I found out I’m pregnant with triplets at 17 years old.

  1. I own a semi famous sewing shop (no store it’s just online) with my mom. I get around 5k a month after we pay for supplies and split the remaining money. Sometimes it’s a little less but eh.

  2. I can’t believe how many people are acting as if it’s a foregone conclusion she is having them. I have several friends who had babies as teens. Precisely 0 recommend it.

  3. Yeah I had one at 18 and while I love her with everything I am, the reality is it fucked up any dreams I may have had about anything other than "get money, raise kids."

  4. I’m curious as to how old the father is, is he also 17? I’m just so surprised how you’re so financially secure at your age, I’m 21 and I can’t even fathom having a kid right now due to finances, let alone triplets!

  5. fortunately OP owns an online shop that's successful enough to bring about 5k a month after some expenses (and lives at home), so at least she's not too broke

  6. To continue your point, I am turning 30 next month, and I cannot fathom having a child because of finances, let alone triplets.

  7. I can't stress the A LOT part enough. Please think carefully and rationally about your situation. If possible, forget any family/social pressure and think about yourself first. A child can be a blessing but it is definitely a huge responsibility, you need to be 100% in it or it can be very taxing really quick.

  8. I had an aunt who gave birth to twins. Literally the kindest thing my mom ever did for this woman was offer to look after my cousins for an afternoon. It ended up turning into an impromptu sleepover because my aunt passed the fuck out. She was GONE for 18 solid hours. And this was a fully grown woman with a well-paying job, attentive husband-turned-father, and extended family tripping over themselves to babysit and help out. I really hope that OP takes all the advice coming her way seriously, because otherwise she's going to be a zombie for the next five years after the babies come.

  9. Thank you for saying 18 plus. Most people forget you continually help being a parent, well a good parent to good kids anyway. It doesn't stop at 18

  10. Came here to say this... I think people don't realize that triplets are high-risk. Risk to the mother's health, risk to the triplets' health as well.

  11. My sisters are twins and are 15 years younger than me. I had one baby at 17. I struggled raising one kid on my own and watched my parents struggle with raising 2 with both of them present. I can't imagine raising 3 kids at the age of 17. It's a huge emotional and mental strain.

  12. If you think about the life of taking care of 1 baby until they are 18, and you multiply that by 3... You multiply everything by 3... Are you 100% sure you want that life? Maybe not ideally in this economy but still something to consider.

  13. As a 21yr old mom of just one, keep in mind how expensive babies are, let alone 3. You make 5k sometimes a lil less a month, don’t know how much your bf makes. I know you said you guys could afford them but there’s a lot that could happen too, there’s also so many expenses- diapers, wipes, if you don’t breastfeed or produce enough for three you’d be getting formula n bottles, cribs/bassinets, carseats, clothes, blankets, toys, etc. Then also if you guys are living in an apartment or anywhere you have to pay for rent/utilities. If you have cars then gas n car insurance. Insurance for all 3 of you (if you have one that has monthly payments). Groceries, any entertainment services (netflix, hulu, TV, etc), wifi if you have it, phone bills (if you have cells). Also keep in mind how you will be completely occupied all the time with all 3, they could all be hungry at the same time, go in their diaper at the same time, etc so you’ll have 3 crying babies at once. It can be difficult if you don’t get sleep or when they start teething. You could also get PPD or PPA which could make things difficult. I know you said family would help but just be prepared, not everyone does what they say they will. I wish you the best with whichever choice you make.

  14. Not to mention the financials that aren’t necessary but that would effect the kids lives immensely. Things like wanting to do sports or clubs once in school. Those tend to be very expensive endeavors, and it would certainly affect the quality of their childhood if they couldn’t do any of that because there wasn’t enough money to support all 3 of them participating in hobbies. Or the resentment of saying “well A can do their hobby but B can’t because we can only afford A’s hobby”.

  15. Bruh just READING this stressed me tf out so I can’t even imagine what it’s like actually having them. At 17 no doubt. Major fuck that.

  16. You say you can afford them, but do you want them? I don’t know how far along you are so your options might be a bit limited, but you can give the kids up for adoption. If you want to, but feel guilty, don’t. It’s important for kids to have parents who are ready to be parents. Of course if you want them, don’t take this advice

  17. OP mentioned having slight mental health issues and goes to therapy. She’ll need to be extremely prepared for extreme hormonal changes and possible PPD.

  18. Underrated comment. Children shouldn't be born unless both parents 100% want and can support (financially, emotionally etc) them in a stable environment. I personally don't think one should have a kid just because they got accidentally pregnant. Then again I'm mid 30s and child free because I'm still not committed (and may never be) to the absolute dedication it takes to have a child and not fuck them up. I can't imagine being 17 and struggling with 3 babies. I think to how much I grew as a person in my 20s, all the hard lessons and changes to relationships and friendships; can't imagine going through all that PLUS raising 3 kids. You basically make your whole life being a mum and nothing else. That would be bloody hard.

  19. You sure you can take care of 3 kids with 5k which get divided further? You sure your partner will stick with you forever or he's just excited for now? You sure you mental health that you mentioned won't interfere with the kids life? You sure your family will 100% help you or slowly start to avoid you? And lastly, you sure you want kids op?

  20. My sisters and I are triplets. When we were born, my family was rich. My mom was hands on with my older siblings but when we were born, she couldn’t handle it and hired 3 live-in nannies (one for each of us). My parents had businesses too but due to bad financial decisions and money handling, we grew up poor.

  21. Um… listen, love. It is amazing that you are in a position right now where you can afford it and have a lovely support system in place to help you…

  22. You say you make 5k a month, which totals to 60k a year. But is that enough to support 3 kids + yourself? Keep in mind we’re about to enter a recession

  23. That and she said how those 5k gets divided further so op is gonna be in a financial turmoil for like forever with é kids in this world economy.

  24. My mum had me at 17. Granted, I'm not a triplet but she had three more in successive years. Keep your extended family close, they're going to be extremely helpful. Start a college fund ...like now. Hopefully your BF has a job with health benefits.

  25. Yes he has a government job with insurance included. So it wouldn’t necessarily be an obstacle to get them all insurance.

  26. Totally agree. Op said she doesn’t have goals but lots of people need time to develop that… which would be impossible with triplets.

  27. Complete honesty: no it is not a good idea. You are not a fully developed adult yet. Your body and mind won’t fully mature until you’re 25. I at least ask that you start doing a lot of research into the tolls pregnancy & childbirth has on a person. You have to COMPLETELY give up all bodily autonomy for YEARS. They do not teach anyone what it is truly like. You are so young, you still have so much time to grow and establish yourself as a person. Children deserve to have parents that truly want And are ready for them. I am grateful I didn’t get the tattoos I wanted at 17, I can’t even imagine the regrets you might face of having children so young. Please wait until you know what this all will truly entail and that motherhood is what you truly want. Best of wishes to you 💜🖤

  28. I wish this was higher. So many people here are going "wow congratulations! Good job!" Simply because she's got 60k a year. She may have the financials but she's SEVENTEEN. The toll a mind and body takes with one kid is enough but TRIPLETS is gonna do a number. I dunno, I think she hasn't thought this through enough yet.

  29. Thanks for the input! I have time to make a decision but I’ll be sure to consider this when I make my final decision.

  30. She thinks she can afford them, but I'll bet childcare eats 3k by itself. before food, diapers, clothes, etc. She will be living with her parents for the next 18 years, because she wont be able to afford a house. And Everyone is assuming her sweet clothing store will survive the recession. Frippery is the first thing to be dropped when paying for food becomes a real problem.

  31. This is a great take and definitely agree with you. I gave advice open ended for the OP to decide, but I can't put into words how many things could go right...and also wrong. Life is a roller coaster. You don't know what you're going to get. Sometimes it's great. Sometimes it's horrible. But being 18 is pretty damn hard to be an adult. I am an adult and I only my have myself to take care of and it's hard.

  32. The money won't go far, especially with babysitters assuming you can even find someone willing to watch 3 at a time. My friend had twins a year after her first was born and talks about how hard it is. Her family is really really close, even they got burned out watching the kids. There's no way she is going to be able to work for a while, assuming her body allows her to carry all of them to term. Multiples at birth add so much more risk especially to a teenager. Omg. Good luck op, you'll need it.

  33. I’m not a parent (almost 30 and more of a fence-sitter), but I’ve seen enough family members get pregnant think of family will help support them and everyone is excited, to basically being ghosted. This is a decision where you need to think about yourself being the sole caretaker. I’ve watched my niece and nephews for a few days before while parents went on a mini holiday and children are exhausting.

  34. Second this. I had my first at 31 with a house, a husband and 2 well paying jobs, as well as a support system and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and still doing. I’m so glad I was able to go through my teens and twenties to find someone right for me and to mature enough to be able to handle it (Albiet I do have mental health issues).

  35. something very important a lot of people aren't talking about is the friends part. at that age, almost nobody wants to hang out with someone who has kids, let alone 3. what are you supposed to do with that person? that person can't party, they have constant responsibilities. even if you still care about that person, it's just hard to hang out with them and enjoy it. theres no more "playing" together. the kiddos demand your attention almost 24/7. even if you have a friend who sticks around no matter what, it'd be greatly appreciated but is it enjoyable for you? you'll quickly realize how much having kids cuts down on your recreational time and capabilities.

  36. You're a baby having 3 babies. This will be your WHOLE adult life for the next 18+ years... And you are not even adult YET! Your brain isn't even finished developing!

  37. I say this as someone who has an excellent paying job with an advanced education that allows me to work flex hours and make extra money when I wish, I could not afford triplets. There is no way you could. Child care for two kids who were out of diapers was as much as my mortgage, I live in So Cal so my mortgage is bloated. 3 infants would cost more than 2 houses to get child care. Add on diapers, formula, and all that.

  38. I wish this was higher on the thread because it’s so spot on. Financially, she is not even close to ready. My husband and I are pretty comfortable, yet we’re still holding off because we don’t think we make enough just yet to have a kid (and mind you, we’re getting married on the Disney Wish, which isn’t exactly cheap, but we can afford it - making just shy of six figures without me having to work). We decided that once I finish my masters, he finishes his second masters, and we’re making around $175k-$200k, we’ll be ready (plus we’re in our early 30s and have gotten to travel and all that jazz), but this girl is not thinking things through. $5k with triplets would be laughable if it wasn’t such a horrible idea. I wish her the best no matter what she chooses, but I really hope she doesn’t go through with it. She won’t be doing herself or her kids any favors.

  39. Coming from a 22f this is a terrible idea. Have you even figured out who YOU are yet? And now you wanna add three newborns into the mix? I think you should wait till you’re ready and actively want children. You have your whole life ahead of you.

  40. Honestly? No, it's not a good idea. I'm 29 and childfree and thinking back at my 17 year old self... I would have terminated the pregnancy. One child is scary enough but three?

  41. My friend tore from her clitoris to her bum and developed heart failure and severe PPD even being young healthy and with no prior history. She is open about regretting having a child. Now her kid is showing signs of intellectual delays and behavioral problems to top it all off. It’s SUCH a gamble and I don’t know why half these comments are acting like it will be the greatest thing and she’ll be going to her grown kid’s homes for Christmas dinner in no time! It’s just downright dishonest. There are real risks and they don’t end with birth. It’s a LIFELONG commitment with plenty that can go wrong. Not being negative, just realistic since very few people in here here are, sadly

  42. I wouldn't keep them personally. Everyone I've seen or talked to who has had kids at that young of an age regrets it. You'll never get to truly live your 20's normally. Instead you'll have the responsibility of 3 kids. If you don't feel like getting an abor-- then I would adopt them out at birth. If you feel confident this is what you want your life to be though, congratulations and I hope things go smoothly and everyone comes out happy and healthy. Good luck OP

  43. It’s really hard to get all 3 adopted by the same family. Those kids are probably going to end up separated if that were to happen.

  44. I’ve just had one baby at 29. That shit is hard and I’ve been with my OH for 10 years with both of us in well paying jobs (and in a country with free healthcare and job protection/maternity), a house we own and a very much wanted no surprise baby.

  45. As a 30 year old woman with 3 kids, I just want to tell you its tough. Transportation is a bitch. Day care is expensive. If you have the funds and support/help from family you can do it but it's hard and you will miss out on things. Also, post partum depression is very real - but there's help to combat that. I promise you. I'm not trying to be a bummer I'm just telling you what I wish someone would've told me. If you have any questions or ever want to talk about any of this feel free to message me anytime. Good luck with everything :)

  46. I honestly would not recommend it because there is a very good reason why triplets are rare. People don't talk about this but pregnancy is incredibly taxing on your body. Also if your not on prenatal vitamins, please take them because most are for *you* and not your babies, because the babies will take the nutrients it needs even if it means you don't have any nutrients left for yourself.

  47. Do not have these babies. If you can, you need to abort. If not, adopt them out. Once you have kids, you will lose all your freedom. All of it. You think maybe not, right? Or it cant be that bad? REALITY CHECK...IT IS THAT BAD. Kids don't go into kindergarten until age 5. That means that for the next AT LEAST SIX YEARS you will have absolutely no freedom, no life. That's if you're a good mom. You'll escape for maybe minutes, sometimes an hour or two. But think about your friends who will be experiencing life on their own. They'll have choices that you will no longer have. Anything you're doing now for yourself, plan on not doing it for another 6 years. Think about having to make arrangements just to grocery shop for 30 minutes. Think about the massive amount of mess you'll be cleaning up on a daily (or hourly) basis.

  48. last sentence. youre not ready. dont care how much you think you are, youre not. youre just not. literally not a single person can be at 17. dont care how much you actually do know, how much research you've done, how many things you've bought, how many people you've asked for help. youre not ready.

  49. I’m glad you can afford them but just think. Your life from now on will revolve around the kids. Your time for yourself will diminish as they come first. Given your young age I’d strongly recommend thinking hard about this. No harm in waiting a bit and trying again when you feel more comfortable

  50. Honestly, even making $5k a month, I don’t think she can afford them and be comfortable. Her, her boyfriend (if he decides to stay or contribute financially), and three kids is five people…that’s not nearly enough. She’ll also never be able to save to buy her own house unless her business survives the recession and becomes huge. Everyone is saying how financially stable and well off she is, but I honestly don’t see it that way at all. Plus, without a college degree, she doesn’t have much to fall back on except for working at a retail store if her business goes under.

  51. Why would you choose to suffer? Triplets at 17yo ur literally minor girl you will regret keeping them girl just abort them kids are really annoying and ur too young to take such responsibilities you haven’t seen ur life yet ur only 17!

  52. You said you feel trapped already. My biggest piece of advice for you is that if the answer is not an enthusiastic 150% yes then it's a no.

  53. I’m gonna get downvoted into oblivion but am i seriously the only one who finds this shit hard to believe…? 17 years old, already finished high school, living with her boyfriend, birth control failed and now pregnant with triplets, making over 5 thousand dollars a month with a (semi)famous store with a big family willing to help fully support her… nobody has questioned the validity of this? really?

  54. If you feel trapped now, you will feel really trapped with 3 kids. You have options. Consider them carefully and make the choice for yourself. Do not let anyone influence your decision.

  55. I hope you know that what you do with the fetuses is your choice and no one else’s. If you can’t parent the children, don’t have them. I’m not at all saying this to be mean, teen moms are fucking strong, but don’t do it out of a sense of obligation, do it because you want to.

  56. I will say that what I thought financial security was at 17 is drastically different than what financial security actually is and I was already helping to support my family at that point.

  57. Honestly this is every parents worst nightmare for their kids.. You’re still a minor in a relationship with someone 3 years senior to you. Obviously not practicing safe sex. That’s great you make descent money but with one kid 60k a year can be a struggle without real medical benefits. You have so much of the world in front of you to explore and to figure out who you really are. This ends all of that.

  58. I'll be honest with you, having kids at 17 sounds like a terrible idea in the modern world even if you you could afford it, and 3 kids sounds like even more trouble. Also your work income can easily decline anytime, not to mention you wont be able to put in the same amount of time when you have 3 kids.

  59. Yes and no. I wasn’t even sure if I ever wanted kids. But after the ultrasound I warmed up to the idea. I’m just so young yknow? But then again, I’ll probably never be able to get pregnant with triplets again. It’s kinda rare in itself.

  60. I'd get an abortion and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that choice. You're extremely young and triplets are insane on a body, much less the next 18 years. You deserve education and a life for yourself; not being yoked to three kids before you're 18. Babies don't stay babies forever. Just because you're capable, doesn't mean you HAVE to. Think of your own future first.

  61. Honestly, you could be a millionaire and still not be able to handle raising 3 kids at 17yo. No 17 yo has the emotional maturity to raise another human, let alone 3 entire humans at the same time.

  62. girl i’m stressed for you. I was a teen mom it was so hard not something i wish on anyone but it sounds like you have a lot of support I had non so that is a super plus. regardless of what you decide save money, read a lot of parenting books be patient and learn to self care.

  63. 3 babies at once is crazy expensive!! You say you have a good paying job rn but that will go away when you become too pregnant to work unless you can work from home. That will not be easy with 3 babies, even with help from your family. There are also health risks when you carry 3 babies, especially at such a young age. You may be told by your doctor that you need to stop working and go on bed rest at some point. Your family might not help as much when they are born as they say they will now. Not trying to be a downer or make any assumptions, you may have a great support system and loads of money. Triplets at your age tho will end up being the focus of your life til somewhere in your late 30's. I don't have any good advice but I wish you all the best with whatever choice you make.

  64. Not sure what country you’re from so what your options are, but have you decided on keeping the pregnancy? May be a taboo topic but non-the less depending on one’s circumstance can be a valid question.

  65. Many people seem to be telling you to go through with this, however, OP you raise the most important point. Even with the best partner in the world, becoming a parent is such a physical and emotional undertaking for any woman. I’m (24) currently 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby and it was a tough decision. I sometimes still get sad thinking about all that I’m losing with the choice to keep the baby. I’m confident that it will be worth it but I’m under no illusion that part of me will always wonder what my life would’ve been if I had chosen different.

  66. I’m not sure if this is allowed to say, but are you aware you can have one or two fetuses removed, if you are not up for three babies?

  67. Hey, it's been glossed over quite a bit... but triplets are high risk pregnancies to begin with, let alone with a first pregnancy at your young age. All opinions aside, this is medically... risky.

  68. Just to prepare you. Having 3 kids, is not like having 3 kids. It's like having 9 kids. Not sure how to explain it, but we had one kid. Then we had another kid later, and having 2 kids did not feel like having 1 kid, then having 1 more kid. It felt like having 4 kids all of a sudden, because now you're feeding one, and the other one is getting in to something, and then you go deal with that one and turn your back for a second, and the first one is getting in to something lol.

  69. Mother of triplet boys. They are 18 months old now and I had them when I was 38. It’s very hard you can’t even imagine. So, please think wisely.

  70. The guys are always excited…but that doesn’t mean they’ll be there. My thoughts as the oldest of a teen mom (I was born when she was 13 and she had 3 of us by 19), it is hard and if you can…don’t do it at 17. These are 3 embryo/fetuses and your body is going to go under a massive amount of stress. This isn’t one baby, it’s 3. You’re still growing into an adult yourself, and with mental health issues already present, they can become worse so if you do decide to keep the pregnancy going to work closely with your mental health professionals.

  71. op having 3 babies out of nowhere to support will be a huge physical mental and financial strain and at 17 .... wow i doubt anyone who is 17 can afford 1 kid let alone 3 even in a country that has support systems in place ... trust me you dont have a good paying job at the age of 17 you are probably not paying any bills etc at this point

  72. As unpopular of an opinion as this may be depending on how far along you are there is always selective reduction. Depending on what country you are it may be an option if three is too many for you which understandably at 17 im sure is, hell any age triplets is very difficult. I feel like you would have more support than not if you made a decision like that but ultimately its up to you. Just make the best decision for you your personal health and your family long-term.

  73. You could afford them but what do you WANT? You've shared the logistics that would make it possible but is that what you want? I could make a lot of things work but that doesn't mean that's what I want to do.

  74. I say don't do it. Based on all the circumstances you're very likely to regret it. Not only that, but it would also be a very high risk pregnancy.

  75. I have a friend who has 3 kids, 1 kid and a set of twins and they are drowning. It is a very personal choice but jumping into three is insane. They also spend $3300 in daycare a month . Not to mention it’s incredibly dangerous for you. I’m a happy momma of one but if I had triplets I wouldn’t go through with it and would consider my options. One baby nearly killed me enough but I also have health issues

  76. You’re extremely young at 17. I’ve several friends who became mothers in the teens and none of them recommend it, saying it was beyond difficult.

  77. 3 kids at 17, no ambitions/goals, and slight mental health issues. Hopin abortion is being considered as an option cause it’s not looking good for you gang, no shame in it at all

  78. If you don’t 100% want kids, don’t do it. Kids, especially three at once, are a crap ton of work, even for the parents that want them. I’m 22 and got seriously overwhelmed with my PUPPY. Puppies generally mature around 2-3 years old…obviously, humans take much longer.

  79. unisex clothing would be best, onsies and low button outfits. You will not need 3 sets of baby soothing things. Use the help that is offered. You will get used to it. Best of luck, it will be hard at times but the love of the babies will help you through the sleepless nights. sleep when help helps! This is not time to socialize or clean, SLEEP.

  80. Uhm... you sure you're fit to be a parent if you struggle with mental health issues and you're really scared about the prospect of having children? Sounds to me like the most sensible option would be abortion.

  81. I hope you’re somewhere with access to reproductive healthcare. Because despite all the people acting like this isn’t going to ruin your life- it’s going to ruin your life.

  82. Seriously. The odds of naturally conceiving triplets is ridiculously low. OP called it “kinda rare” in a comment, it’s not “kinda” rare, it’s EXTREMELY rare.

  83. You have a decent paying job at 17, so much so that you can afford triplets?! I couldn't imagine myself with any baby at 17! As a grown woman I am half crazy because of my kids. Best of luck!

  84. if ur not ready to have them it’s totally fine, don’t be afraid to sit down and have a talk with ur bf about how u don’t want them, ur rlly young and have so many years ahead of you, it’s understandable

  85. I hope you have plenty of family who have time on their hands other than your mother. If you think you and your mother can handle triplets AND run a business, you're really not thinking straight. I had to kids two years apart WITH my husband. It was hard AF.

  86. You're just an adult-sized kid yourself, and your job depends on how many customers you get. Having one kid is overwhelming for adults who have been preparing, much less three.

  87. I had twins at 22 and it was so incredibly difficult! Now that’s with being married and living with my in laws. I had help and it was still just pure exhaustion. I’m not sure if I would do it again if I had a choice . I found out about them too late. I would not recommend having triplets at 17 ! You have so many mor years left to have babies after you know where you want to go in your life. You seem smart with your sewing shop! Save up and plan for your future. If you abort please have implant birth control put in same day so that you don’t have to worry. I loved my arm implant as birth control

  88. bro it's up to you but taking care of a kid is way harder than you could possibly expect, especially at 17. even if you have the money to afford paying for everything. let alone the fact jts not just one kid but THREE??

  89. I’m 24 and I also have a stable income. To support one kid? Sure. Not three though. But mentally, I am not ready to even raise one kid. I can’t even fathom trying to raise a kid at a teen age.

  90. This is going to be a weird suggestion, but tell your family and your partner that you're thinking of aborting, and see if their attitude turns and they pressure you, or if they still respect your decision. If it's the latter, you're not being trapped.

  91. Kiddo, you're in for a wild ride. Do what feels right you, don't let anyone talk you into anything; this is your body, your choice, your life. Full stop.

  92. This will change the course of your life forever. If you want your 20s to be flexible, adaptable, opportunity-filled, and enjoyable, parenting triplets will make that nearly impossible. Twins are a lot, let alone triplets. You’ll spend your time working and taking care of children. 17 is pretty young to take that all on, just know it’s an option you can always save for later in life.

  93. I just want to point out that you'll probably only see 5-10% of the people saying they're going to help actually step up and do it. Everyone likes the idea of a baby, but few want to do any work for one that isn't theirs. You could also look into selective reduction if three is too much or too risky.

  94. I was a pregnant 17-year-old too. I was scared and had little support. The family who wanted to really stepped up. It wasn’t easy but instead of focusing on bad, which you’ll hear from many people, here are the good things: You’re younger so you have more energy to run around with them and have fun playing. You get to sort of grow up with them and form a close bond. I’m now 46 and have grandchildren. I get compliments all the time about how I look too young to be a grandma. I smile and reply that I love it. Because now I’m young enough to run around with my grandchildren and play. Being a young parent has many positives. If you have family support and are able financially, you got this. I hope this helps.

  95. 17... When I was 17 and when most people I know were 17, we were still kids and we remained for a long time and triplets sounds like a lot of work... Don't you have something you would like to do in the future? Something crazy? When I was 17, I secretly wished I'd become a writer and a game designer and it felt crazy to me. And here I am, a writer and a game designer, 10 years later. Wouldn't have happened with kids.

  96. Honestly don’t take this the wrong way please but my concerns would be more the fact that a triplet pregnancy at 17 is EXTREMELY high risk. Regardless of if you can raise them or not you have to also consider are you ready to possibly raise 3 special needs children at 17? Because there is a much higher than average chance these babies will be extremely premature or you could suffer life threatening or even ending complications and leave your boyfriend to raise them alone. A triplet pregnancy at an ideal age is risky, at 17 it is even more risky, and yes being 17 makes you higher risk. I am not trying to scare you, but you should take that into consideration. Is your boyfriend ready to possibly raise 3 special needs children ALONE should that be the outcome ? Or are YOU prepared to do the same or possibly burry one or more of these babies at a later gestation if they are born preterm and then die ? How will your mental health handle that outcome ? Or how will you handle months in the NICU? Just consider all of the possible outcomes and then make your decisions. Also embryo reduction IS a valid option ! Also know I say this as someone who became a mother at 17 and now has 3 children and spent time in the NICU with 1 of them…. NICU life is HARD. I am not sure I could have done it when I was 17.

  97. You can afford triplets at 17? Either your math is wrong or you come from an insanely wealthy family. One baby is hard enough; tripling the work is something else entiely.

  98. You're financially stable, that's great. Save a lot, it's always a good thing to have money in case of need. You're not pursuing college but you are 17. You don't know if you will want to go back to school in the future. And with 3 kids it's going to be very difficult. And even if you don't imo you are too young to have a child, let alone 3.

  99. The biggest thing is this: once kids are present they are there for LIFE. Not just until 18. Not just the cute baby stage. Are you ready for such a heavy responsibility at such a early age? You haven’t had a chance to really live, travel and explore life. All things to consider.

  100. I hope your family isn’t lying to you to just get you to have the babies. Because 3 babies at once is a lot. One baby almost killed me because of my mental health issues, and I have a partner who helps a LOT. My PPD had me wanting to throw my baby out a window. Be honest with yourself, is you bf really going to help? Because he was already irresponsible enough to get you pregnant. Money means jack and shit. You are going to be eternally exhausted with three babies. And how much money are you going to be able to make when you are caring for three little ones. Especially with mental health issues. Not to mention that pregnancy could kill you. I had a high risk pregnancy that could have killed me and my son and he was 100% planned.

  101. if you’re having doubts, i say don’t do it. three babies is a lot of toll on one body. and who knows if everyone will make it out unscathed? you’re 17, you have decades left to worry about when you want kids.

  102. That is a huge responsibility to take on at a very young age. I think you should listen to yourself and how you’re feeling. 1 kid is one thing but triplets is another. And honestly, a lot of times boyfriends are “excited” during the pregnancy but absent after birth so that’s another thing to consider (idk how your bf is at all, this is just what i’ve noticed in my personal life and on social media)

  103. If you’re not ready, you shouldn’t have kids. Many might not agree with me but you’d be bringing 3 human lives into the world and once that happens it’s far more about them than you. If you’re not ready to live your life for 3 other people, kids shouldn’t be the way to go

  104. You’re 17. I’m 23 now and I can’t even fathom how different my brain and mental capabilities are now compared to then. 17 is so young and you have not stopped developing. You have an amazing job by the sounds of it which is supporting you know but will you have the time and energy to be sewing and marketing and all of that with three babies and a load of messy hormones? If you think you can then great! Sounds like you have a great support system in place and I’m sure you would get help but it will change your life forever. 17 is so young and your business will be a lot harder to live on once the babies arrive (or even before with how hard pregnancy is). Whatever you decide I wish you luck and happiness x

  105. I didn’t even scroll far and seeing nobody say anything yet about this being a bad idea. Fuck being so financially well off what about their mental? How FAST this all is. Not even living your life for yourself for a solid decade first before having not one but THREE kids?

  106. In my experience, I wouldn’t rely on the promises of others to help with your children. They probably will, but people get busy and you never know what will come up in their lives. I was promised the world as far as help with my twins, but received very little. Granted, a few family members got sick so they couldn’t help much and the care was mostly diverted to them. I’m not trying to be a downer, but I wish I went through with it fully understanding the possibility that I would be mostly doing this alone.

  107. I had my oldest at 17, and then twins at 20. Ultimately it’s your decision. I love my kids and everything is okay now but took me a very long time to get here. Im 27 now, and if I could give you any advice it would be to put yourself first over anyone else’s opinion. This is your life and body you are putting at risk here.

  108. It's your decision to make but keep in mind what pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood actually mean. It's not something you decide because you "don't mind", it's something you decide because you 100% WANT it.

  109. I was pregnant at 17. With a single baby but with my family's support he is now a thriving teen who we attended his first college open day with this week! I'm not going to sugar coat it, it's bloody hard girl but if you want it, it's manageable. Check out mother and baby groups in your area, ask at the doctor's, the local preschools and churches and find your local children's centre (my experience is in the UK) They will have parenting classes, I've seen lots of multiple(twins/triplets) baby support groups, breastfeeding groups and they're wonderful. I don't know how I'd have managed without those resources on top of my families support. If you want to DM me then I'm happy to chat.

  110. I guess it’s good that you don’t really have any goals or aspirations because with triplets your entire life is just going to be mom.

  111. At 28, twins was fucking hard — I had my hubs, brother, Mom and Dad all in the same house with us and I still struggled daily. It’s not going to be easy, even with help. We all loved together at the time and they helped so much. Still..

  112. there is nothing to this but whether or not you want to be a mother to triplets right now. it's okay not to want that right now. it's not selfish and it's not wrong. you're still a kid. do you want the responsibility of being a mother? can YOU handle it? not your family but can YOU handle it emotionally and physically. pregnancy and birth are dangerous and its YOUR body that will take that beating, not anyone else. this is a decision for you and no one else.

  113. One kid changes everything. Three at once when you’re 17? I can’t imagine. I heard this mentioned on The Bert Show recently and it bears repeating. “Unless you really want kids, don’t have them” and I co-sign on that sentiment. I wish you all the best. I know it’s a tough decision either way but it’s not impossible.

  114. This is ultimately your decision but I think you should think very very seriously about what you want your future to look like. This will, without a doubt, limit a lot of your options and your life will look very different to your friends. You don’t have ambitions now maybe but you are shutting a big door in terms of finding yourself, being carefree and figuring out what you want to do with your life. This is going to define your life at 17 and IMHO, that is far too young. Your 20s are about exploring, traveling, being young, stupid and free. Don’t take giving that up lightly - you may always regret it. But then you may always regret not having the babies, so it really comes down to what you want for yourself and what your heart tells you will ultimately make you happier in the long term.

  115. I don’t think you realize how hard and expensive it will be raising 3 babies at once. The cheapest daycare in my VERY low cost of living area is $150/week per child. So to keep working on your business you’ll have to pay almost $2000/month for childcare alone. Then on top of that you have to pay for their (and your) health insurance, food, clothing, and a roof over their heads. You also have to consider- what happens if you and your bf break up?

  116. Since no one else wants to directly say it, with love, Abort mission. You will regret not living life to the fullest so much, especially if post-partum plays a part. You have the advantage of technology, travel, and power over what comes out of your body.

  117. no one who’s been pregnant as a teenager recommends it, so definitely consider abortion or adoption

  118. I feel like 100% one of them is gonna quit wanting to be a parent in some years, because they won’t have time at all to be themselves

  119. I mean 17 is very young to start a family. So many travel opportunities will be missed. Lots of potential friendships would likely be put on hold. So many new things to try out there would need to be put on pause until your 40s. But those are things I worry about as a 24f. If those aren't things that interest you, maybe being a mother could be great for you. Making such permanent decisions at such a young age is so difficult. Whatever you choose I hope you have a solid support system behind you.

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