I'm cheating on my wife with her best friend and I think I'm falling for her

  1. You may genuinely be a sociopath, not even trying to belittle you. But it’s clear you’re able to easily deceive the one you’re committed to without much emotion.

  2. Dude you deserve whatever is coming to you and your wife deserves better. Sorry if that’s not what you want to hear. Been with my wife since 2006 too, wouldn’t even dream of flirting with anyone behind her back.

  3. She’s a little unhinged … my friend you appear to be a lot unhinged so thats probably why you like D so much. Divorce your wife be honest about why and let her go and be happy with someone that deserves her, then you can just wait for D to hit divorce number 3 and you can become husband number 4 …. Until she becomes bored of you and you become divorce number 4. Ps both you and D suck and not in the good way.

  4. This best friend you are talking about is as evil as you. She fucked her friend's husband. I think if you become her 4th husband, there is a high chance that you both will cheat on each other.So, yaa you guys deserve each other.

  5. I feel like if you’ve cheated on her multiple times & don’t feel awful probably just get a divorce, thinks are never gonna be good.

  6. I stopped reading to comment about (4 degrees but works as a teacher in elementary school). What kind of person makes a decision that stupid. There’s no way in hell that ROI is paying for itself. Most likely paid for with student loans, all for a $30k salary most likely. I’ll never understand why people value these paper certificates so much

  7. I lied about her profession for the sake of the story, but she does something equally admirable and she makes a stone's throw from six figures.

  8. You are a despicable human jellyfish, in that you literally just move around in life spreading your seed at random and also because you lack a brain. You should do certainly free you sweet wife from your disgusting clutch, and ruin her friends marriage. The two of you deserve each other and obviously understand each other because you both seem equally selfish.

  9. You are absolute trash, should be ashamed of yourself, and ought to set your wife free so you and her equally trashy "best friend" can be together.

  10. not to belittle you but just do her a favor and leave she is too good for you and u don’t deserve to be in a loving relationship, even if u gets therapy let her go be happy bc if she finds out she will never be happy w you and no one deserves this kind of betrayal from you and her dirty ass friend but remember u always loose a person the way u got them. Maybe just work on being a better human, maybe your trying to compensate for something it happens alot w trauma but no excuse do better.

  11. First of all, stop calling yourself a piece of shit bc you yourself know you don’t feel that way about yourself you’re saying what others feel about you..but YOU don’t ACTUALLY feel that way about yourself. If you did you wouldn’t be doing it. On the small off chance you do feel bad maybe you’re a sex addict and it’s time to go get help. You need to be open with your wife, admit to everything and probably go pay for a divorce. My husband did something similar and brought me home an STD that now renders me sterile. Don’t forget that that is a crime and regardless is just wrong to risk someone’s health like that. Get control of yourself. You’re an unhappy person who needs help. Cheating says far more about you than it will ever say about the victim.

  12. Outside of the STDs, are you under the impression I care about any of those things? This is actually the first time I've been happy in a while. Why would I go fuck that up?

  13. This whole post seems like digital self harm. I don’t believe OP is telling the truth. Why would a person who does such things be so candid to point them out without mitigating excuses. This isn’t how narcicists do these things.

  14. And how would you feel if the shoe was in the other foot? What would you do? … LEAVE YOUR WIFE she deserves more than that.

  15. Wow. You picked a woman who’s perfect for you!! Let the good one go, and stick with the friend! Maybe her 4th marriage will be the charm, people with multiple marriages are known for being wonderful at communicating with their partners and making excellent decisions, just like people who have multiple affairs! I really think she’s a perfect match for you! Let your wife go, tell her you’re sleeping with her best friend.

  16. I understand you. I think it’s lust that you feel for the friend. You might be looking for your exit plan. Using her as the excuse to finally leave.

  17. Could be, you’re in search for the ride, drama and newness, but could also be, that you really found a better match in D than your wife can possibly be. Then just give your wife the chance to find a better match, too.

  18. Come clean to your wife and decide what you want from there. Either be faithful or divorce her and move on. To continue cheating is neither fair to her, nor is it good for anyone. Better to sever ties if that's truly what you want than to cheat on her. But come clean no matter what.

  19. It hurts the spouse deeply when their partner cheats. It’s a double whammy when your best friend, the other person you trusted teams up with your spouse to betray you. Do you think it’s the excitement of adding the new dimension of drama and pain to the betrayal? There’s a good chance the friend is with you because she’s secretly jealous or upset with your wife. She wants to hurt the other woman and instead of protecting your wife, you are an active participant in causing her pain.

  20. This so messed up on so many levels. You should have never got married in the first place. Honestly, you need to tell your wife what is going on and get a divorce. She needs to know the truth about her so called friend too. Smfh

  21. If you really really think she gets you and stuff, why not just both exiting previous relationships? Then again, you’d spend a couple years top in a honeymoon phase before you start looking elsewhere, I guess monogamy is just a losing game sometimes.

  22. You will never be happy. Its a observation like now with D it's like happy and fireworks and all this stuff but it will fade when time will pass. Like she clearly can't stay with a man and you can't either.

  23. Bro it’s real nice you were honest!!😎 you deserve a reward if you think you were doing a good job! Literally dude if you have a wife keep your wee-wee in your pants and care for her! I get it not everyone can love the same person for 10 years but loyalty and respect in a marriage is necessary. If you are seriously like another lady literally go and tell your wife about it. She may feel extremely hurt but will at least not feel devastated after years believing her husband was loyal where you were digging somewhere else… truthfully cheating is disgusting to me and the fact that you were doing it again and again after marriage is even 🤮but go and tell your wife the truth you never know you might hurt her and the lady you like right now even more! To the lady you like- kindly keep your claws away from him if he has a wife- and tell him to keep his wee-wee away from you too. Let him divorce and then cheat freely

  24. wow...your just an ass hole, tell your wife and divorce her asap she deserves better and its clear you don't care about her at all. Go and be with the best friend that your choice but karma is gonna hit you like a bitch and I hope it stings, I also hope your wife can find another man who treats her right, a man who cares about her feelings. The guilt might not hit now but it will hit and it will burn, I also hope the guilt hits the best friend I hope it burns too cause once a cheater always a cheater if you get with her and she agrees to be with you shes just asking to be cheated on. I have zero to no sympathy for you if anything you belong to the streets only being used for sex and nothing more

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