For any Twitch streamers in Russia right now, stay safe.

  1. To anybody reading this, if you or one of your family members is a Russian being conscripted into the army, you can call either of the numbers below to facilitate your safe surrender to the Ukrainian military. They will treat you in accordance to the Geneva Conventions and will not force you to go back to Russia.

  2. It's really hard and scary to call, by new law if you are surrender to the enemy you can face 10 years of prison. They can arrest you if you just call to this number.

  3. I think you forgetting that putin puts people in front line to stay safe (himself), ukraine is really just getting their territories back but the russians do not want to participate.

  4. Ah, yes. And they also live in a bubble, so they don't have family and friends getting sent to war. Also, the bubble protects them from all violence that comes with war.

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