman who swears, a woman who dresses comfortably, a woman with short hair, long hair, no hair. You can be a woman with tattoos, piercings, or neither. You can have a woman's voice or not. There's no binary.

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