I got humiliated today for not driving, and I’ve never felt like a bigger loser in my life.

  1. You are 17 no need to worry about such stuff tbh. There are people who can’t or don’t like to drive or don’t want to and it’s totally okay. Don’t let stupid social standards ruin your mood

  2. I didn't start driving till I was 20, not cause anxiety or anything, just cause there was no need till then. You're good.

  3. I'm sorry that happened, that teacher sounds a little off in the way they handled that. You're 17, it's totally normal and ok to not drive yet AND to not be working yet. School is your priority at your age. There's nothing wrong if someone wants to work on the side, but it should by no means be something that is required or expected.

  4. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I didn't get my license til I was 24, I saw no use for it until then. Didn't get my first job until I was 20, and my man didn't get his license til he was 35! You have plenty of time. Don't make it a huge deal, it doesn't make you a loser at all 🙂

  5. Those favours include: Driving your friends to school, being the DD at almost every party you and your friends go to, constantly being asked if you wanna be the driver for a “booze cruise,” being asked for rides to and from, and I garauntee you that you won’t get half the gas money you waste. If it’s anything like how my school was, and how my friends were. It sucks. I didn’t drive though, just watched it happen.

  6. Dm me when you're in front of your teacher a random stranger wants to have a word about what her job responsibilities actually are compared to what her bird brain seems to think they are. Thanks

  7. Teacher is being classist and insensitive. Hell, even if you DID have your license, there are still plenty of circumstances that would lead to your mom dropping you off, and very few denote a failure on your part. Jesus, how inappropriate. I’m sorry you went through that. You are most definitely not a failure.

  8. Sounds like a fucking pathetic excuse of a teacher. Don't be embarrassed though, it literally doesn't matter, own yourself, it's a simple situation it simply doesn't matter. No one outside of America would care about this. As a European it means basically nothing

  9. You do you, everyone is different, i started driving at like 25, shit, had my first girlfriend at 28, now with what most people would consider a succsessfull life.

  10. Driving is overrated. Also its very environment-friendly to carpool with your family members. Did that teacher honestly assume that all family members should have their own car and drive alone in it? They sound like an entitled bitch. Also its normal for a 17 to not have a job. Your only job at the moment is to finish the school with good grades and find an occupation that you will enjoy. So don't feel bad that teacher is an idiot.

  11. I got a licence at 18 (min age where I live) but I properly learnt only a few years after that. And I started a job only after graduating college. It's not a big deal.

  12. Duuude! You’re only 17. School’s hard enough as it is. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Focus on your studies. Ignore the teacher, everyone agrees she’s being a bleep word. Don’t feel pressured by your peers or idiot adults. Enjoy your youth because I can assure you she’ll be feeling old.

  13. Your teacher shouldn’t have even brought something like that up in the first place. I didn’t even get my actual license until after I graduated (I got my permit 3 months before I graduated as well). Trust me, there’s people out there that wait to get their license and there’s some who don’t even get them at all. That teacher is just an ass

  14. I got my licence at 20, it really doesn't matter and its a massive dick move to make someone feel small for such a trivial thing. Don't worry, you're only 17, you'll be okay

  15. Don’t stress too much about it, not everyone is eager to drive or have a car at that age. I had my permit at 18, never took the driving test. I didn’t actually get my license until I was 30 but that’s a story in itself. Work at your own pace.

  16. You’re 17 you don’t need to have your life figured out and also don’t be so sensitive you’re insecure so you take these things as embarrassing but most likely nobody cared. It’s all in your head bro

  17. Didn't get my license until i was 18, didn't have my own car until 20. Now i'm 25, in a brand new country with no job (studying), no license and no car with people younger than me who have both. Don't worry about it, everyone lives life at their own pace.

  18. I am 19 years old. I got my license 3 months ago because I absolutely had to for a job I couldn’t afford to lose. Lol. If I never got the job I have now I guarantee you I probably still wouldn’t have it, and probably wouldn’t get it for another couple years. My 16 year old cousin got it before I did. There’s really nothing to be embarrassed of, and if people shame you for I would argue that they are in fact the losers.

  19. First off, I'm 19 and yet I don't have a driver's license yet so please don't beat yourself up about it. I'd still get either of my parents or even cousins to drive me to work or anywhere and in exchange I pay for their gas. It's okay to not have your driver's license yet, especially at your age.

  20. I didn't learn how to drive until I was 28, for a multitude of reasons. Your teacher was being rude, tbh. Don't worry about not having your license yet. You'll get there. You already sound way more put together then I was at your age.

  21. Some people who have their DL still can't drive well or park properly. If i were in your position I would asked her about her driving skills and driving history and if she got defensive I would used that against her but that's just me. Your 17 you don't need to worry about at this time theirs even people who get their driving license in the late 20s or 30s. Theirs even people who have driven for so many years yet can't even drive well or can't even park or parallel park even if their life's dependent on it. The way she said is pathetic and for a grown women who earns a low salary is not the way to take it out on a student. Don't let her words discourage you.

  22. Don't worry about it. I didn't drive at 17 or have a job. Your job right now is to learn and keep your grades up. Also 90% of people I knew in high school who could drive and had a job, most of the money from the job went to maintaining the car.

  23. Damn. I didn’t learn driving until I was 36. I somehow got my way round until late 20s. My early 30s were in London where the public transport was the best option and I was so happy. Then I moved to US and depended on my wife who was an excellent driver. But all good things have to come to an end, my wife gave me an ultimatum and I got my sorry ass to learn driving and swallow my road fear. Now I am one of those crazy Dallas drivers.

  24. I'm sorry an incident like that happened to you, especially coming from someone who's supposed to be a teacher. I didn't get my driver's license until the end of my senior year of highschool, and my little brother, who's done with highschool, doesn't have his license either! There's nothing wrong with not having your license plus you've got plans to get it. Also, about not having a job, DON'T feel ashamed for not having one yet. You're going to be working for so many years to come, you're not missing out.

  25. I mean, if your plans go threw correctly, you will be making more than a teacher does per year. I wouldnt let it get you down.

  26. You're 17. Life is just starting. Relax and enjoy school. So what if you don't have both those things? You've got time and everyone's journey is different. Stay on your path :>

  27. Some teachers really dont know how to mediate a conversation smh. Dont worry. I learned how to drive at the end of high school BUT I wasnt allowed to drive until I was almost 25. It was embarrassing sometimes sure when I was leaving work and had to wait for my parents or a friend from college wanted to meet up and I couldnt bc I couldnt drive but at 17? Not to worry my friend. Focus on getting your railroad job and screw everyone else

  28. You have your entire adult life to worry about working. I personally didn't work until after I graduated and I think less highschool age kids should be in the workforce anyways. Enjoy your youth while you have it.

  29. Your teacher is in the wrong. Even if those questions were a genuine interest in you, teachers have a duty to maintain their students’ dignity. If this isn’t something you can brush off, you might want to talk to her privately and let her know how it made you feel—she probably doesn’t realize that you felt put on the spot, or that she potentially violated some social norms that are important to you. Edit to add: I taught for five years and now work as an intervention tutor in a middle school. Sometimes I say dumb shit, and I am grateful 100% of the time when kids let me know that they took something personally or that they didn’t get my meaning. It’s important to know how to have positive confrontation and how to advocate for yourself, and it’s important for teachers to be reminded that different people need different communication.

  30. I got my license in college at age 19 public transportation and my bike was all I needed before then. My sister just got hers at age 37. fuck your teacher and tell her to buy you one if she is so concerned about you

  31. I've gone to college and work with grown ass adults who don't have drivers licenses. I know it's hard to do, but try not to stew on it too much. Driving isnt the end all, be all. You'll get there even if your path and step process is different from the norm.

  32. I was 18 when i learned to drive and it was after i graduated high school. Even if i knew to drive in high school we couldn’t afford a car for me to drive myself so what was the point.

  33. I got a job at 18 and didn't get a car until almost 20. Got fired from my first job btw. I'm a Marine vet now

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