Comprehensive Review for Don't Worry Darling. A film subreddit's discussion is a precious, precious commodity.

  1. I was on the fence in the theater but have thought about it more today than the usual film. Definitely thin, significant filler, not much meat to anything which is a shame. I've read about rewrites and now I'm curious if the "men be evil, don't they?" overtones were there originally.

  2. Completely agree. I think it would have made a pretty good Black Mirror episode - with a reduced run time. Instead, it’s a pretty disappointing movie.

  3. Agree with a lot that's been said already. One thing I'd add is that I think the script would have benefitted from revealing the twist earlier and spending more time focused on the suspense of her escape and tension between pugh and pine. And more scenes of her offline so as to build on the urgency of escape.

  4. The original spec (which was on the Blacklist and isn’t that hard to get) reveals the twist way sooner. You get a decent sense of what’s happening around page 30, then she gets into the real world on page 60. For a contrived reason she has to go back in for a bit and the third act goes back and forth between the real world and the simulation. It’s about 90 pages.

  5. Agree with a rating of 6/10. The end twist almost makes the whole movie worse in reflection, and of course Styles’ performance has been notably distracting for people who saw it. I think Pugh is always excellent in what is becoming her quintessential role archetype, and the first two-thirds are a wonderful build up. Chris Pines also surprised me with his performance, and absolutely agree with your points on the set design.

  6. Irrelevant to the primary review, but I just want to step in to say that Booksmart isn't "wildly popular". I keep seeing people say this, but it simply isn't true. Its a relatively unseen and imo average high school comedy

  7. I didn't realize it only grossed around $25 million. I personally don't like it and I probably should've said "wildly successful" as it only had a $6 million budget...though even that's stretching the definition of "wildly." I will say though that it was critically liked and I think the average viewer liked it, though I could be wrong about that too.

  8. Were there a lot of jump scares in this movie? I am, unfortunately, very jumpy. Even the smallest of "horror zing" sound effects will make me jump, and I am not a fan of jump scares.

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