A Review for Minions 2: The Rise of Gru. Discussion is welcomed and appreciated.

  1. Somehow I got dragged out to the first Minions movie, and I remember very little but I recall it being boring and unnecessary. I've actually never seen the original Despicable Me but I've heard it has enough redeeming qualities that I probably ought to get around to it.

  2. I watched it on a plane ride and quit halfway through. It wasn’t fucking awful but it didn’t really keep me glued to the screen. I thought the first 15 minutes was fun, but then I thought it was getting old.

  3. This was certainly an entertaining read. I have never seen any of these movies, and I believe that the first one must have had some draw, but it's a bummer that they don't even attempt to make the subsequent movies watchable for adults.

  4. I haven't even read the post, let alone seen any of the films. I'll take your word and read the post. But I'll also take this opportunity to rant and potentially blow 13 years of reddit karma: why does reddit have to be so thoroughly infested with children's culture and swords & sorcery and sci-fi? Every genre has its masterpieces, I'm not saying I can't stand any children's films or books, or sci-fi (swords & sorcery is another thing, though). But do the same dozen "tent-poles" have to creep into every goddamned thread? Sometimes it feels like we can't have an adult conversation without fucking Jar-Jar piping up.

  5. The overall point is that, in my humble opnion, the first Despicable Me is quite good and the franchise immediately imploded becuase they saw dollar signs where the minions stood. I will admit I was younger when it came out, but I think it has genuine heart and it feels like a movie, rather than a few stitched-together shorts.

  6. Between Ice skating and random movie on spot I chose movie. So yes I actually saw Minion 2 among truefilm. And I disagree with a rate of 3.

  7. I agree about Top Gun. I also thought Minions 2 had the right structure and was set up well in the first act. After that it just had nowhere to go, nothing for anyone to do. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Disney is the other studio. Paramount maybe though Matrix flopped hard. I guess Warner Brothers has the Monsterverse. A24 no shot. A tentpole is a movis that is reasonably expected to make over $700Mish. Other studios will gamble that they have that potential but Univeral knows they do (Fast and Furious, Jurassic World though that may be in decline, and Despicable Me). Disney has like 15 of them.

  9. It's my least favorite movie of the franchise. Its the only one I don't abolsutely love, and I barely even like it. I couldn't stand the viscious six, that plot or any of those characters. What a waste. The only parts of the movie I enjoyed were when it was just Gru and the minions. Unfortunately those were few and far between. There was also no heart in this movie, like there is in the first two Dispicable Mes and the Minions movie. So I'm surprised about why it's scoring so well especially scoring better than the first Minions movie.

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