I would fuck the shit out of my therapist

  1. He only said he wanted to fuck her lol, wouldnt call that feelings. OP would most likely fuck a tuna sandwich given the chance

  2. Actually it’s probably is. But it will lead to not having them as a Therapist anymore. A client is supposed to be objective and so is a Therapist. A strong attachment or attention can have progress in Therapy hard.

  3. It is, after all, for therapy. He just wants to feel better. Isn't that the point! And if she can't make him feel better, then she's a bad therapist.

  4. Same here. I was confused for a moment. Kind of like how OP is attracted to a person who is paid to validate his feeling. Keep that dude out of a strip club. He'll be buying an engagement ring on Facebook Marketplace at 2:30AM for some poor woman just trying to earn a living.

  5. I didnt know the reference until I googled her. Dr. Melfi. That's her character name. Melfi. She's a Melf. Did they have to make it that obvious?

  6. I don’t think he needs to immediately switch, i think he should bring it up to her. It’s actually very common for clients to feel this way toward their therapists. She should be trained on how to handle the situation.

  7. This is why I picked an old guy as my therapist. I didnt want the problem of my brain screwing me out of doing work.

  8. She might not. I had to confess to a therapist I was seeing that I was having intrusive sexual thoughts about her and she was so surprised and taken aback that we had to agree not to see each other anymore.

  9. I’m in a similar situation except I think I’m more controlled lol. My therapist is in her mid twenties and a sex therapist. She’s cute AF and tatted up. I’m hesitant talking to her sometimes but I think she helps me get over the fact that I’m afraid of talking to attractive women.

  10. Is it the first time you have been attracted to a much older woman? In Croatian we have a saying "stara koka, dobra juha" which means old hen good soup meaning there is an appeal to older women.

  11. More than being attracted to her physically, most likely you are attracted to someone who will listen to your problems and tries to help you.

  12. yes the relief you get from talking about issues can be very stimulating so associating these strong releases with that person can feel like attraction.

  13. In this case I highly doubt that.. he made it really clear 😂 I’m seeing a therapist myself and she’s not my “type” physically, but because i can express myself and feel really comfortable around her + she listens carefully.. well lets say i do feel attracted to her emotionally.

  14. And also that soft sultry voice that female therapists have…at least the ones I’ve met. It’s almost like a whisper but not quite. I can’t explain it that well, but I’ve recognized that same trait in most of the female therapists I’ve been to. I’m assuming it’s done to make you feel more comfortable but damn if it isn’t sexy

  15. Legitimate attraction will pervert(PUN) the efficacy of your therapy. If you cannot see/speak to her without feeling attraction, you might consider finding a new therapist.

  16. I once emailed my therapist this exact thing while I was using the sleep medication Ambien. I told her that I really wanted to fuck her and that she was so hot and all this other shit. I woke up to an email from her basically telling me to find a new therapist and I was like, “wtf, why?” I immediately called her office and spoke to her and asked why did I need to find a new therapist; like, what happened? She said she wouldn’t be able to help me anymore and I was so confused when she mentioned the email being out of line and best of luck. She hung up checked my email and sure enough, I emailed her at 3 am while sleeping on Ambien. I emailed her later to apologized and told her I had no recollection because I was sleep-emailing, but she never responded. And yeah, I totally wanted to have sex with her. I emailed an ex more stupid shit the same night.

  17. This is actually common, I forget the exact term, but people tend to get feelings for their counselors/therapists.

  18. I remember some show I was watching the Mc developed feelings for his admittedly hot therapist and confessed to her with a gift. The therapist told him that this is common and showed him a wall with a bunch of gifts from her other clients lol

  19. 30f here, happily married to my husband and I would also do unspeakable things to my female therapist. She’s in her late 40s but God that women does it for me

  20. something about women 40+ just makes me ughh😂🙂. (23M). i be in love the moment we speak. I feel you gang cheers 🥂

  21. I would recommend getting a new therapist. I highly doubt any genuine progress is being made if the main thing you're taking from these sessions is a raging boner.

  22. I have worked as a therapist and this happens often. We listen to people and accept their vulnerabilities without judgement. People find that attractive. A skilled therapist will be aware of this possibility and deal with it in a professional way.

  23. I’ve def had my share of Hot therapist. Nothing ever happened, but yeah… I totally know what you mean, had I gotten the green light, I would’ve been really into it.

  24. Hey dude, this is called Erotic Tranferrence. It's a sign of projection of feelings or misinterpretation of your relationship. Typically found when you've suffered a lack of parental (or otherwise) love growing up and being met with compassion and care etc. Definitely worth bringing up in a nicer way to work through these feelings.

  25. Same here mate. I also have crush on my psychologist. It is pretty common among men. The crush will not go anywhere into a relationship so ignore it.

  26. This is quite common. I experienced much of the same but later reflected on it and realised: you don't necessarily find them attractive, it's what they are for you now which you find attractive. They are patient, empathic, nurturing (for the best part) and that was something I didn't have when I needed them.

  27. I would actually recommend telling your therapist about it. It can usually lead to productive discussions about how one of men's few avenues for vulnerability is through sex, or about what qualities in your therapist you find so attractive that could help you find a partner in the future. If she's competent this is something she has encountered before and will know how to handle.

  28. This is common, as no one really understands you better than your therapist. My friend was a psychologist and he told me himself he's dealt with quite a few women who "fell in love with him" when really it was just them never being understood by people.

  29. Brennan, Denise called and she said she can't spend New Year's Eve with you because she's not your girlfriend, she's your therapist.

  30. This is actually common and you should talk about this with the therapist for your sake. Chances are she will recommend you to someone else but that may be best.

  31. Change therapist. you will not get anywhere when this is in you head whilst talking to her. There is a reason you are with a therapist, act on it by changing therapist to choose and prioritise your own mental health.

  32. My friend ended up dating his therapist who was much older than him….he met her at the VA in a city about 3 hours away and was very accomplished and qualified in life…she always ate healthy and went on runs in the morning when she stayed at our shared apartment. And we were in our 20s so that apartment wasn’t the greatest…I could only imagine how much it was a change of scene for her but her and my roommate were always fucking around and with the door open. He was wheelchair bound but he was just fearless with ladies and I assume they gave him a pass because he would always send new numbers pics of his dick and the odds of a positive response were always in his favor

  33. So don't know what you are there for, don't want to know, but if it something important (which I assume it is since therapist are expensive) either crush those thoughts, or look into a different therapist because it can cloud your conversations and train of thought which can impact the progress made.

  34. All these comments saying to talk to his therapist about it. He's saying she's hot, not that he's in love with her.

  35. This phenomenon is very common within a therapeutic relationship. It is known as "transferance", and you should definitely discuss it with your therapist. Most of us have acquired the skills over the years to treat tranferance due to the fact that it detrimentally affects the tgerapeutic relationship itself (i.e., you will not be able to get the help you seek from therapy). If you or the therapist decided thst you need to be referred to a different professional, then it definitely is for the best (your welfare is ALL that matters). Wish you the best mate!

  36. I (31m) started to develop "feelings" for a coworker who looks like she's atleast my moms age. I decided to nip it in the bud and jokingly tell her as much. She's cool as hell though, we had a good laugh about it. After we picked ourselves up off the floor I said it's a damn shame she isn't 20 years younger otherwise I'd be bugging her so bad she'd be reporting me to HR.

  37. Bro I'm 31 and had a bad as fuck 23 year old freshly graduated therapist, needless to say I always felt better after talking to her

  38. Me too! That's why I'm in therapy though lol, not to see her explicitly but because I'm tired of feeling that way about every single woman shaped thing I see.

  39. I gave you the upvote to get you back at 1 but I also don’t understand why you would be downvoted. This is the most logical answer that has some standing in the psychology behind it and also offers good advice. “Move past it, or go elsewhere because it will only interfere with her work and your recovery.”

  40. I'd say the gross part of this isn't that he's attracted to his healthcare professional but that he expressed it in a demeaning way. Read op again. Why tf do men talk about women like that? Why do other men act like it's acceptable? How do you think women feel when you speak about them like this?

  41. I had the opposite experience, and my therapist opened up to me that he was trying to keep his personal feelings at the door, and offered to continue sessions if I was okay with it. I was. He then tried to convince himself that I wasn't being authentic, (I talk about sex a lot in therapy because that's my personal biggest thing I need help processing). It took him about 3 more sessions for him to get on the same page as me. It was funny nonetheless.

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