My boyfriend cheated on me with my sister

  1. He was sleeping next to you. Woke up and snuck away to bang your sister. He knew he was betraying you. Beyond betrayal really. Depression is not an excuse. There is no excuse besides both of them being a piece of shit. Idk why he’d even want to get back with you after causing so much pain.

  2. 100% true. I know people who are total assholes, and the reason ALWAYS is that "but I'm just so depressed". Yeah, you might be depressed, but you're also a total asshole.

  3. The choice of cheating on you was not a mistake, it was the conclusion of a whole series of decisions and actions. Don't fall for that "It just happened, it was a mistake" bullshit. They both actively took decisions and acted to make this happen, and they did it in full knowledge of what they were doing. The only fly in the ointment was that you were not supposed to know it had happened.

  4. getting close and almost kissing, is a mistake and momentary lapse of judgement. After that its series of mistakes and actions.

  5. Shun the sister. She certainly doesn't have your best interests at hand. This one incident could absolutely change the dynamics for the rest of your lives.

  6. I read your heartbreaking post out to my husband, that poor man gets this all the time, he said that when he was depressed he had zero interest in sex.

  7. Agree with all of this. Cheating isn’t an accident, it’s a choice. You deserve better. Change the locks and keep him and your sister blocked.

  8. While depression is a mental disorder, it is NOT an excuse for bad behavior. I have depression, and I can’t imagine hurting someone I love like that. He’s an AH, and so is your sister.

  9. Right? Also, who the fuck cheats on their partner with their partner’s sibling because they’re depressed? When I was depressed I would lay in bed and binge eat, bot deliberately fuck my sibling’s partner🤢

  10. I hate when people bring up mental illness in a way that frames those of us with actual mental illness as senseless, heartless psychopaths. It doesn’t cloud judgement to the point that it has you make decisions that are clearly step-by-step and consciously make the effort to do what the OP’s ex did.

  11. Your sister is a hoe and a backstabber and your (ex) boyfriend is a gutless cheater. Go no contact with both of them forever and preferably get a restraining order against him

  12. I always wonder why it's my boyfriend slept with my Sister, and not my Sister slept with my boyfriend. That would hurt me more personally

  13. I don't think users appreciate how good the mods of this subreddit are. Anywhere else and this comment would've been censored or removed and the user banned. This place is a breath of fresh air in what basically amounts to a digital shit-house.

  14. Did your BF and sister have a connection through social media? It sounds like they developed some kind of connection prior to meeting.

  15. I think if OP was to checks Bf's phone she find a thing or two. Like communication with sis. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if she had innocently given sis Bf's number. And then....might even be some nudies on there. But it's too late now for that.

  16. Get the restraining order on him, throw his clothes and items out the door, he’s worthless and so is your sister. Let your family know to never invite you to anything your sister will be attending and get ready to make plans around the holidays. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you to be the “bigger person” it’s not on you.

  17. I really hate that "bigger person" horse shit. Why the hell should anyone ever have to be a bigger person when someone else lowered themselves to the floor? That's their damn problem. If they didn't want to cause havoc, they shouldn't have caused havoc. People need to be held accountable for their actions, and cheating behavior warrants shaming.

  18. Don't take him back and go NO CONTACT with the both of them. They're only sorry because you caught them if you didn't catch them I'm pretty sure they would still be doing it.

  19. Fuck them, his blaming depression on his reasoning is nothing but weak and your sister knows that would’ve killed you finding that shit out and it’s not like they even tried to hide it, that’s fucked as

  20. You should get a restraining order against him anyway. And your sister should remain out of the picture for a while. They were obviously together before this incident, with the hug as an example.

  21. One cannot get a restraining order against another because, "he slept with my sister". Threats, harassment, assault, etc. are reasons for a protection order. This situation, based on what OP has told us, doesn't meet the requirements.

  22. I am so proud of you to be so strong and respect yourself enough to get rid of both of these people. Your sister is especially trash to do something like this to you. Stay strong and motivated you are doing great!!

  23. Fuck him and never speak to him again. I want to hear what your sister has to say Bc what a horrible fucking thing to do and want to hear what dumb excuse she can bring up.

  24. I’m so sorry, what awful people. I hope things get better for you. I’d be out for blood. You reacted very well for someone in such a fucked up situation.

  25. It is difficult to get over, but time really does help. I found my husband of three months in bed with my mother. They got married after the ink dried on the divorce. Sadly, was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Went nc with her. Best thing I ever did. You may find a way back to your sister. You may not. What is important is for you to heal and remember this was not about any shortcomings on your side. This was on them and they need to live with the consequences. You put yourself first.

  26. Go no contact with both of them. Depression does not cause you to cheat. He’s using his mental health as an excuse for fucking your sister. If you’re depressed you get counseling not fuck a sibling. Your sister is even worse because she is family!! There’s absolutely nothing she can say to explain this betrayal. I am curious about the long hug and wonder if they somehow met and hooked up before since they just met. Either way it wouldn’t explain them deciding to fuck again. They’re both horrible. Go take care of yourself OP. Get some counseling and do whatever you need to heal. I’m so very sorry these 2 betrayed you

  27. Wow, what a fucked up thing for your sister to pull, especially their first time meeting. Best to cut them both off. You don’t deserve that, especially from family

  28. I’m so so sorry honey. Block that mf and never speak to him again. What a piece of shit. …and your sister? What a fucking asshole she is. Don’t feel even remotely bad if you never speak to her disgusting self ever again in your life.

  29. I am really sorry it happened. Both of your sister and boyfriend are trash people. Keep your brother close. He seems like the only one there for you. It’s not your fault. Everyone goes through rough patch but that doesn’t excuse cheating at all.

  30. Damn. Just damn. I know your bf is a piece of shit but what the fuck is wrong with your sister? That's blood and been around since day 1. Imagine if you didn't find out. Blessing in disguise

  31. Your brother is awesome! But I’m sorry that you went through this. The way you reacted is difficult to do. Good riddance to those losers!

  32. Fuck them both, they're scum. What kind of sister wants anything to do with a dick that her sister has already fucked?! It's beyond disgusting. And what kind of loser blames cheating on depression? Nope he knew what he was doing as did slutty sister. Keep them blocked. Take time to heal and remember that you were not at fault here. I'm sorry you had to go through this, I hope things get brighter for you very soon.

  33. Stay strong and treat your sister the same NC as that is a line when you cross you can’t come back from.

  34. Your boyfriend is an idiot, plain and simple... but that's a special kind of betrayal from your sister.

  35. They betrayed you in the worst possible way, they are horrible people. Take some time for yourself, you don't deserve people like that in your life, you deserve the best. I hope you can heal.

  36. Heads up!!!!! He's gonna go to her so they can commiserate together. Your ex is about to be your sister's new boyfriend.

  37. We'll see how long that lasts. Especially, if she doesn't have a place of her own. She might ask mommy and daddy if he could stay with them, but that's a pass I'm sure. Basically, he'll fuck up again somehow.

  38. Ooooof gonna be hard to forgive your sister. You can just cut the guy out of your life but harder for family... she'll give excuses probably that she was jealous of you or something blah blah but perfectly natural to stay pissed for a long time

  39. Cheating aside, as a 29 year old, I would not hook up with a 21 year old. Maybe that’s weird of me but it just seems so weird. I wasn’t grown up at 21.

  40. Also a little advice. You are very emotionally vulnerable right now. Keep in touch with your friends. Or even parents of that's the option. Also get in touch with a therapist if possible. I am going to warn you. Your sister might try to call your parents again. But tell your parents that if she comes back you will go NC with them. I know it sounds harsh but what she did to her own sister is cruel too. So don’t let her get away with this.

  41. That’s awful!! This one is on both him and your sister. Cheating is never ok, but hooking up with your partner’s sibling? That’s a big no!

  42. Shout-out to your brother for having your back. I'm sorry your sister would do something so horrible and extremely easily avoidable. She has absolutely no excuse.

  43. If I were you I would never speak to your ex again. You were loving and loyal to him and you were there for him at a time in his life when he needed emotional support. You were understanding so you gave him the space he needed to work through his healing process. You can blame depression on a lot of things but cheating on your girlfriend with her sister is not one of them. It was not a mistake they knew exactly what they were doing. He waited for you to fall asleep, got out of bed to look for her and she was waiting for him.

  44. This shit sound fake cuz who meets somebody’s family/bf and immediately starts feeling each other up. So they just instantly knew they was gon be smashing. If this is true ur bf and sister gotta hate ur guts and they did this on purpose. This just not adding up

  45. I had something similar with an ex. He battled depression and went unto a downward spiral for seemingly no reason. He threatened to kill himself and everything. I got him to a doctor and one day i came home and he had moved out “for a mental health break” we chatted and talked it through and he moved back in a week later. The morning after he moved back in he got a text from his affair slat that i seen. He blamed depression. I believed him and forgave him on the condition he end it and get serious about getting help from the doctor. I found out later that he continued seeing her and lied to us both. I did some research and discovered something important that i want to pass on. depression does not make you cheat. Cheating may cause depression though. He started his affair then felt guilty which triggered his depression. Depression kills your sex drive. Run. The red flags are waving at you

  46. You don’t accidentally consent. Good that he is your ex. Imagine thinking depression could ever justify fucking your SO’s sibling.

  47. Men will use any excuse when they get caught cheating. Hope you are able to move on and find someone worthy. Best of Luck.

  48. Hi OP! Tell your boyfriend that he can stay depressed and bang your sister. Pls tell him he's a mistake as well and his depression is a joke. So infuriating! As for your sister, tell her to fuck off forever.

  49. It was lust. Sometimes it's uncontrollable. He was weak and unable to stay strong. Better now then later I say. Don't even think about him, be grateful it happened now then when you wasted years with him just to happen later. You'll find someone better.

  50. I think NC is good; give yourself time to process, grieve the loss of these relationships, and take care of you first. They’re definitely not. To me, cheating is inexcusable. Period. That’s it. They’re adults who made a conscious choice.

  51. I once had friend get pregnant with a complete douche of a guy, I think he has a couple of kids already. And when she was crying about to me.

  52. As someone with depression and as someone who lost there job, and is in a committed relationship I would never do this to my partner. That’s just not how depression works. I’m really sorry for both of your losses and I hope you heal up soon. Sending good vibes

  53. So, you bf was hesitant to go on the trip because he doesn't get along well with your parents. So to try and fix that, he fucks your sister.

  54. I bet he's really depressed now. So who's he going to fuck this time? Your grandma? What a pos, op you're better off.

  55. It's easy to condemn your bf and sister for what they did. What they did was inexcusable. And it sounds like you two were on the verge of breaking up anyway. Take the time you need to cool down and remember, it's never a good idea to make life changing decisions when you are upset.

  56. Good for you for kicking him out. I would definitely go NC with the sister as well. Cheating isn't one mistake, it's several mistakes in a row. I'm sorry this happened to you.

  57. first and foremost, i’m so sorry you had to go through that. no one deserves that kind of disrespect from two people she loves and the person you were planning on spending your life with. secondly, i applaud you for how strong you are, not many people would be able to stand their ground and kick someone out of the house and i know many of us are proud of you for that. finally, he’s stupid for throwing you away, you absolute queen❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. I'm not trying to add fuel but why do I feel they already knew each other, like a long hug, him going behind you sister, did they ever talked during the day or something?

  59. I will say that I feel for you OP but the imagery you created of everyone's brothers and sisters fucking and fighting had me laughing really hard. I'm sorry.

  60. I don't get why people don't understand cheating is normal and common it happens all the time. He just picked the wrong time and place

  61. You started off giving your (ex) hopefully, some sob story. He cheated, if he was sad and wanted to fuck another chick he should’ve broken up with you

  62. The sister cant get away scott free here, she is imo even bugger culprit in tbis whole things. Its your sister and she did that. Fuck her

  63. My fiance has depression and my sister lives with us. He would NEVER betray me by cheating on me with my sister. Depression is NOT an excuse for his betrayal!

  64. Good for you to get rid of a negative person like him…..depression isn’t a reason to cheat, esp w/ ur sister!!!!!!! If either of them was worth ur time, that incident wouldn’t have happened.

  65. I am so sorry, I know how devastating this can be. Your family is awesome for backing you up and I hope your ex and sister continue to learn some hard lessons from their despicable actions. NC is the least of what should happen. Your ex is an AH for blaming depression.

  66. That's a fake story written by a teenager... you can just see by the way it's formed, nothing makes full sense and everything just happens exactly like someone writing a story would want it to happen, and so fast too. Not only that but the fact thay OP is literally ignoring this after she posted it. To add on, this isn't just a language barrier issue with how it's written, it's not knowing how to write a simple paragraph which would be possible by the average adult no matter what language they speak.

  67. Wow. Met in the morning and doing the deed by nightfall. Was there a lot of talking/mingling with these two throughout the day? I just have a hard time imagining that they had no close contact throughout the day and decide to hookup by nighttime

  68. They had to have known each other or been in contact. Especially if he took her to pound town in the garage that same night.

  69. Man this is horrible but looks like you handled it the way you should and the rest of your family is on your side as they should be.

  70. I feel terrible for people who have the misfortune of having two close people in their life that are lying traitors. If you forgive them do it fir yourself but dont give them more opportunities to hurt you .

  71. I gotta say... given some of the stories I've read on here, I'm so glad your family is on your side OP. Unfortunately, looks like the parents were right.

  72. This gave me a stomach ache its so gross. I'm so sorry you are going through this. Your sister is a snake. They had like no time to plan this, they must have really been down to hurt you to jump from meeting for the first time to sneaking out that night to go fucking in a garage so quickly. When did they even have time to set this up? Why does your sister hate you so much? Like, its not resisting longstanding attraction, its not a case of falling in love behind your back, its just straight up- we're both down to fuck even though this person we "love" would be hurt. I'm so confused about the speed at which this happened, you must be seeing stars... they are horrible people.

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