A Comprehensive Review for Elvis. Let's Discuss!

  1. Personal for me Elvis felt like 2 hours 39 minutes long commercial without any soul or real story. You’re just sitting around waiting for the film to start. I’ve seen many reviews similar to this and I’m starting to wonder if I’m going crazy or if this film has a marketing budget in equal in size to its production budget. I’m starting to assume the latter. This is the opposite of a great musical bio-pic like Amadeus(which it’s basic structure very poorly tries to copy) and like Amadeus, Elvis doesn’t try to tell the full truth but this film is so embellished and so false that you can’t trust a single word, image or story told and it loses it’s power as a bio-pic, the one thing it otherwise could have had going for it. But the visuals are the one priority so one walks into the theater knowing more than when you walk out. The by far worst of the Hollywood musical bio-pics in the last few years please stay away and save you money!

  2. Completely agree. This movie was nothing like expected and was unsatisfying. Tom Hanks should not have been cast in this role. Absolutely horrible. The rest of the movie was manic and visually dizzying. I get that might be a perfect metaphor for Elvis’ life, but it did not do justice to a story of Elvis’ life. When you stop to check your watch once during a movie, it’s a bad sign, and I checked mine at least a half dozen times. God awful.

  3. This exactly! I felt it was a 2022 retelling of what they want Elvis to be like! It was so woke and I think did not at all portray accurately the socio historical reality of the time. I felt we never got to know elvis- we kept seeing him looking sad and upset over political things, performing, etc. even his marriage was given like no screen time but then they set aside like an hour for each historical moment- that we don’t even know how he would have honestly reacted to.

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