"I'm sorry, son, but your mother and father were in a car accident, and you'll need to come with us", the cop at my door said.

  1. Son kills parents at the same time two crooks steal the parent's identities, only for them to get into an accident and need time to recover. The son can't say a thing without revealing his crime and they can't reveal their identities without getting caught. Dark comedy about the three of them stuck in the house, all trying to get away with it.

  2. something similar to this actually happened. youngest son disappears family goes crazy searching all over with man hunts, son reappears months later. family without question accepts him, all except the oldest son. turns out it’s a french con artist who tells the police he is very surprised they accepted him and that the oldest brother told him quote good luck, on his first day. many, including the french con artist believe the family may have killed the son and so that’s why they were so willing to just let this guy in. question is did they murder him, or was it some sort of coping mechanism, why did the older brother refuse to out him even though he knew? very interesting case

  3. Could have some serious moments and turn into a wholesome movie in the end two, where it comes to light that the kid was being abused by his parents so that's why he killed them. The crooks realize this, and decide to actually make this family work now because of it, giving the kid the parents he needed all along.

  4. This premise is hilarious. Please get Netflix to produce a series. I was thinking the kid was going to have to kill the two 'cops' when they're in the car, but I'm not sure where the plot would go from there. Too much would be done in the first 10 minutes to make it difficult to fill out the rest.

  5. The plan seemed perfect - wait for the Clarke's date night, then dress up as cops and convince the kid to come with us with a made up story about a car accident. Cindy thought the kid would try to phone them and spoil everything, but surprisingly he came with us straight away, didn't even try to go back inside.

  6. My take on what happens next: the son goes with the “cops” with a sinister smile. The cops are actually children serial killers while the boy they just picked up is on a adult killing spree. So…. Who kills who in the end?! Find out after these commercials!!!

  7. Be grateful, your not only is your ass covered but you're allowed to deny. Quickly bag them out and make a run to the dumpster with gloves on and you're home free.

  8. I could imagine them turning to the left to look at the very much dead parents on the floor, then turning back at the officer and going “Yea ok.” Before closing the door on them

  9. But it turns out that his parents really DID die in a car accident, he just had a nightmare about murdering his parents that he thought was real.

  10. This is one of the worst subreddit ideas I have ever seen in this website. Not once have I seen a good prompt here and the only reason I am commenting this is because reddit displays in in my feed from time to time.

  11. I mean, this sub is full of talented writers. You can shit on this one, but there are a lot of great ideas and stories here. You can cry about it but you're objectively wrong and also probably insufferable in real life.

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