I desperately need a sanity check. Is there anyone else here who is completely done with conservative men and doesn't care about their feelings?

  1. A good friend of mine (she's late 30's) went on a date recently with a guy she had been texting for a few weeks. At the bar they were at, they finally got into politics, where he revealed himself to be a full on MAGA (which he had hidden up until then). Dont recall exact substance of the conversation but he was implictly offended that she would disagree/stand her ground in the conversation to start with. Then when it escalated, she ended the date and left.

  2. Probably not the first time MAGA moron was rejected as soon as he showed his true colors. Apparently he doesn't like the free market lol

  3. I feel like if you have to hide something like that maybe deep down he may be embarrassed? Like he knows it's frowned upon yet he's still apart of it. Probably worried he's going to be judged. But he could date other MAGA people. I remember some conservatives saying that liberal women are ugly and the conservative ones are hot lol. So I'm not sure why they're trying to date anyone that isn't a conservative

  4. I love how they want to be separate from their choices. The literal consequences of their own actions. It doesn't work that way. The way these assholes vote literally impacts my life. If you don't want to be judged, don't so many things worthy of negative judgment.

  5. I’ve had falling outs with my own family over politics, I’m certainly not going to actively choose to be associated with someone who is diametrically opposed to my fundamental rights as a human being. It’s not just “different political views”, we’re talking about totally different realities at this point.

  6. Yep, same here, OP. I'm just now beginning to dip back into the dating waters after my divorce and I just cannot ever see myself with any man that would oppose issues that I strongly support: women's bodily autonomy, equal rights for women and all LGBTQIA+ people, racial justice and climate change work that needs to be done. Plus, if he indicates that he's Christian Nationalist / Trumper, that's an automatic Nope.

  7. Good thing they made their own conservative dating app - because you know, there are tons of women out there that are into being cucked out of their rights.. /s

  8. Good. It needs to happen. I am also seeing an uptick of people with highly conservative traits in dating sections talking about "life stresses" and "hard rejections." They were warned. And it is working. Keep at it!

  9. My question is why can’t these men date conservative women, instead of expecting liberal women to overlook their backwards beliefs? Makes no sense to me

  10. they also hide now and say they're "politically moderate" because their feewings aw huwt 🥹 that no one wants to date them so they lie lmao

  11. This one kills me. The Conservative party has always given tax breaks to the rich and cut social programs. The next dem president digs us out of debt, and the cycle begins a new. Fiscal responsibility is no longer a tenant of the current Conservative party, it’s just a thing they yell about.

  12. But even when you look at the economic reasons for why they say they vote conservative, those reasons are still selfish and lacking of empathy.

  13. I wouldn’t count on them having education on economics beyond “taxation is communism”. And for those who can excel themselves by differentiating between monetary and fiscal policies, I’d love to hear how they justify deregulating financial markets within the context of subprime mortgage crisis.

  14. Many people who look at MAGA claim that even more than racism, an attitude of misogyny runs though the culture. It's considered to go hand-in-hand with the authoritarianism they promote. It's no coincidence that they rallied around the pussy-grabber-in-chief.

  15. I feel like that about every conservative, not just men. They don't get to prance around in t-shirts that say Fuck Your Feelings, trying their level best to strip individual rights away from everyone they don’t like, & then start crying when no one outside of their personal echo chamber wants anything to do with them.

  16. "My rights don't stop where your feelings begin" is a trump sticker I saw the other day. I'd love to hand them one when they express their f e e l i n g s about me being topless or braless outdoors. But they feed on hypocrisy so it probably wouldn't do a whole helluva lot.

  17. Black, 30F. Conservatives have never been a dating or friend option. And I've certainly never cared about their feelings. They don't care about my rights.

  18. Was just in Hawaii with my partner. We were at a restaurant next to the beach, enjoying an open-air meal when a conservative guy in a lifted truck (he was very open about his political leanings via the bumper stickers and window stickers he was sporting) decided to coal roll everyone on the block while he laughed.

  19. Nope, not even gonna associate with some fucking asshole who thinks women shouldn't have a choice and be 3rd class citizens with rights below men and fucking fetuses with the same sentience level as a goddamn cabbage.

  20. I dumped a guy at the beginning of the summer because he votes conservative. I saw some signs early on. Then, he told me "maybe the courts aren't the right place to have these fights" in reference to trump having lost every single one of his court challenges to the election. I got out of bed, put my clothes on and went home. He texted me a week later. I told him it would never work because he's a fascist.

  21. Cliffhanger...! What was his response to that? They were melting down after Biden called them out as fascists during his speech since they've been trying to project that label onto the left forever.

  22. I lol'd at the image of someone just silently getting dressed and leaving the house rather than dignify that statement with a response.

  23. Fascists love this shit, “just because I judge everyone and support ruining the lives of the people I randomly dislike, you shouldn’t judge me”. Like this was some sort of civilised dissent.

  24. Agreed. AND I cut off any and all casual sex. My state says all abortions are illegal, so I have too much to lose for mediocre sex. Go be conservative over there, alone.

  25. Same! And I love to see others doing it too! We’ve been too kind for too long. You don’t get to vote against the rights of others and think we’re still on good terms. It brings me so much joy that they’re having a hard time finding dates, getting laid, etc…

  26. My view is that social exclusion is better than engagement. Many of them want to be heard and have their thoughts validated. Many of them want to offend and trigger. I’m not gonna even entertain their bullshit, ugly perspectives on society. Plenty of them would throw you under the bus if it meant an extra buck in their pocket or a brownie point in the echo chamber. And I’m not gonna argue my or anyone else’s humanity with them. Being ignored and excluded is nothing compared to losing rights, but they’ll still feel it. You grey rock and avoid narcissistic people, why not do it with them?

  27. The older I get the less I care to be friends with those kind of people. I've grown distant with a lot of my old friends (I'm from Texas) because of their views. And it seems their political views really influence their behavior and opinions on non-political things.

  28. 100%. I don't really care about the appearance or gender of someone but if they are conservative? Bye bye, i honestly can't imagine being friends or dating anyone who believes women should have no control over their anatomy, don't believe in vaccines or have regressive beliefs.

  29. I'm judging conservative men super hard, as we all should. They have made it clear that they don't care about our health, safety, or rights. Why should I care about their fragile male egos?

  30. Totally. It's why it's oft said moderates are the bigger danger. When they get enabled, they feel even more validated to act only in their own interest.

  31. I was raised largely in the Deep South. I’ve barely ever interacted with men who would identify as anything other than conservative or right leaning.

  32. Conservatism is no longer a reasonable world view. It is based in fundamentalism and extremism, and it has a very real and very negative impact on other people.

  33. I used to try and be empathetic and compassionate with people I disagree with but honestly it's reached a point where that is impossible. Once you start taking peoples rights away I can no longer try and level with you.

  34. I (50F) was done with conservative men in highschool in the 80's. I can't believe it's gotten worse since then, but it has.

  35. Please reach out to your local Democratic Party and volunteer if you can!! Or contact a candidate that you like and see if you can help them out. If you can’t do any of that just make sure your friends and fam are registered and ready to vote correctly. This link from the League of Women Voters is quite good.

  36. I’m a man, and I’m done with them also. I’m done with conservative women also. I can’t be friends with people who are trying to persecute others.

  37. I really hate that. Do mf's really think that Democrats or Progressives don't want to reach a goal as inexpensively as reasonably possible? Do they fucking think raising taxes on people with untold amounts of money would ever affect them?

  38. Conservatives and pro-forced birthers need to be shunned and booed by everyone. Women have paid the price of losing their bodily anatomy, they should at least be abandoned by society.

  39. I don't want to be friends with them, either, and as a disabled woman it really gets under my skin when my family criticizes me for this. I don't care how funny, charming or whatever else someone is on a surface level; if you vote for people who think I should have to live on the street, my trans friend is a "groomer" and I should be forced to carry a relative's rape baby that likely wouldn't even survive the cocktail of meds I'm on, you're no friend of mine.

  40. Aren't conservative men supposed to "man up"? Being hurt by a few words seems like the least conservative men thing in this sense

  41. I don't associate with them unless it has to do with my job (healthcare worker) and even then, I keep conversation to directions only and don't make any other conversation with them.

  42. So there is also talk from some Republicans that they want to ban birth control as well. What I don’t get is this wouldn’t be worrying for young men. Are they really prepared to be a parent or pay child support for 18 years?

  43. Me. I'm done with the whole lot. Male, female. I don't care. If you're a conservative, you've told me that you give no ficks about my fundamental rights as a woman. The rights of my friends in the LGBTQ+ community and you def don't give a rat's ass about POC.

  44. Yeah I mean we’re literally talking about an increasingly fascist minority rule going out of their way to remove rights from anyone who isn’t a white Christian male. They are even discussing going after contraception next. We aren’t talking about a simple difference in opinion of how America should spend its money. It’s ridiculous for conservatives/enlightened centrists to push the narrative that you have to befriend and compromise with people actively harming your life and removing your rights.

  45. Me too, OP. I can't be friends with conservatives, because even the ones who go "I don't agree with what they're doing!11!" They're still voting for the people who are doing the terrible things that they "disagree" with.

  46. Yeah, they could be punching your mother in the face and they'd still be like "ugh, dramatic much?" when you acknowledge it. These people are fucking monsters.

  47. Why limit it to men? People in general have to carry a basic decency in order to be friend material, no kindness and heart, no respect.

  48. I think the idea is that men will often have the gall to insist to not be judged on the material outcomes of their actions. It's the same sentiment that drives the whole "nice guy" shtick.

  49. It might be wrong of me, but several years ago I started assuming that if someone was white and wore the American flag or plastered it anywhere on things they own, that they were probably racist or bigoted. It just seemed that was the case.

  50. I´m more confused with people who are "not done" with conservatives. Like what must conservatives do to wake the others up? Puplic force-birth as punishment?

  51. Liberal male here. Yup I’m done with the conservative shit I hear because I’m “one of the guys” and “white” until I call them on their racism and homophobia, then I’m a “fucking millenial fag”

  52. Once my personal health became the dividing point, I lost all respect for people toting the Fox news rhetoric. You can’t respect my health? I can’t respect you.

  53. Be careful when using dating apps. A lot of conservative men are labeling themselves as "moderate" because they know being conservative wont get them dates

  54. why only male conservatives? As a gay man, I've been working hard to distance myself from ANYONE who supports backwards political viewpoints. It's not worth my time to try.

  55. I will not voluntarily have any conservatives in my life. If it’s a boss or some situation that’s not of my choosing, then I’ll just deal with it. Otherwise, they can fuck off.

  56. This is my position as well. Conservatives deserve social consequences. This includes the gun nuts in my extended family and I'm happier for it!

  57. If it makes you feel better, Conservative men are complaining that the new right-wing dating site “The Reich Stuff” “The Right Stuff” has no women on it

  58. ‘Conservative’ is gaslighter code language for ‘selfish bully.’ They even gaslight themselves, so they typically won’t ever admit what they are. But that’s what conservatives are.

  59. 🎶Roe Roe Roe your vote, staunchly for the team. Merrily merrily merrily merrily, make the MAGAts scream🎶

  60. Sorry, but no, he doesnt get to pretend like this is just some matter of personal opinion or beliefs. This impacts our actual lives, our rights, and our medical wellbeing. This is not "just an opinion" to us, it's a matter of our very survival and the conservative position has made it clear that our survival, autonomy, and rights do not matter to them. This isn't what hockey team you prefer, it's not wether you like veggie patties or not, it's about women's fundamental rights. To ask you "not to judge him" just shows that he views women's rights through the same context as a sports team or food preference, but not as something that actually matters.

  61. American conservative thought is a personality disorder and not a coherent set of beliefs. They aren't taking strong ideological stands, the very premise of the party platform is owning the libs in the absence of promising positive material changes for the American public.

  62. I have been done with conservative men literally my whole life. I don’t even mean dating. Not friends, not family, not even giving them time of day as acquaintances. Sorry/not sorry. I don’t believe you can be a conservative/republican in todays climate and still be an ok person. I just don’t. I get this is an “extreme view” by some standards but I’m not trying to engage with anti-woman, homophobic, pro gun, racists. And if anyone wants to “NOT ALL” me- the party has made their views and policies clear. Idgaf about taxes or whatever the excuse is when we are dealing With human rights.

  63. Been there for about a decade. Hasn’t been anything but a positive in my life for that entire time. I e never pretended to care about their feelings on it though. It’s my personal life choice and it wasn’t made with their wants or feelings in mind.

  64. Good! We all need to do this, with harsh brutality. Shame works as a social tool. It is shameful and they should not benefit from any part of society until they figure it out.

  65. I'm in Canada and I've already adopted this stance. Won't date, have sex with or be friends with a dude who's conservative. No point. We have many conservative MPs who would happily do away with abortion here (like over 30 last time I checked). The guy who was just elected as the leader of one of the main conservative parties here was recently endorsed by Alex Jones. Conservatism in Canada is deeply racist, misogynistic, patriarchal, homophobic, and just all around bad for society. So if a guy wants to support someone who would hypothetically take away my rights given the chance, I see no point in supporting that man in any way, shape or form. I don't even owe these guys the time of day at this point. Because if you don't completely and utterly support my rights in every way possible, I'm not going to give a rats ass about yours. Doesn't mean I'll violate you rights, it just means I'll ignore your existence if you cross my path.

  66. A non conservative man called me spicy for having boundaries so I’m kind of over most of them at this point.

  67. One time, an abusive pos (I refuse to give him the title of bf) said to me I'm "spicy" because I'm Puerto Rican. Apparently he's never had Puerto Rican food and can't differentiate between spicy and angry.

  68. Spicy? You set healthy standards and you're being called spicy? I bet he thinks that pepper is as hot as Carolina Reapers.

  69. If they’re republican or religious (spiritual is okay though) they’re off the menu for me. I can’t even be friends with them. Why would I want to even associate with someone who views me as subhuman?

  70. Not that I’m by any means nearly as affected as anyone in this sub (I’m a guy), but also mostly just written off anyone who is ‘conservative’ by any measure.

  71. One of my (women) friends is Pagan and yet, a Conservative. I love her but the cognitive dissonance is great with that one.

  72. what i dont get is when they want us to respect them like they "respect" everyone else. im sorry but how can they simultaneously respect someone while actively trying to remove their human rights

  73. I'm so done with them. I'm sorry but if your biggest gripe is getting judged for political values that affect everyone else moreso than you, maybe you need to get a fucking life and learn about other people for once.

  74. Yep, I was chatting with someone on a dating app and I realized I missed something on his profile. turns on the sirens CONSERVATIVE ALERT!!!! UNMATCH IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT NOTCIE!!!!

  75. My ex hid the fact that he's a huge trump supporter. I found out 3 ish week into us dating, and promptly broke up. I realized that when he said he "wasn't into politics and didn't like to take sides", that was code for the fact that he's super conservative.

  76. Yup yup yup. Conservatives cannot be reasoned with. Fuck their feelings. Rights are being stripped away and their brand of christofascism is taking root.

  77. Conservative, religious, or any of the dogwhistles that allude to being either are as big of a red flag as I need to avoid any guy. If a guy thinks we're only object than lmao who cares about his feelings, if his feelings are 'hurt by an object' then the clown can cry cry cry all the way back home.

  78. I won’t even tolerate most democrats.. but if a conservative tried to mosey on in to my social circle I’d immediately yeet them the fuck out.

  79. One of the conservative Twitter mouthpieces (don't remember which one, and it doesn't really matter) said that Lizzo playing James Madison's flute was to "remind you nothing you care about has any value".

  80. They don't view me as a fully autonomous person so yeah, they can fuck right off. I don't need that kind of trash in my life.

  81. We are waaaaay beyond the point where we can “just move past our differences” conservatives can go fuck themselves for all I care.

  82. I refused to date conservatives years ago, even before 2016 and I'd say that was definitely my line in the sand. That election broke me and I think now other than necessary politeness for society's sake, I'm done with even associating.

  83. I recently went on a few dates with a conservative and his crazy came out on date 3 and he said a few things that really made me see the garbage human he was. (I’ll never ever make that mistake again going even on one date w them.)

  84. Republicans, antivaxer, antimask, etc can go die in a hole. I just want us to stop getting made fun of. Stop selling guns, legalize weed, use the money to pay people and raise the minimum wage 3 times what it is.

  85. Somehow conservatives that support pigs, always pretend to "not see color" and "disagree with their politics, not skin color!"

  86. Congratulations! You are in on it early! I wish I had this epiphany when I was this young. I finally reached this “developmental milestone” when I was 30 and goodness the time and drama it saved me since! Your time, attention and politeness are valuable and save them for yourself and people and causes that are worth it.

  87. Of course I'm gonna judge, it's only fair to judge them back after they already announced how they view me, my role in relationships and my ability to choose for myself. If they don't like it they're free to go and fuck a cactus.

  88. I'm disabled. Even if I didn't have morals my sense of self-preservation would make me get rid of any conservative friends. It's better not to talk to people who think your right to live is a "debate."

  89. I don’t voluntarily hang out with any conservatives, male or female or anything. Fuck them, they shouldn’t have any friends.

  90. It's actually insane to me the cognitive dissonance involved to actively vote against people and our rights while expecting to not be judged for it.

  91. 35m here. Good for you! Anyone that has the slightest bit of competence today and ends up concluding, “oh these conservatives mean well or think like I do” can fuck right on off.

  92. The issue is conservatives at this point either through endorsement or indifference permit the banality of evil to exist and fester. It is easy to be apolitical about issues because they don't impact them personally. I even meet some that say "socially liberal, fiscally conservative" and at this point...come on, you just want to pay less taxes and don't care about the fall out for targeted (women/non white/poor/LGBT/etc.) groups. I don't respect that and want to be friends with people that are fine with putting their self interest over the basic rights of fellow humans.

  93. Hi. M27 from Germany. I couldn't care less about conservatives' feelings, neither in the US, nor in Germany. They can all go fuck themselves.

  94. I can't imagine ever dating someone who votes for people who take away women's rights, let alone all the other icky policies.

  95. I'm done befriending and associating with conservatives in general - but being someone who was raised in a very conservative environment I'm still willing to converse with them.. I also love arguing and it's one of the few situations where I can justify it. It's also fun to watch them break down when they can't make a coherent argument and start trying to question or insult my character

  96. I don't consider it to be judgement, it is discernment, after objectively comparing to his values with your own, you have concluded that the two of you are not compatible and he is unworthy of your time and consideration...no judgement, but rejected none the less

  97. I’ve been like this practically since I started dating. It’s just standards and I don’t owe them Jack shit.

  98. Sane and scary that this isnt a more adopted thinking. Why care about people that are actively and openly removing your rights. Not forgetting all the other shit that they have been doing since forever tbh.

  99. Super done with them myself. I do give them a few opportunities to deprogram the theofascist cult mentality from their person.

  100. if it makes you feel better my conservative dipshit neighbor is currently being cuckolded as part of an MLM scheme and is going to raise the child. i hate him so much it makes me so happy i love it

  101. I think that’s why the right wing radicals started their own dating app called The Right Stuff. Didn’t solve their problem though, because women aren’t signing up.

  102. Hey, 46M here. And I used to be a conservative. This was back in the 90's, though, when a president lying under oath meant you should impeach them. Today, I don't consider myself a conservative and don't trust anyone who does. Language changes, label's change and I recommend using critical thinking to ensure you aren't unfairly judging people.

  103. Not just women. I've unfriended a half-dozen people, and unfollowed a bunch more who are relatives, in the last year or so. No room in my life for people who think other people aren't fully human and deserving of rights and respect.

  104. If you're looking for a "sanity check" then a subreddit that hates conservatives isn't the place, lol. You will only find people who agree with you here. Not anyone who might consider if you might be wrong about anything you are saying.

  105. I'm going to challenge you a bit. Conservatives are actively trying g to strip women of bodily autonomy by banning abortion and contraception. We've already started seeing the awful ways it is affecting women. They are already actively trying to legislate lgbtq+ people out of existence. They already argued in court that immigrant children don't deserve soap or water. What good things are conservatives doing that makes those things like palpable to you?

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