Sometimes it’s kind of annoying how people on Reddit automatically assume I’m male

  1. Yes especially to tell you that is illegal/legal /culturally in/appropriate and if you reply not in the US they get offended you didn't flag you were a *foreigner * wtf..

  2. Yeah, with how women are treated on the internet, I'm relieved when people think I'm a dude. My daughter and I game together and we have a group chat with my partner, one of my brothers, and two gamer friends. Until very very recently, the gamer friends assumed my daughter was a son (young enough for voice difference to not be notable). She doesn't care at all and honestly in the game we play (LoL), it's better to be misgendered.

  3. I have another account where I never give any hints that I'm a woman, so people can't see through my history, and the difference is astounding. Especially when I post anything about science. I get way more upvotes, and people just.. agree with me. It's crazy

  4. Male is the default, the standard, the universal, and women or other genders.. are other. It may feel like a small detail here but it matters, i think, when the dynamic plays out in education, publishing, media, politics etc

  5. I still sometimes default to this. I'm sure there's some malicious use out there, but sometimes it's just shitty old habits that don't die.

  6. What really bothers me is how offended they are when I say "woman, actually." Like it's my fault they are sexist?

  7. To be fair on those people, I'm a man who's been using the name bunnygum for over 14 years at this point lol.

  8. Some do this on purpose, hoping you will correct them and reveal your true gender. Obviously they don't believe you if you just straight out tell them. So they think with playing this annoying game you will expose yourself. Anyways i used to get the urge to correct them, but now I just play along. You think i am a dude ? I will play one... At this point i no longer care. Dude and Bro basicly became gender neutral pronounces for me. Jk.

  9. Right? And when you do correct that you're a woman, most people are like "So fucking what?" "Who cares?" "Why does it matter?" "Attention whore!" "Always bringing that shit up when no one asked, we get it, you need attention!"

  10. My first reddit account which I still use has a computing-themed name, because I'm in CS. There's nothing male or female about it, but people always assume I'm male. (I got the idea for this account when I wanted to post about some TV shows and didn't want them all mixed together.)

  11. Guy is always default on the internet. It's annoying, even more in English since we have a perfectly fine neutral pronoun if we don't know the person's gender.

  12. You can be purposefully vague. I think sometimes people might be confused about me, but then other times I've been clear.

  13. I enjoyed the comment that said something like "not to be a dick but this happens more than you think" and I'm just like "well she did post this in

  14. Yep, I've told people politely not to assume gender on here and have got downvoted to hell by men and also women (sadly). They always tell me "well most of Reddit is men so it's not wrong to assume" even in those cases where I've told them OP was indeed a woman. It's so disrespectful to assume gender, people should always use "they/them" until they're certain. 😒

  15. It sucks to have to expose yourself but when people think the issue you're discussing is somehow completely different even if it has zero to do with your sex. How is the objective information suddenly suspect because it's coming from a woman instead of a dude? I hate having to correct them but we're not changing anything by hiding in the shadows.

  16. Your point is completely valid. But to clarify people refer to a scenario in archery where you bullseye then split the arrow as a "Robin hood" because he does that in the story. So that comment may not have been about your gender.

  17. I'm a forty year old woman and I realised a while back that to me, everyone reddit is a white, middle aged man. I can't help my brain doing that, society has built this assumption I guess, it sucks.

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