I drank my best friends breast milk

  1. I’m in the ER with my grandmother who’s having chest pains & I’m waiting for her to come back from tests & this comment right here gave me the first moment of relief/happiness I’ve had all day. Just thought you should know this laugh went a long way 🥹♥️

  2. Post history is suspicious. Not to mention, animals dont walk right up to you in hikes for having food on you. Especially dried food in containers (like nuts). When you hear about bears encountering campers and such its because you left food scraps in the open or you cooked. A can of peanuts sealed or beef jerkey sealed isnt going to bring a bear from miles away into your face.

  3. It is 100% a lie story. Why would this lady go hiking with no plan to pump if she was producing that much milk. It would have been a terrible time for her.

  4. People just don’t understand why others lie like this so they think it must be true (because what’s to gain if there’s anonymity right?)

  5. Your friend is a real one for that because I would have just let you pass out I'm gonna be honest with you

  6. I don’t think it would have even come to mind 🤣 I would have tried to find something in the woods before popping out a boob

  7. I used to give shot of it to my ex husband when he would get a cold. He had a shitty immune system and I worked at an Urgent Care so I had all kinds of immunities.

  8. There are two wolves in each person. One longs to suckle the sweet milk of the blessed titty. The other craves the dark powers of the cursed antibiotic. Something like that idk I'm not a doctor

  9. I was gonna say "always has been" but then I remembered it was originally created to evade the politically oriented censorship of the original sub. We've come a long way down...

  10. This is BS. If you actually had a condition like this, you would have snacks on you regardless unless you were shit-stupid.

  11. It is . Op claims to be a 19male but post history shows 45 days ago OP posted in confessions claiming to be a 18 female . Tf going on here , recent sex change or some shit ?

  12. Attract animals really dude I've done long distance hiking and carried a weeks worth of food on my back and slept with it in my tent in an area of bears and mountain lions that's just ridiculous

  13. I low-key don't believe this as the amount of calories you would have obtained would have been so few that you would have still passed out.

  14. Yeah its none sense. It defies common sense. Its not enough calories or sugar to make a bit of difference. Like eating your friends snot to spike blood sugar. Might work for a tiny newborn. But not a grown man. This sub is just worthless creative writing prompts.

  15. Yeah breast milk story aside I don’t understand his reasoning for not bringing food. It’s a hike. You need food and snacks when you’re out on a hike especially if you have blood sugar issues. His reasoning makes no sense at all. What does he think people do when camping? Starve to death?

  16. As a type 1 diabetic myself, OP is straight lying. There would not be enough carbohydrate in breast milk to correct hypoglycemia. Also, any T1 or someone with history of hypoglycemia would know to bring something. Anything. Literally, any bar or snack is sealed in packaging and airtight. OP is straight lying.

  17. I absolutely refuse to believe this. I have SEVERAL family members with diabetes who would never even consider hiking without at least glucose tablets?!?! I’m calling BULLSHIT right now.

  18. If you get low blood sugar you pass out. I have a great idea. Go hiking in the wilderness with nothing to replenish your blood sugar levels.

  19. This is a ridiculous post. I was diagnosed with diabetes only three months ago and quickly learned how critical it is to carry both glucose and low carb/sugar protein bars. And what nursing mother has time to go hiking with a friend? I call BS.

  20. There is an ancient Roman story of a daughter breastfeeding her imprisoned father who is sentenced death by starvation. There are even famous paintings about it.

  21. This really seems like a fantasy. Especially since in your other posts you're a 19F. Having food doesnt make animals walk right up to you. Especially dried food in containers like nuts for example.

  22. Hey, this happened in the final scene in The Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck about the 1930's depression).

  23. Do people really wwste their time making up stories. I will admit I am a bit gullible. But why would someone make stories up? What's the reward?

  24. Ok but for future reference, you passing out is a MUCH bigger concern than animals. Bringing food on a hike is litterly 100% fine as long as you aren't staying the night.

  25. As a currently lactating woman, I’m sorry but no. Bring a snack next time weirdo Edit: if this is real, your friend is a real one for that. But I’m doubtful

  26. Even though this is a shitpost I still want to hear how the fictional conversation went down. “So, uh, I don’t have snacks but I think I can still help you…”

  27. This is an odd question but what was the temperature of it like? That’s something I’ve always wondered about breast milk

  28. You'd never believe it, but the hormones produced by the body after childbirth help to keep the breastmilk in best conditions for the baby to consume. Now different babies have different preferences, so the left tit generally maintains a temperature of about 8 to 10 C, and the right tit actually keeps it at 65-70 C. Unless you're a lefty of course, then it's reverse.

  29. Thats how i found out my ex gf was pregnant. Was sucking on her tits then suddenly i tasted something

  30. Milk doesn't usually come in until after child birth maybe what you were tasting was the clear discharge that comes in before breast milk

  31. I think the more time goes on you'll realize how lucky you were that your friend was a walking milk machine. No shame. Really fortunate and another person said, that milk is made for humans it's definitely okay to drink.

  32. Your friend is an absolute Saint. I'm not sure what your relationship is like, but from my understanding breastfeeding can be painful, not to mention the awkwardness she may have felt. Consider doing something nice in return as a thank you

  33. Bodybuilders drink this stuff and don’t get busted for roids. It’s quite possibly the best thing you could have had access to, and straight from the tap?

  34. I don’t actually believe this happened. If you did indeed feed from her breast milk it wasn’t out of necessity. There’s not much in the way of carbohydrates in breast milk, especially for just a minute of time. Also there’s a process to let down and all that. We don’t just have milk available to whomever needs it. And as someone who is hypoglycemic and also lactating, I don’t believe for a second neither of you went hiking without a snack. Lactation makes a person very hungry. Hypoglycemia is dangerous.

  35. Op, if you are prone to hypoglycemic episodes, perhaps you should get a tube of glucose tabs to keep on you. Any fast-acting sugar will do but those are convenient.

  36. Ooooh right you had low blood sugar 😉😉 and was in desperate need of something to keep you from passing out 😉😉😉😉 I gotcha We all have been there😉😉

  37. I won't even drive to the UPS store without some mints and baby Snickers in the bottom of my bag just in case. You went on a whole hike with not enough food and water? And had to breastfeed from a friend?

  38. If this is a real story then I think you guys had an amazing solution. And you got a titty too so that's an interesting friendship story now.

  39. Y’all it’s really not that weird.. y’all be sucking on titties all the time, but this one is a problem??? 😂😂😂 stfu

  40. I drank my friend's it wasn't for any big reason we just didn't have any cow milk so i asked her if she had some for cereal. She did and it was alright. It tasted like the milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl milk.

  41. I... wow... I'm not judging or anything but I do have a question or two. Mainly, if you know you're prone to passing out from having low blood sugar, diabetes?, then why the Hell aren't you carrying food???

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