Pretty sure my boyfriend wants to marry me

  1. I proposed at the 1 year mark. I had a whole plan for the proposal but she already knew it was coming and was sulking because she kept expecting me to propose at a different time. I eventually just winged it and gave it to her one night. We've been married almost 10 years since and just recently welcomed our second child.

  2. You’re gonna get a mixed bag of answers with that question. Everyone’s going to be different. I asked my wife to marry me after being together for about 2 weeks. It’s probably take others years to ask “the question”. It sounds like he’s really trying to gauge your reactions to the possibility of being married. No matter what you say if he asks, I HIGHLY recommend living together for a bit before you tie the knot. Hopefully you guys don’t get engaged and buy a house at the same time. That is going to be a lot of stress at once. You really get to know someone when you live together and there’s a lot to figure out.

  3. He wanted to buy a place, but I said no. We will be renting a nice apartment and moving in October. I understand I'm going to get a mixed bag of answers, but that's fun to me to read everyone else's stories. 😊

  4. Randomly mention to him to ask permission to your parents and then ask your parents to tell you and then all you have to do is sit back and wait

  5. I kind of like the idea of being surprised. It's exciting. Plus, I didn't have the best parents growing up so I don't really care if they approve of me getting married. Not even sure if I'd invite them

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