My wife gave me chlamydia

  1. Everybody in this sub wants the most quote-worthy revenge line as though OP’s life were a movie. But the most epic revenge in cases like this comes in the form of quiet lips, exhaustive documentation, and a kick-ass lawyer. And boy-toy’s wife should have the same opportunity.

  2. If OP sent out a message to the boyfriend you can be sure the wife knows already. He was probably blowing up her phone right away warning her about the impending shit storm.

  3. …because I just got it from you” just to avoid any confusion. She might think you gave it to them.

  4. Or maybe talk about a friend(fictional) who has the same name as his wife's lover boy.. keep mentioning his name till she breaks down.. At last allow her to confess on her own accord..

  5. Years ago I read about a local woman that got HIV from her cheating husband. Crested probably the worst shit storm imaginable that it hit the news. Though I think he was a city official or police officer with a high rank or something.

  6. Most states don't have at fault divorce. She could just 1000 dudes on camera and physically abuse OP and she is still entitled to half of all their assets.

  7. Many states are no fault as far as divorce, meaning the state could give a fuck about why you're divorcing, and infidelity isn't really a consideration to them.

  8. I'm not sure about your wife's personality, but I would record what happens and also try to get any cash assets (she may have access to) out of the bank.

  9. Yeah going to record everything. We have a separate account so my money is safe. The house is my parent's so I'm not worried about and property because we don't own any together.

  10. My two cents. Breathe, eat something, remain calm, don't let the situation become violent, remain rationale as possible, record if legal, create space between you both (physically, as in don't live together ASAP) document everything. Careful who you tell as people love gossip and don't really care about your situation. You won't get a answer that will satisfy your need for a reason. Sorry OP you've got a shitty few months in front of you. Ex did something very similiar 3.5yrs ago after 10yrs marriage. Gets better. Call a friend and rant, talk, get therapy if you feel it helpful.

  11. This helped me. And my family lawyer had me re setup my security system into a hidden system. Since there was an existing security system recording, the new one didn't have to be disclosed after my wife remained in the home, as it's a home fixture. In Texas BTW.

  12. While everyone is tossing around advice here, let me simply say that I’m really sorry this is all happening. I hope you have family and friends to go to for support. Please take care of yourself.

  13. Yeah I am with you on this. Such a shitty thing to go through. I’m sorry OP! I’m wishing you the best during this fkd up time.

  14. Oh wtf... Why did I read that? Now if my husband looks at my search history he's gonna be like "why'd ya need to know about Chlamydia, babe?" Lmfao Curiosity killed the god damned cat...

  15. For those who don't want to open the link or didn't read it all (and it actually didn't cover the section well), the infection is treated easily if detected promptly. It's a single course of antibiotics and sometimes it's even a single dose. Get tested, people.

  16. Anyone know what the reminder bot thing is? I'm gonna need to check back see if there's an update down the line!

  17. Damn didn’t even have the respect to wrap up(don’t downvote me to hell people not downplaying the cheating) at least she didn’t get pregnant and hit you with that “surprise honey we’re pregnant”.

  18. I'd like to extend my best wishes and offer you a good Scottish whiskey on a porch during soft rain with an occasional grunt expressing our general contentment with the atmosphere of tranquility

  19. Wow. What she did is fucked up enough… but the fact that she didn’t even care to use protection for her and your safety speaks volumes about the lack of respect she has for other humans and even worse… her spouse… that she is supposed to love. I was given chlamydia by a boyfriend a long time ago. He blamed me and tried to tell me I gave it to him. I wish you all the best in dealing with this. Sending healing and good vibes your way, internet stranger!

  20. My friend actually had this happen a while ago, he went on holiday, came back and slept with his girlfriend as usual. Caught chlamydia as well. She didn’t even know she had it either.

  21. Truly fucked up. My ex gf gave me a std and it was in my blood and it hid in my wrist and they had to do surgery to clean out my wrist. And my wrist hurts all day every day. Fuck those bitches

  22. Please keep us updated. I NEED to know her reaction. I wish I could see the look on her face when she finds out she gave you an std

  23. My high school boyfriend gave me chlamydia. I was a virgin when we met, and I made him get tested before I’d have sex with him. Despite that, he swore he didn’t cheat. That was the final straw, though, and the reason I ended our 3 year relationship. I finally had proof to confirm my suspicions, and no amount of gaslighting was getting him out of it.

  24. Well lucky for her she’s way too busy taking care of your two kids. But ya know she’s so lazy and all while her husband bangs hookers

  25. Throw away account, only 1 post which was controversial enough to get 13k karma and radio silence. I think we got GOT lol.

  26. Funnily that chlamydia diagnosis will be key. If he's positive too (which he will be) - you've created phsycial evidence that they met & had physical contact - confirming adultery, which will be very nice in the divorce hearing.

  27. Eh, either way, wifey wouldn't have it if she wasn't fucking around with whoever, OP seemed pretty shocked about it for sure......

  28. Most states have adopted no-fault divorce laws, making infidelity irrelevant in terms of who gets more/less in the divorce.

  29. If you're planning to record research whether you are in a one-party or two-party jurisdiction. If you're recording video on your phone you should be okay. Good luck. It sounds like you have a long day ahead of you.

  30. Keep all the evidence, including the chlamydia test, then contact a lawyer to start divorce proceedings. Kick her to the curb

  31. So not only did she cheat. Not only did she give you an STI. But just to ice the cake she was WARNED about said STI and didn’t have the bottle to tell you that your health was at risk.

  32. People think Chlamydia is benign and hardly a problem. Until you are me and you are one of the 5% of males who get a rare chronic autoimmune disease from it called reactive arthritis that destroys your joints asymmetrically and has a 30%-50% chance of developing into a permanent long term condition if it doesnt heal in the first 6-24 weeks after infection curing. Since I had no symptoms from the Chlamydia other then the reactive arthritis this progressed for 5 years without doctors knowing what the problem was.

  33. I may need to rephrase. I don't think she or her boy toy even knows she's infected. I found her lover boys wife on Facebook and got her personal email from there. I have a strong feeling he's not the only one she's been spreading her legs for so I sent her an email with all the proof I found and a warning to her that I tested positive and that if her husband thinks he's clean that she needs to get tested yesterday.

  34. I don’t have anything to say that other people haven’t already said. So I’m just here to say good luck friend. Stay livid. Don’t let her talk you round.

  35. So glad for the update. That being said, take your time. Don't worry about us nosey internet strangers. Sure we're all curious and at least half to most of us care and want to hear you're doing as well as can be expected you're and moving forward the best you can. But we are not something that needs to be in your radar

  36. Bruh leave her ass. There's no coming back from that dude, plus you have proof of her cheating if she tries to take your shit. Depending on where you leave you can sue her lover for breaking up a happy home.

  37. This is fake. This is the same guy who supposedly got dumped by his girlfriend for putting Zoe Kravitz on the sex videos

  38. Well I thought my morning was starting shitty as I laid in bed and cried but it turns out there’s some people out there having worse mornings. Good luck to ya. 💜 I wish you the hottest, best revenge sex ever. Hell, I wish you the sexiest new partner alive. I hope you don’t even have time to miss this woman you were married to.

  39. Thankfully chlamydia is super easy to treat and deal with. I had it once and it's a simple one pill or a week of pills to take and it's gone.

  40. Record every interaction you both have. Every. One. If she hits herself or says she’ll say you abused her then you’ll have it in video. RECORD EVERYTHING.

  41. I never got a disease, but something similar happened to me. I got all my intel, messaged the boy toys wife EVERYTHING, met with my lawyer, THEN confronted the cheating whore. 5 years later I’m engaged to the love of my life and we’re living our best life.

  42. I feel for ya! My first wife got busted cheating and that wench called 911 and said I was beating her. Nevermind the fact that there was no red marks or the house being in disarray. I packed my clothes and left everything behind. Never went back to her or to get anything else. My lawyer and hers did the battling and it was over. She has since remarried a few times and each marriage ends due to cheating. Best of luck for you!

  43. OP, I'm truly sorry for what you are going through. I fully understand the rage, pain, embarrassment and bitter disappointment you are feeling right now. In fact my PTSD is a little triggered right now seeing what you are dealing with. It's good you can slap the evidence right in front of her and you won't have to scream at her for 8 hours straight before she admits to it like I had to do with my ex-husband. My heart is sincerely breaking for you right now. 💔

  44. I am not a lawyer but I was studying law for a few years before switching majors. In many states there is a clause that allows you to legally separate(keeping all your stuff) and sue your S/O for damages if this sort of thing happens, it’s different in every state so definitely consult an attorney.

  45. Following for updates. That is terrible and I really hope you shatter her world like she did yours. Take care of yourself and keep your head up high!

  46. I don’t know what I would do in your position, but don’t forget to breathe throughout, man. Our emotions can get the best of us sometimes.

  47. Good on you for telling his wife. I was in the dark for a year…cheater agreed to stop seeing her when her husband threatened to tell me. A year passed, they were back at it so he finally tells me…like he was a hero. He sat on it for a year. I was so hurt, broken, embarrassed…and first thing I did was get tested for STD’s.

  48. Once read something that said "still get annual STI testing even if you are in a committed relationship cause the only person you can really trust is yourself"

  49. I was thinking these situations you know it would be so funny? If you told your wife that you had to confess that you were having an affair and when she asked you who casually dropped the name of the other guy's wife. Just so you can watch the realization on her face. The indignation and feigned heartbreak before she realizes that you're actually catching her would be so hilarious for years to come and might make you feel better.

  50. I really want an update on this. Plot twist, boy toy’s wife is sleeping around and gave boy toy Chlamydia. If that’s the case, she may not say anything to him.

  51. i got chlamidya from my cheating abusive ex. i had it for over a couple years and didn’t know. i personally think it’s scary how it can lay dormant and not cause symptoms, i’ve been with my boyfriend 2 years. when i found out i had it, i told him immediately (had to but was going to anyways) and we both got treated i didn’t cheat on my boyfriend. i know you found proof of cheating and fuck that bitch for that, but to anyone reading this, chlamidya can lay dormant and does not always mean your partner is cheating

  52. I’m sorry mate. It’s a crushing disappointment, that you’ve been behaving as a husband should and this happens. It isn’t you. It’s not anything you did wrong. You are not the cause of this, marital problems are rarely fixed by bringing third parties in the mix. It shows me a lack of respect. For your mental or sexual health. I don’t know how you go forward, I’m in it myself and I don’t know what to do. Nice job on messaging the wife though.

  53. YIKES. This is THEE worst way to find out about your partners betrayal. I’m so sorry. However I see your affair story and I RAISE YOU my story of how I went to get checked because someone called my job and told me my partner gave her chlamydia, well turns out he gave it to me too but on the BRIGHT SIDE “congrats, you’re pregnant” ✌🏼 I wish you all my old things from here on out dude!

  54. So the good news is that chlamydia is the best STI to contact as it's one of the only ones that are curable. Not just treatable, but CURABLE with an antibiotic and a little bit of time. I'm sure your doctor already got you set up on an antibiotic, so you should be good to go about a week from your dosage.

  55. This is going to be on Tiktok, with either a Minecraft or Subway Surfers gameplay in the background, I'm telling you lol

  56. No words from OP for days. Means one of two things- 1. The whole thing is a funny little lie for karma, 2. She killed him, dumped the body and fled to Uzbekistan.

  57. Couldn’t trust anyone before either it’s just that there wasn’t a paper trail of text messages for these situations in the past.

  58. Good luck bro this might be tough but I’m glad your getting out rather than sticking around with that... thing

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